WebWave is designed to enable Users to create web pages for themselves or others without the need for programming.
In order to use the services provided by, it is necessary to accept the following Terms and Conditions in their entirety.
All services are provided in accordance with the Polish law and regulations of the Service.
§1 - Definitions

  • Service - the whole environment and content of the website, including updates and supplements.

  • Regulations - a set of provisions which the User must accept in whole in order to use the Service. The Terms and Conditions constitute the whole of internal provisions between the User and the Website Owner regarding the use of the Website.

  • User - a natural person with full legal capacity who has an Administrator and/or Editor's account on the Website.

  • Third Party - a natural person, a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, not a User.

  • Web Site - A Web Site created by means of the Website.

  • Webmaster Panel - a panel that allows the creation and administration of new web pages.

  • Web Page Designer Panel - a panel that allows advanced editing of the appearance (forms), content and settings of Web Pages.

  • CMS Panel - a panel enabling basic editing of content and settings of the Website.

  • Administrator (Webmaster) - User who has access to the Webmaster Panel. The administrator can edit selected Web Pages with the use of the Web Page Designer Panel and the CMS Panel. The user can have only one administrator account.

  • Editor - A user who has access to the CMS panel of a single web page. The user can have multiple editor accounts. 

  • Service Owner - Maciej Czajkowski, conducting business activity under the name WebWaver Maciej Czajkowski with its registered office in Warsaw, 3/5 Sucharski Street.

  • The expressions in a single number also include a plural number and vice versa. The terms used in a given grammatical type also include other grammatical types.


§2 - General provision
Users may use the services of the Website only on the terms and conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions after prior acceptance of the Website and in compliance with the generally applicable legal regulations.
§3. Safety
1. General security

Within the framework of procedures to ensure the safety of Users, by accepting the Terms and Conditions, in any connection with the use of the Website, the User hereby undertakes:

  1. not to send commercial information (e. g. spam) via the Service, including e-mail boxes.

  2. not sending invitations to register in the Service to persons unknown to the User.

  3. not to use the Service through an interface other than that provided by the Service Owner.

  4. failure to direct, organize, or in any other way participate in acts constituting acts of unfair competition, within the meaning of the Act of 16 April 1993 on combating unfair competition (Journal of Laws 03.153.1503 of Laws No. 153, item 259, as amended).).

  5. the non-proliferation of viruses and any other harmful software.

  6. not to request the data of other Users necessary to log into their account on the Website or in any other illegal way to obtain such data.

  7. not to provide information about other Users, including using special software (e. g. spider robots).

  8. not to post or promote illegal content, such as e. g. pornographic, fascist, Nazi, criminal or offensive content that is prohibited by generally applicable law.

  9. not to test the operation of the Service with regard to security or the possibility of authorization of access to information contained in the Service.

  10. not decompile, reverse engineering or other attempts to get to know the source code owned by the Website Owner.

  11. not to copy any elements of the Website, including but not limited to graphical elements, scripts and others.

  12. not to keep any personal data in connection with the use of the Website, including in particular the personal data base of the Website Users.

  13. do not run any software or take any actions that may interfere with the functioning of the Service.

  14. not to violate any of these Terms and Conditions.

  15. not to misuse the Website, any industrial design, trademark, patent or any other rights resulting from, inter alia, copyright, intellectual property rights, industrial property rights, trademark and patent rights and other applicable laws.

2. Security of personal data and registration

  1. In order to ensure the security of personal data and registration, the User, while accepting the Terms and Conditions, hereby undertakes to
  2. providing personal data according to reality and facts.
  3. not to disclose to anyone any password to their or someone else's account, or to take other actions that may lead to making available to a third party the account data without the User's express consent.
  4. not to create more than one administrator account in the Service for their own person.
  5. in the case of creating an account for an entity other than himself, to have the consent of this entity to have an account for him/her, as well as to have the consent to be bound by the provisions of the Regulations. By creating an account for another entity, the User declares at the same time that he has such consent and is able to present it on every request of the Owner of the Website.
  6. not taking any actions that may violate the rights of other Users of the Website, as well as other third parties in connection with the use of the Website.


§4 - Statements by the user
By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the User shall

  1. declares that he/she is an adult or has the consent of his/her parents or other legal guardians to use the Website and the resulting rights and consequences
  2. declares that it has full legal capacity
  3. consents to receive electronically information related to the User's account and activity on the Website, as well as newsletter
  4. declares that it provides true personal data. The user is solely responsible for the accuracy of this information. In case of false data, the Website Owner reserves the right to block or delete the User's account upon notification of the User
  5. agrees - in the case of sending invitations to the Service by the User - that the person invited by the User has received an invitation containing in the sender's data the data of the inviting User, including the name and surname and e-mail address
  6. consents to the use of the fixed image, image and content of part or all of the website created by the user through the Website, free of charge for advertising and promotional purposes concerning the Website, including but not limited to publication on the Internet on the Website or social networking sites

§5 - Registration

  1. Registration is carried out through the registration form available on the website.
  2. The User may at any time interrupt the registration procedure, thus deleting the registered data from the Service.
  3. In order to use the services of the Service, the User must always log in to the Service through the login form available on the website.
  4. The User Password should consist of at least 6 characters.
  5. By entering the data into the registration form, the User confirms the authenticity of the entered data.

§6 - Creation and functioning of Web Sites

  1. Administrators shall be entitled to create and administer Web Sites.
  2. The creation of Web Sites takes place using technological means available to the Administrator in the Website.
  3. Administrators can edit the layout, content, and settings of Web Pages using the Web Page Designer panel.
  4. Administrators and editors can edit the content of Web Sites via the CMS Panel
  5. The website may be published on the Internet at any time.


§7 - Payments

  1. The user may choose between different packages of services as part of the maintenance fees for the Website. Detailed characteristics of the packages are available in the Price List available on the Website.
  2. The amount of fees for services provided to the Website is calculated according to the rates applicable to the owner of this Website.
  3. Payments should be made only in accordance with the instructions contained in the Service.
  4. Payments are handled by the entity indicated on the Price List page.
  5. By choosing a credit or debit card as a payment method, the User agrees to automatically charge the credit card or bank account. At the same time, the User agrees to the Service's use of third party intermediaries in the payment process, as well as disclosure of transaction data to them.
  6. If a credit or debit card is selected as a method of paying the fees, the fee for each subsequent subscription period will be charged automatically until the User has notified his/her intention to cancel the Service. Such cancellation should be notified before the start of the new subscription period.

§8 - Commands and commissions

  1. The Administrator may recommend the Service to other persons (Third Party Entities). Recommended in this way, a person registering on the Website becomes a Referral Administrator.
  2. Upon payment of the fee for the Web Site created by the Referral Administrator, Administrators who contributed directly or indirectly to the Administrator's recommendation receive commission. A detailed description of the commission is available on the Referral and Earn the fee page of the Website.
  3. The commission is paid out in the form of WebWave Funds, which can be used to purchase services offered by the Service, or to withdraw to a bank account, on the terms described on the Referral page and earn an income.
  4. The commission is not paid if the fee has been paid using WebWave funds.
  5. If the Administrator who created the Web Site loses the rights of the administrator of this Web Site, the commission is no longer paid. If the Administrator gets back the rights of the administrator of the Website, the commission will not start to be paid again.

§9 - Owner's Rights

  1. The owner of the Website reserves the right to issue advertising content on the Websites
  2. The owner of the Website reserves the right to place so-called hyperlinks on other websites not owned or controlled by the Website Owner.
  3. In cases justified by the law, rights and obligations of other entities, violation of personal rights of another User or a third party, violation by the User of the Regulations or the User's actions that may interfere with the proper functioning of the Website, the Owner of the Website has the right to
  4. request the User to delete data that are untrue without delay; and
  5. blocking the Website and/or your account to investigate the matter; and
  6. deletion of the User's account ignoring the request to remove or stop the violation.

§10 - User rights
The user has the right to

  1. Having one administrator account in the Service.
  2. Having an unlimited number of Editor's accounts in the Service
  3. Access, change or delete your personal data using the account option.
  4. Request the e-mail address of the Service Owner to contact the e-mail address of the Service Owner with a request concerning any issue related to the functioning of the Service. 
  5. Resign from the Service by deleting your account at any time. In case of any issues concerning the settlement of the commission charged to the User and its payment in connection with his resignation, the User should return by e-mail to the Service Owner with an appropriate request within 30 days from the date of deletion of the account in the Service.


§11 - Complaints

  1. The User has the right to appeal against any decision of the Website Owner concerning him/her. A complaint shall also be entitled to the User at the moment when he takes up the conviction that the Service does not operate in accordance with the Regulations or if the Owner of the Service fails to fulfil his obligations resulting from the Regulations by filing a complaint, together with an explanation of the factual state via the e-mail address of the Service Owner.
  2. Complaints are submitted to the e-mail address of the Service Owner.
  3. The complaint should be submitted within two weeks from the occurrence of the event giving rise to the complaint. A complaint submitted after this time will be left unrecognized, which the User will be informed about by the Website Owner.
  4. After considering the appeal (claim) the User will receive a reply by e-mail within two weeks, together with the reasons for his or her position. The complaint will not be considered again.

§12 - Copyright and intellectual property

  1. All content and form of the Website, including text, photographs, computer graphics, computer animations, the code of the Website's website and other elements which have not been entered into the Website by Users, are intellectual property as to which the Website Owner is entitled or only authorized to use.
  2. Any use by Users or Third Party of the aforementioned content of the Website without the explicit consent of the entity authorized in accordance with the provisions of law to dispose of the content, is forbidden and may result in liability for damages on the part of Users or Third Party Entities on the basis of copyright regulations, intellectual property law, provisions of the Civil Code and other binding legal regulations.
  3. Information and personal data collected in connection with the functioning of the Website are managed, administered and processed by: Maciej Czajkowski, conducting business activity under the name WebWaver Maciej Czajkowski with its registered office in Warsaw.
  4. Personal data are collected and processed for the purposes of registration, and to facilitate and speed up contact with Service Users, as well as for the purposes indicated below.
  5. Personal data is provided by the Users voluntarily.
  6. The owner of the Website declares that he processes Users' personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, and that he applies technical and organizational measures ensuring the protection of processed data appropriate to the risks, and the categories of data covered by the protection, and in particular protects Users' personal data from being made available to unauthorized persons, loss or damage.
  7. The user has the right to access and correct the content of his data. Possible recipients of data may be other Users of the Website.
  8. Data is collected on the basis of the registration form described in § 5 of these Terms and Conditions, as well as in other cases related to the use of the Service, such as, for example, when indicating the data to issue an invoice or a VAT invoice.
  9. In the case of expressing consent given by the User, personal data will be processed by the Website Owner for marketing purposes.
  10. The user acknowledges that pursuant to Article 23 paragraph 1 pt. 5 in conjunction with Article 23 (5) in conjunction with Article 23 (2) of the EC Treaty. 4 of the Personal Data Protection Act, the Owner of the Website is entitled to the extent to which it does not violate the provisions of the above Act, to process Users' personal data for the purpose of direct marketing of own products or services provided by them, and to pursue claims under the conducted business activity.
  11. In case the Website Owner obtains information on the User's use of the Website in a manner contrary to the Regulations or applicable legal regulations, the Website Owner may process the User's personal data to the extent necessary to determine the User's liability, provided that the User's fact of obtaining and the content of this information are recorded for evidential purposes.
  12. The user has the right to
  13. object to the processing of his or her data in the cases referred to in Article 23 (2) of Regulation (EC) No 40/94. 1 points 4 and 5 of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws 02.101.926 j. t.)), when the data controller intends to process the data for marketing purposes or for transferring personal data of the User to another data controller; and
  14. in the cases referred to in Article 23 (3) of Regulation (EC) No 1073/1999. 1 points 4 and 5 of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws 02.101.926 j. t.)), a written, reasoned demand to discontinue the processing of his or her data due to his or her particular situation.


§13 - Technical requirements

  1. In order to use the Website, it is necessary for the User to have a proper Internet browser. The functioning of the Service has been adjusted to the user's use of one of the following browsers: Chrome 30. x, Firefox 24. x or later.
  2. The User hereby acknowledges that the use of the Service Owner's services by electronic means may present the usual risks associated with the use of the Internet or electronic network despite the actions taken by the Service Owner, such as the risk of installing hostile software (e. g. viruses, trojans) or the risk of data loss due to a sudden drop in the network voltage.

§14 - Final provisions

  1. All disputes and claims arising from the use of the Website will be settled before a court competent in accordance with general legal regulations.
  2. Polish law is applicable to the issues set forth in these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Users are required to keep their password in a safe place. They are solely responsible for the use of their personal account, as well as for any consequences resulting from improper security of their account or password or its provision to third parties.
  4. No content on the Website constitutes a commercial offer or commercial information within the meaning of the law.
  5. If any part of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions becomes unenforceable or contrary to the provisions of law, the remaining provisions shall remain in force.
  6. The User acknowledges the consequences of the fact that the back-up copy of the website content is made twice a week in case of serious disruptions in the Service, which may result in total or partial loss of the data included in the Service.
  7. The Regulations constitute the entire internal provisions between the Owner and Users.
  8. Accepting the Regulations, the User declares that he has read all the provisions of the Regulations in their entirety and does not make any reservations in relation to their content and form and agrees to abide by all the provisions of the Regulations.

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