Adobe Flash, which in recent decades has boosted content published on the Internet, will soon cease to exist. In the past few years, its reputation has been seriously tarnished because of the numerous reports of failures in system security and poor performance. Microsoft's Edge is the latest popular browser, which blocked the automatic start of Adobe Flash.



For the beginning of the end, we consider year 2015, when Google Chrome first stopped by default handling Flash ads. Since that time, we had to agree to their launch. In addition, since the beginning of year 2017 AdWords completely ceased advertising in this format. Google advises to replace Flash ads with those made in HTML 5. You can do this by:


1. The use of Google tools, including Google Web Designer


2. Sending your own ads HTML5.


More information can be found at this address.


Currently, all major browsers withdrew from Flash technology. And what in return? The main alternative solution became just HTML 5 technology, which allows other web browsers to display multimedial content, for example Video, sound or audio files. Many sites replaced (or replaces) the old version of Adobe Flash with user-friendly HTML 5.


When we consider optimisation of search engines  (SEO) the footage shows everything here seems to be easier, faster and more accurate. HTML 5 also uses considerably fewer resources in order to load faster and does not consume as much power to operate. In the wizard, internet WebWave enables embedding videos using the component video (see instructions here). Animated GIFs can also be replaced with some of the contents.


Complete disappearance of flash will bring benefits, which improve safety of the system and efficiency of computers. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android, have long been able to successfully work without this technology to the benefit of themselves. The end seems to be really close.


Adobe Flash

12 February 2017
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