27 June 2017
Everyone tracks traffic on their website. In most cases, the general data provided by Google Analytics will be sufficient but some people take one step further and analyze behaviors of...
09 May 2017
Rushes accompany us in almost every field of life, and certainly in business. Many times we are chasing deadlines, we can not wait for a particular email or we have...
01 May 2017
Choosing the right keywords and applying them properly can be a great investment that will keep your website traffic steady. Now SEO should not be just a "thing to do",...
27 April 2017
If you have never set up your own website before, this process may seem complicated. Choosing a name, domain registration, hosting – all of this can be not so easy...
22 March 2017
The Logo is the face of your company and the image that will be associated with your business. Did you know that the logo actually evokes feelings. Like any art...
15 March 2017
We've all heard that using SEO friendly content is the key to the success of our site. However, not everyone is aware that the content quality is equally important. There...
08 March 2017
Following the digital bandwagon, some people create a website and account for virtually all known social platforms. As time goes by, however, their company does not attract a large enough...
06 March 2017
Your website is a living channel of communication with customers, which changes and evolves with your business, products or trends. One of the biggest advantages of websites or social media...
12 February 2017
Adobe Flash, which in recent decades has boosted content published on the Internet, will soon cease to exist. In the past few years, its reputation has been seriously tarnished because...
12 February 2017
The answer to this question is the key to success, because we do not like to create a website if it does not give us pleasure, and its creation would...

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