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Our free Website Builder lets you create amazing websites effortlessly. You can build your website from scratch by starting with a blank page or choose various templates from our free collection and modify them according to your needs. With WebWave you have a complete website design and hosting system at your fingertips.

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My colleague suggested I should create a website for our NGO.  Thanks to this great and easy website builder I was able to create three websites already. Outstanding online support helps me a lot. I am 83 years old. It’s easy and free with WebWave!”

Mieczysław Paszkowski 

Social activist from Poland

"WebWave is a fantastic website builder. Having used Wix for 7 years, WebWave is a more affordable option with better features and excellent support. I am very impressed with the responsive design control for desktop, tablet and mobile, especially with the implementation of mobile-first priority.

Kathryn Bailey
Digital Marketing Consultant Australia.

The best website builder is WebWave. It's an all-in-one solution for creating  responsive, SEO-friendly websites. WebWave's support is excellent. It's 10x better than Weebly, Wix, Squarespace etc... I highly recommend WebWave to your company, business or even your hobby site

Dennis Alejo

Webmaster, freelancer from Ohio, USA

After 6 years of designing and hosting business websites using Weebly, we decided to move to a system that allows us to create fully customized website designs. WebWave's drag n drop editor is sophisticated yet easy to use and there's nothing much you can't do with it. We highly recommend WebWave's CMS to any design agency

Tony Venables

Managing Partner
Working Websites Australia.

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Create websites and online stores just how you imagined.

More than 400 000 people use WebWave to create unique websites and online stores for themselves and their clients. WebWave is rated as a High Performer among website builders in G2 Spring 2022 Grid Report.  

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Choose and customise a free website template or start from scratch.

There are plenty of free website templates to choose from. All are ready for mobile devices. You can change every detail in the template. And if you're looking for complete design freedom, start with a blank canvas so that nothing holds you back.

Drag, Drop and Layer. 

Move objects around the canvas wherever you like. You can position and overlap elements on top of each other with single pixel precision to create beautiful websites just how you imagined them to be.


Use beautiful animations like fly, fade, expand, fold and reveal with other cool interactions to create websites that will grab your visitors attention and keep them focused on what's important.

Websites for all devices. 

Create responsive websites for desktop, tablet and mobile. Use the automatic design tool to instantly arrange your page elements before manually optimising the layout for a pixel perfect result.

What others think about WebWave.

G2.com, the biggest software review platform, considers WebWave to be a leader and high performer in the website builder's category.

Website, shop, email, SEO, hosting.

WebWave is much more than just a white label website builder. With WebWave you get all you need to build and scale your online business.

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Create a shop, connect it to your Stripe account and start selling products and services online.

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Get a free .com domain name with a 12 month premium plan subscription on WebWave or connect a domain name that you have registered elsewhere. 

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Create mailboxes at your own domain name, like office@mycompany.com and contact your customers professionally.

Optimised for search engines (SEO)

Websites created with WebWave are highly optimised for search engines. You can also change all the On Page SEO settings to suit your key search terms. In a 9 months case study, a website created with WebWave ranked higher in Google than similar websites created with WordPress and WIX. 

Fast, Secure Hosting on KeyCDN

WebWave partners with KeyCDN to deliver your website content quickly, reliably and securely, around the world. Our fully hosted solution means you never have to worry about software or security updates.

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We believe that everyone is capable of creating unique, professional looking websites with our drag and drop website builder. But if you need help, our support team is here to assist you!

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