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19 June 2019

The most important changes:


Simplified news edition 

Along with the newest update, creating news in WebWave is easier than ever. Now you can set elements layout in news template and while creating a new post, all you need to edit the text. No more worrying about accidentally misplacing random components when creating new content. 


What has been changed?

  • When editing an article, you can only change certain elements - the ones that after hoovering have a green frame. 

  • You cannot change elements alignment - it can be done only in article layout. 

  • If during news edition you click on a footer or a layout element, you will see a message that this element can be edited in article template.

Integration with online e-mail marketing system Mailer Lite


E-mail marketing is a great way to stay in touch with customers. With WebWave - white label responsive website builder with no coding - and Mailer Lite you can easily allow users to sign up for a newsletter. 

Mailer Lite is an online e-mail marketing system with an intuitive e-mail templates editor and it's now integrated with WebWave. 

E-mail is a very personal communication channel between you and your customers. It's the best tool to inform them about the newest events, offers, sales and changes in the company.  There are no restrictions and limitations - whatever you want to share with your subscribers - email marketing is the best way to do so. 

What's also worth to mention - you can send an unlimited amount of e-mails to 1000 users per month and extending this limit is very cheap. 


How to use this feature?


Go to, create an account and sign in. In the next window select "Complete your profile".

Fill the form and save changes.

Click "Explore integrations".

In the first tab "Developer API" select "Use".

Copy your unique API KEY.

Go to Webmaster's Panel and create a newsletter signup form using the form element, then click on the form and in the Settings Panel select "Edit content". On the right side in the E-mail settings change form type to "Mailer Lite - Email Marketing".

In"API key" field copy the previously copies KEY and CONNECT API. 

If you have more than one group of subscribers on your Mailer Lite account, select from the group the list to which you want to add new subscribers. Save changes and publish the website.


17 June 2019

24 September 2020
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25 June 2020
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10 June 2020
Key changes: Faster loading of fonts from Google on published pages Faster loading of fonts from Google on published pages
04 June 2020
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28 May 2020
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21 May 2020
Key changes: Dotpay payments in the WebWave cart Auto RWD function improvement Interaction improvements Dotpay payments in the WebWave cart
14 May 2020
Key changes: Element effects for the button Icon bank available in an advanced text editor Webmaster panel - showing pages
30 April 2020
Key changes: Element effects - filters Copying and pasting element appearance Easier placing of elements at equal distances Element effects
23 April 2020
ey changes: Improved element pasting Easier selection of actions after clicking while editing an article or page by CMS Improved
16 April 2020
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09 April 2020
Key changes: Easy selection of text box position in the slider  More convenient filtering and sorting in the Webmaster Panel
02 April 2020
Key change: We have improved the image compression in RWD versions  As a result, pages published in the tablet and
26 March 2020
Key changes: The Auto RWD function includes elements shown on many web pages Elements shown on many web pages can

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