General questions


1. What is WebWave for?

WebWave is website design tool created for people who can't write HTML or CSS code themselves, but wish to build websites with a custom graphic design anyway. WebWave lets you design your website using an intuitive WYSIWYG interface. You can create your website from scratch or use one of many great templates. While creating your website with WebWave you don't need to worry about servers, hosting, databases or any other technical stuff. All you have to do is to hit publish and within seconds your website will be online ready to be visited by your customers.


2. Who is WebWave for?

WebWave website builder was created for graphic designers and other artists and other creative people, who wish to create a website with just a graphic design they've dreamed of. It is a great tool for freelancers and professional agencies, who create websites for their customers.


3. Do I need to know HTML/CSS to create websites with WebWave?

No. To create websites with WebWave you don't need to know any programming language. You just need to drag and drop elements into their positions, set their preferences like color, size or dropped shadow and hit publish. WebWave will code everything for you.


4. What happens if I'd like to add an element or effect, that is not supported by WebWave?

If you wish to add an object or effect that is not supported in WebWave do not be afraid. If you know how to manually write code you can add custom HTML, CSS and JS code to your website. If you don't know how to write code manually just contact us via email or online chat and we'll help you.


5. Is WebWave a free website builder?

Yes. You can register, create websites and publish them for free. What's more, a free version of our website builder has no limits and all features are available. There are no disc space or bandwidth limits too.


6. Will WebWave always be free?

We guarantee, that it will always be possible to create websites for free in WebWave.


7. What is a difference between WebWave and other website builders like WIX?

WebWave is the first website builder that is focused on creating websites with a custom graphic design. With this website design software, you will be able to create a website with any graphic design you have imagined. 

What's more, if you create websites with WebWave you can use a Content Management System (CMS) that is automatically built into every website. With that CMS you can set content editors, who will be able to write new articles or change photos in image galleries with no danger of messing your graphic design.


8. What is a difference between WebWave and systems like Wordpress or Joomla?

First of all WebWave lets you create websites visually, with no need of manually writing code. When you're using programs like Wordpress or Joomla most of the time you need to write your code manually.

Secondly, when using WebWave you have a frontend panel for editing both graphic design and content of your website. It means that when you're making changes on your website you're doing them on the actual website instead of some backend panels, that do not resemble your website at all. If you wish to change a specific text on your website you just need to click that text and type a different one.


9. Can I make money by making websites with WebWave?

Yes. There are two ways to earn money using WebWave website builder.

You can create websites for your customers. Use our Agency plan to hide WebWave branding and you're good to go.

You can also recommend WebWave to others. You will get a solid share of their payments


10. Do I have to sign an agreement?

No. If you wish to use WebWave website builder and create websites with no limits you don't have to sign any agreements. All you need to do is just to register, pick a plan and a period. If you don't want to use WebWave anymore you just stop paying for your account and that's it. 



Technical questions


1. Is there a limit of disc space for a website?

No. There is no limit. You can put as many images and other content as you like.


2. Do I have live access to my website's statistics?

Yes. Every website you create with WebWave CMS has a basic statistics built in. You can see how many users visit your website and how long do they stay on your website. If you wish to have more sophisticated statistics all you need to do is to connect google analytics to your website. It takes only a few clicks and is very straightforward.


3. What will web address my website get?

Every website created with WebWave CMS responsive website builder automatically gets a free subdomain. It means that your website's address will be something like If you wish to change that address to more personalized one, like all you need to do is to connect a domain name to your website. If you already have a domain name just redirect it to servers. If you don't have a domain you can register it with with just a few clicks. More about registering domain names with you can read here.


4. I have my own domain name already. Can I connect it to my website created with WebWave web design software?

Yes. You can easily connect your own domain to your website created with WebWave CMS website builder. You just need to redirect a domain to servers. If you don't have your own domain name yet you can register a new domain with


5. Do I have to have my own hosting, server or database?

No. Websites created with responsive web design software are hosted on fast and stable servers. If you create a website with WebWave all you need to do is to hit "Publish" button and your website will be online in just a few seconds. HTML, CSS and JS code is created automatically and all servers and databases are configured for you, so you don't have to search for those anymore. Unless of course you have your own server and want to host your website there. In this case, you can always export your website.


6. Can I manage SEO settings of my website so that my customers will find me more easily with Google?

Yes. With WebWave CMS it's very easy to manage all settings important for SEO optimization. You can set your webpage's titles and descriptions, H tags, and many many others. What's more, WebWave will automatically set many settings like sitemap.xml, canonical names, and many others. More about SEO optimization you can read here.





Frequently asked questions about WebWave responsive web design software. 



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