19 January 2017

Through the WebWave - responsive webdesign application without coding - you can add to your site files that can be later downloaded by the users. You can do this in two ways. You can add file by the media library, or use the field in which you can edit the link to the element and add the file directly.


Adding a file to the Media Library
Allowing users to the download files

File extensions supported by WebWave CMS

Adding a file to Media Library


1) Open the Media Library


Open Media Library by clicking side panel "Library" on the right side of the WebWave creator and select "Manage the library."



or click on the icon of the Media Library in a text editor:



2) Add files to the media library


In the media library, click "Add files from disk":



3) Choose files from disk


Select the files you want to add and add them to the library


Allowing users to the download files


Allowing file download after clicking on the text link


1) Copy the link to the file


Start by uploading the file to the Media Library. Then copy the link to this file. To do this, open the media library, select the file and copy (ctrl + c) link to this file.



2) Select text


Close the media library. Now select the text, that you want to serve as a link to download the file. Click the paperclip icon to add a link:



3) Paste URL address


In an open window, in the URL field, paste the link that you copied before and you're done.



Allowing file download after clicking on an item such as a button, image, etc.


WebWave creator also allows you to add links to images, buttons, and many other items directly from the bottom panel "Item Property". To add a file this way:


1) Select the item


Click the item you want to add a link to. When you do that the item should be marked by a green frame.

2) Add a link to the file


In the bottom edit panel in the "Link" box, select: “Link to – Other”, “Type - File” and click the plus sign at the "File".



3) Add a new file to the Media Library, or select a file that is already there


Now just add a file to the library and then click "Select". You can also choose from the files previously uploaded to the Media Library.

4) Done


It's finished. Now, clicking on your item will start downloading the chosen file.

File extensions supported by WebWave CMS


You can upload any files to the media library, except executables, that is: .exe, .bat, .msi, .sh, .bin.

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