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Autor: Jan Chmielowski, Irina Jewsiewicka

Monetization - the process of generating income from website traffic. Most often it is associated with charging for ads displayed on a given website.

Mockup - a website design that allows you to explore its functionality, e.g. information presentation methods, how the user navigates the website, etc.

Meta title - HTML site snippet. It is displayed as the page title in Google search results, page name in the search engine tab, and in the favorite tab.

Meta keywords - phrases highlighted by the creator of the page to help Google algorithms correctly read its content. They are currently not included in page indexing.

Meta description - a fragment of HTML page code that describes what is on the site. Google users see it as a page description in the search results.

Menu - an element of website navigation. Most often located at the top of the page. It enables the user to access individual pages of the website.


LSI - Latent semantic indexing, related terms that help Google's search algorithm to better understand the text.

Lorem Ipsum - sample text that fills the design of a website, magazine, or other graphic materials. It is used to present the visual aspects of the text regardless of its content.

Links (unnatural) - a kind of link to a website that has been added with the knowledge and consent of the owner of the website to which they lead. As a rule, the website owner pays for their placement.

Links (natural) - a kind of link to a website that has been added without the intervention of the owner of the website to which they lead. Natural links do not have URL tracking parameters, and traffic from them does not pass through the monetizing tools.


Here is the next part of the list of the most important concepts. Get to know them all, and creating and managing websites will keep no secrets for you.



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18 June 2020

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