15 March 2017

In the WebWave - responsive website creator -  element "Image" allows you to add any graphics or photos to your website.


Adding image to a page

Image settings

Cropping image

Changing image

Setting the alt and image title


Adding image to the website


In the WebWave editor image can be added from the toolbar on the left side of the editor. Just click the appropriate button or drag it onto the page.



When you add a new image to your website, the Media Library will appear. In the library, select the image you want to add and confirm your selection by clicking “Select”.



Image Settings


After selecting the image, in the bottom panel you can set for it the following attributes:


Link to


This option allows you to create a button from the selected image, that leads to another site when clicked. This option is often used to create a link from the company logos, so when the user clicks on the logo he is taken to the home page.


You can set the link to:

Nowhere (default) - after clicking on the image nothing will happen.

Page object – after clicking on the image page is scrolled smoothly, to show the selected object.

Page – if you click the image, you will be taken to another, indicated subpage.

Articles – after clicking on the image, you will be taken to the indicated article.

Other – after clicking on the image, you will be moved to the other, indicated link.


Image settings


In the image settings, you can set how the image is adjusted to its frame. Available options are:

Fit (default) – The image is scaled proportionally so there is no free space left in a frame. Parts of the image on the top and bottom or on the sides may be cut off.

Scale – The image is scaled proportionally to be always entirely visible. This means that part of the frame may be left empty.

Stretch – The image is scaled without keeping proportions to fill the entire frame.

Original – The image is not scaled in any way – it is shown in a frame in its original size.


Image attributes

Here you can give images a title


Title – Here you can write a text, which will be displayed in the label that appears when you leave the mouse arrow over the image for some time.

Alternative text – Text that appears when for some reason the image does not load on the user's side. This attribute is important from the point of view of SEO.

You can read more about SEO here.


Cropping an image


To crop an image, double-click it or click "Change the image position" icon located in the corner of the element:



After clicking the image, frame will change to cyan, and the cursor will change to arrows when hovering over the image. At this point, we can freely crop our image by dragging it with your mouse.


Once you have selected the part of the image you want to be visible, just click the mouse anywhere outside the picture. This way you have finished editing the image and saved the changes.


Changing image


To change the image displayed in the item, click the "Change image" icon in the corner of the element. Then select a new image that you want to appear in this element, and confirm by clicking "select"


Setting the alt and image title


To set the image title and its alt text, select the image. These parameters can be changed in “Image attributes” box in the bottom panel.

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