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09 April 2019

The most important changes:


Improved infrastructure and enhancement of the level of availability of WebWave services 

For the past month, we have been working very hard to improve infrastructure and the level of WebWave services availability. We wanted to reduce the number of crashes and limit the damage they do.

The WebWave team managed to redevelop server infrastructure. increase computational power, quintuple key elements in the infrastructure and remove bottlenecks in the application. What's more, in order to catch crashes even before they occur, they created another level of services monitoring, which reports problems long before they are able to cause services inaccessibility.

Thanks to this hard work, we achieved 100% both WebWave application and postal client availability in the past month, March 2019.  


Of course, it is close to impossible to sustain 100% services availability all the time. Our long-term goal is to keep availability at 99,95%. From the beginning of 2019, the application availability is 99,9478%, and mailbox availability equals 99,7149%.


Measuring from the beginning of 2018 to 03.2019, application availability equals 99,9478%, and mailbox availability is 99,7149%.

We will continue to work on the quality and availability of WebWave services. In order to enable you to keep services availability, we created a new website, with live availability status. You can also check there any crashes with their status and description  You will find all the information under The link can be also found in the footer on our website. Look for "Services status" in WebWave section. 

3 April 2019

24 September 2020
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30 July 2020
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25 June 2020
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10 June 2020
Key changes: Faster loading of fonts from Google on published pages Faster loading of fonts from Google on published pages
04 June 2020
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28 May 2020
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21 May 2020
Key changes: Dotpay payments in the WebWave cart Auto RWD function improvement Interaction improvements Dotpay payments in the WebWave cart
14 May 2020
Key changes: Element effects for the button Icon bank available in an advanced text editor Webmaster panel - showing pages
30 April 2020
Key changes: Element effects - filters Copying and pasting element appearance Easier placing of elements at equal distances Element effects
23 April 2020
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16 April 2020
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09 April 2020
Key changes: Easy selection of text box position in the slider  More convenient filtering and sorting in the Webmaster Panel
02 April 2020
Key change: We have improved the image compression in RWD versions  As a result, pages published in the tablet and
26 March 2020
Key changes: The Auto RWD function includes elements shown on many web pages Elements shown on many web pages can

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