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Tu dowiesz się, jak zrobić stronę internetową.

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Andrew recently described how to recognize and avoid customer from hell. But what if we find a "normal" customer who in the course of our work begins to transform into a monster? What to do when under the influence of problems and stress associated with the project will begin to green like Bruce Banner when converting the Incredible Hulk? Very often we can no longer be prevented and are doomed to apocalypse ... but we can act preventively and avoid that this transformation has begun!

I'll show you 5 ways how you can proactively prevent problems customers.


1. Determine your salary before you start

Although it may seem quite strange, it is a fairly common mistake. To this is mostly committed service industry.For example, going to a mechanic, we never know how much it will cost to repair. Only when we arrive at the car great Bogdan playing lifting jack with a smile he said: "Pińćset gold bachelor beautiful ..." At this point, we find that a total of repairing the car completely do not know, but the price seems too high. When you want to mention this, suddenly you comes out from behind Bogdan Andrzej bending a metal rod with bare hands ... and then you find that the total is probably even got a promotion.

In the case of graphic design or internet, it turns out that all of a sudden are Billami Gatesami or hackers, though in the beginning looked very reasonable people who are willing you are to trust and great to get along, especially on issues such as finance . Unfortunately, it turns out that this is only the first wave of enthusiasm overwhelmed your client. Unfortunately, sometimes it passes and is slowly replaced by the more or less logical thinking, which in turn leads to the fact that as at the end he learns how much it has to pay ... begins to scream loudly and waving their hands.

So be sure to set the price before starting work, and the best add to it some 20%, you have more patience in the project and to have a margin of error.


2. Determine exactly what the customer expects from you

I did not even realize how different mind of a potential customer's mind "normal" person. Although at first glance may seem quite similar, in fact, is like comparing two different monetary systems. There are some papers and coins, but you try to pay in Poland Albanian hoppers, then look at you like an idiot.

It is therefore important to determine whether to say exactly the same and that you understand the customer's needs. Do not be afraid to ask and look again to all the details. Your best bet is to talk to the examples, because then avoid misunderstandings. If you find it hard to do sketches or anything else that will allow you to achieve complete confidence that you're talking about the same thing.

Better to spend a little more time now than later when you start to have a specific job.

web designer customer


3. Provide regular contact

When you gather requirements and already start working, it is most withdrawn to somewhere in some nice place where no one will bother us and there we will be able alone to finish the project. After a few months of nonexistence pop out of his sanctuary, shouting loudly: "tadah !!!" and presenting the result of our work.Unfortunately, when we see the face of our client a strange grimace, which says that not exactly what he meant, but a total of only minor changes.

It turns out that the changes are not so fine and if we already know about them would save, us hours, if not weeks of work.

That is why it is very important to divide the project into stages and each of them consult with the client. Thanks to this date we will know whether we are going in the right direction, and if by chance our employer does not change the vision.


4. Teach and translator

The customer often has some attention to our work. Some fixes are larger, some smaller, and some are completely pointless. About all these changes, it is worth to talk and explain why some should be considered, and at others it is worth to forget.

The key here is, however, administration of logical arguments for even the most odjechanych ideas. This way we can avoid a spiral of strange ideas that will pull the project straight to hell, and our client will save a lot of nerves and time of courting on getting dumber ideas.


5. Determine the actual terms

At the end of a fairly difficult subject, namely how to determine the real deadline? It is known that the real deadline is only yesterday. I think that is the day before yesterday. Therefore, it is best if everything is ready for tomorrow morning. You agree to such a term so as not to lose the customer, hoping deep down that this is completely unrealistic, but maybe somehow out of this, or perhaps a customer joked ...

It should come back to the point above. Try to explain to the customer that a lot of work is also on his side. Ask for when you will be able to provide different materials. How much time needs to acceptance of the individual steps, and when they must be completed.

Thanks to avoid unpleasant disappointment client that exceeded contrived term.


Summary and questions

With dignity to the old adage prevention is better than cure - so remember to not annoy too much of his client, only to extinguish the explosions already in the bud.

At the end of the time the question - do you know what the film is derived image monster? Please write in the comments;)


Author: Tomasz Szwed. For over 10 years I analise customers needs and propose best solutions. Next I watch over whole process of designing websites - from first prototypes to working website. Personally I'm a big fan of board games.

07 February 2018


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5 ways how to prevent the transformation of the web designer's customer into a monster from outer space


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