13 December 2016

In WebWave - responsive webdesign application - you can add user friendly photo galleries by using „Gallery” element.


Adding gallery to a website
Gallery settings
Adding photos to gallery
Removing photos from gallery
Changing photos order in gallery

Adding gallery to a website


To add gallery in website creator click corresponding icon in a toolbar on the left or drag and drop this icon to the editor window.



After adding gallery a new window will open in which you can choose photos for the gallery. Select all the photos you want to add and click “Add to gallery” button. If the photos you want to add are not in the media library you can add them from disk.


Gallery settings


After selecting the gallery you can change a number of settings in the bottom panel.




Defines how the next picture appears.

  • Sliding - currently displayed picture will move to the side and the new will slide in its place.
  • Darkening - currently displayed picture will no longer be shown and the new will gradually appear in its place.
  • Transition - currently displayed picture will smoothly fade to a new one.




Defines how photo is adjusted to gallery frames.

  • Scale – photo is scaled to be displayed in a full size. Some parts of the gallery might be left empty in a result.
  • Crop – photo will be adjusted so that the entire gallery space is filled. This may mean that some part of the image will be cropped


Animation time


How long it takes to the change from one picture to another (how long is the animation). The time is set in seconds.


Photo display time


For how long photo is displayed before it starts to be changed to another. The time is set in seconds.


Run automatically


Select if one picture has to change to another automatically, or only when the user clicks.


Elements displayed


After clicking “Elements displayed” button a new window will appear in which you can change additional gallery settings.

  • Title and description - select if the title and description will be displayed and if so where.
  • Miniatures - select if the photo miniatures will be displayed and if so where.
  • Arrows - select to display arrows, using which you can scroll to the next or previous image. Additionally you can click the button next to the arrow and select your own arrow icon from media library. There is a possibility to add your own arrows to the gallery when the default aren't suitable.



Adding photos to the gallery


To add photos to the gallery select it and choose “Edit” option.



Photos are added using media library. On top of the newly opened window choose “Media library” button. Select in the library photos you wish to add and click “Add to the gallery” button at the bottom of window.



You can read more about the library here.


Removing photos from gallery


To remove a picture from the gallery, select it and then choose “Edit”.

Select the picture you want to remove, and in the “File details” panel on the right, click “Remove from gallery”.



Changing the display order in the gallery


To change the display order of photos in the gallery, select it and then choose “Edit”.

Drag and drop the image, to change its place.


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