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There are many questions and uncertainties associated with photos your submissions on the internet that are unsigned name or the name of the author and do not contain the so-called. Notes copyright. Is the law allows such images for free use on websites?


Is the condition of taking photos of the protection of their signing by the author or affixing pictures legal notice copyright?

Until 24 May 1994 years in force provision saying that: "The song made way for photography or photographic similar, it is subject to copyright, if on song visualized clearly reservation of copyright law." Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and related rights this situation has changed. Currently, each - in principle - image, whether signed or not, is protected by law. Photo credit always has him moral rights, even if under a license or other civil law contract gave copyrights of another person or institution. The creator has the right to mark their data made their images, and also has the right to decide whether his name (or nickname or name) will be made public along with the published photo. Currently, so signing or placing notes copyright is only right - not the duty - author.


What if, when before the law was changed picture was accompanied by a note copyright?

If before May 24, 1994 the photograph was published without the proper notes (which was tantamount to a lack of legal protection), it can not enjoy legal protection even today.


What threatens the use of someone else's images by a person unauthorized?

Use of photos without the consent of the author or any other person entitled leads to the violation of personal or property rights of copyright and therefore is associated with legal sanctions.

The holder of the copyright to the photo has a right to bring a claim for damages or for compensation against the person who committed the violation. The same title is also possible to raise the claims of the about the immediate termination of infringements, as well as to remove the effects of violations and issuance obtained its benefits.

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Is legal sanctions apply only to civil liability?

Using someone else's creative work - including images - may also involve criminal liability. For example, in accordance with Article. 115 paragraph. 1 of the Act, anyone who usurps the authorship or misleading as to the authorship of the whole or part of someone else's work or performance, subject to a fine, imprisonment or imprisonment up to 3 years.


When then I can use the photos?

Photos in the form of graphic files - in principle - are covered by the legal protection provided for in the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and related rights. Creating so any content on the web, you must remember this and use only those images whose legality we are completely confident. Confidence so we basically only when you get married image source sharing photographs free, or buy them at one of the public banks pictures.


Selected pages with free pictures

Parties from the so-called. "Stockowymi 'photographs on the internet a lot. Such images can be downloaded without problems and use on your website for free. We recommend the following sites Photo:


Author: Bartosz Sobolewski. Member of the Bar Association in Warsaw, the owner of an individual law firm specializing in providing services to businesses, including the proceedings of process, business negotiations and construction contracts.

10 January 2018


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Copyright, that is when you can use other people's pictures on your website?


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