WebWave - Ditch the grids, create websites like you design graphics | Product Hunt
WebWave - Ditch the grids, create websites like you design graphics | Product Hunt
WebWave - Ditch the grids, create websites like you design graphics | Product Hunt

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The only true drag and drop website builder.


Create websites like you design graphics. Join over 550 000 people who use WebWave to build unique websites and online stores for themselves and their clients. 

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Drag and drop website builder

WebWave is more like a graphic design tool than other website builders.


At WebWave, we value creative freedom more than anything. That's why, we give you a tool to create websites like you design graphics. It makes WebWave an easy to use, true drag and drop website builder that will remind you of Canva or Figma. Create, customize, and launch your website without any barriers.

Drag and drop website builder.


Drag and drop means that you can position elements anywhere on the canvas. When you're designing a website, you don't have to worry about fitting all elements into rigid boxes or tables or following premade website layouts.

Even if you decide to switch on the sections feature for structure, you are still using a drag and drop and section-based website builder.

Work with layers just like in graphic design tools.


Keep on track with your custom website thanks to layers.

Make sure that you don't lose control over your project and manage elements' order, name, and group them to make the greatest use of the drag and drop functionality of the interface.

Now all your images will overlap the right way making your project truly multi-dimensional.

Responsive websites for all devices.


Create responsive websites that will fit perfectly to all screen sizes, desktop, tablet, mobile, and more.

Automatic responsive web design allows you to set up your website with minimal effort. For an even more customized experience optimize everything manually to create a fully functional website. Your website visitors will definitely appreciate the results.

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WebWave is #1 Design Tool of the Week on Produc Hunt
WebWave is #1 Product of the Week on Product Hunt


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Online store, email, domain, SEO, hosting, and more.


WebWave is much more than just a page builder. WebWave is all that you need to build and scale your online presence and your online business.

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Create an online store, with the layout of your dreams thanks to the true free drag and drop website builder. Sell both traditional and digital products with no commission and automatically.


" "Domain name


Register a free domain name at WebWave or connect a custom domain name you have registered elsewhere. Take care of your professional website. 


" "Mailboxes


Create mailboxes at your own domain name at no extra fees. With WebWave website builder, you can contact your customers professionally from your custom mailbox like office@mycompany.com


" "Optimized for search engines


Make your website rank high in search engines. Create a high-performing website with WebWave using our built-in SEO analysis tool. In a 9-month case study, a website created with WebWave ranked higher in Google than similar websites created with WordPress and WIX.


" "Fast, Secure Hosting and CDN


WebWave partners with KeyCDN to deliver your website content quickly, reliably and securely, around the world. Our fully hosted solution means you never have to worry about software or security updates.

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drag and drop website for small buisness

White label website builder for freelancers and agencies.


Change WebWave to your own white label website builder. Create beautiful websites for your clients and host them on a fast and secure platform under your own brand.

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Join our amazing web design community.


By joining our community you will get first-hand WebWave news, participate in polls about upcoming features, get help and support from fellow web designers, and engage in inspiring discussions. 

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WebWave's community of web designers

Made by you. Made in WebWave.


WebWave drag and drop website builder gives you the freedom to create the exact website you imagine. The amazing community of our users constantly proves us right. Check out some of their fantastic websites.

WebWave drag and drop website builder

Architecture Lab Website

Spot-on choice of photographs helps to capture the essence of this Architecture and Design Lab. The futuristic feeling of the projects is enhanced by effects available in WebWave drag and drop site builder.


-> Slider

-> Animation on show

-> Blog

WebWave drag and drop website builder

Photography Portfolio Website

This website is heavy-based on outstanding photographs of a creator. Thanks to the drag and drop interface it was possible to place them freely on the canvas on the Portfolio page on the website.


-> Oh hover effects

-> Slider

-> Ken Burns effect

WebWave drag and drop website builder

3D Visual Solutions Website

The clean and seamless form of the website helps to display the craftsmanship of the 3D illustrations of housing models. This website has a design feel to it but is still practical and intuitive.


-> Contact Form

-> Photo Gallery

-> Parallax Effect

WebWave drag and drop website builder

AI SEO Tool Website

The vibrant colors and animated hero section are what makes this website special and well-suited for the topic. This whole website is very interactive and eye-catching.


-> Videos

-> Animations

-> Contact Form

Discover more ->

We're here to help you. 


We believe, with WebWave drag and drop website builder, anyone is able to create a unique website themselves. But if you need help, our support team is here to assist you!

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We're responding to chats in less than 60s, and answering emails in less than 1h

We are available at online chat and at contact@webwave.me Mon-Fri for 16h/day: 2 AM to 6 PM ET  |  6 AM to 10 PM GMT | 9 AM to 7 AM AEST

What is a drag and drop website builder?

A drag and drop website builder is a web design tool that allows anybody, no matter their skill level and past experience, to create a website. Drag and drop website builders, just like any other website builders, do not require users to know how to code to use them and build websites. Drag and drop editors are based on WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) technology. It means that in the process of creating your design, you see how the final version is going to look. Unlike when you write the code and have to wait for the visual representation of your work up until you publish the website. The "drag and drop" part of the name means that you drag and drop elements into the canvas to build a website out of them. It's a technique that allows you to create your website in a way that is more intuitive for users with no experience in web development.


What makes WebWave a true drag and drop website builder?

Regular drag and drop website builder software let you positions elements only in fixed places. It's like putting those elements into table cells. WebWave is different by letting you put elements anywhere on the canvas. This makes WebWave a "true" drag and drop website builder that resembles graphic design tools rather than other website builders. By enabling the whole canvas for you, WebWave gives you creative freedom and the possibility to create a fully customizable website. At the same time, the whole process stays simple and uncomplicated. Of course, with WebWave, you can still enjoy all the advantages of an easy website builder and build simple sites from page templates and premade components that will guide you through layouts and web design rules.


Who is a drag and drop website builder best for?

WebWave is excellent for both small business owners who want to create their own websites, and for freelance web designers, who create websites for clients. If you've got an idea, of how your website should look like, if you want to create a unique, one-of-a-kind website that's different from others, this website design software is for you.


Why WebWave is the best drag and drop website builder?

WebWave is the best drag and drop website builder because of its interface and workflow. You can place elements anywhere on the canvas, even overlap and overlay them. Other website builders restrict you by making the canvas full of grids, boxes, and containers. WebWave is free of them, helping you reach your full creative potential. 


What is a no code website builder?

A no code website builder is a web design software that allows you to build a website and publish it online without having to manually write a code, or configure servers or databases. You just design how your website will look, and publish it online with just one click. Website builder generates the code and configures servers for you. Picking the right website builder is crucial in the process of creating your website. Because you're not a developer yourself, you have to pick the solution with clean, optimized code and regular updates. The right code influences not only the website's functionality but also SEO and as a result the success of your business.


Is WebWave a no code website builder?

Of course, it is. WebWave is a no code drag and drop website builder. You don't have to write a single line of code to create a website as if you were using a graphic design tool. Just start a website by picking the components you want to have, place them wherever you wish and in just a few moments you will be ready to hit publish.


What types of websites can I build?

With WebWave website builder, you will create many unique types of websites. Landing pages, one-pagers, business websites, blogs, or online stores, can all be built with this website builder. But above all, WebWave excels at creating business websites with 3-20 pages, blogs, and small online stores.


I've got a domain name. Can I connect it?

You can register a new domain name with WebWave for free if you get a Premium Plan. It will be connected to your website with no extra work required. But if you have a domain name already registered with another reseller, or if you prefer other resellers than WebWave, you can connect that domain name to your website easily.


Can I create a website for free?

Yes. WebWave is a free drag-and-drop website builder. You can create a website with a free plan and publish it live. The website that you build and publish for free is as functional as those with Premium Plans. However, you cannot set your own domain, there’s no SEO optimization, and at the bottom, there is information that the website was created in WebWave. If you don’t care about those features, you can easily use a free version of our website builder.


Can I create a responsive website for mobile devices?

Yes! WebWave is a responsive website builder, and you can create responsive websites with this web design software. During the whole process of creating the website, you can always switch the view to desktop, tablet, and mobile both horizontal and vertical. WebWave offers you an automatic setup of elements on screen size, or you can do this manually. You create a responsive website without any technical knowledge.


Does WebWave offer SEO tools?

We put great effort into optimizing generated code, so you don't have to worry about technical stuff. We've got you covered. What you should work on is picking the right keywords and optimizing your content for those keywords. WebWave will help you with this as well. You have a full range of options to optimize your website for keywords, and you can use a free SEO analyzer built into WebWave, to check if your website is optimized, and what you should work on.


Is WebWave a good solution for freelance web designers and agencies?

Yes, WebWave is an excellent web design solution for freelancers and agencies because of its advanced design features and white label functionality. We offer an Agency Account for those who want to build websites professionally. Among its many perks, you will get special discounts for Premium Plans and access to CMS to work with your team.


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Website builder.

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WebWave drag and drop website builder lets you create unique websites. You can build your website from scratch by starting with a blank page, or choose various website templates from our free collection and modify them according to your needs. With WebWave website builder, you have a complete website design and hosting system at your fingertips.

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