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Organic search results - the part of search results that does not include paid results. The order in which websites appear on the list depends on how they match the search engine user's query. 

Open source - a type of software that can be downloaded and copied for free. Thanks to sharing the source code, it is also possible to extend it and make modifications by users.

Open data - information publicly available to all internet users, most often published by administrative authorities. 

On-page SEO - activities aimed at improving the site's position in search results carried out off the page. They rely mainly on obtaining links from blogs, forums, social networks and other websites.

Omnichannel marketing - promotional activities that simultaneously use many communication channels, for example, a website, social media, mailing, or sponsored articles.

Off-page SEO - activities aimed at improving the site's position in search results introduced on the page. These include improving the code, structure and speed of loading the site, choosing the right keywords and meta tags.


Nofollow - a link attribute that suggests that the link should not be considered when Google crawls the page. They usually lead to advertising content or web pages that do not contain extensive texts, for example, registration forms.

Netiquette - network etiquette, a set of informal rules regarding the behaviour of internet users.

Nesting - placing HTML code elements inside other elements. It is especially important when using CSS, which determines the appearance of the page.

Navigation - an element of the website that helps users navigate the site. Most often it appears in the form of a menu at the top of the page.


Here is another part of the cycle in which we present the most important terms useful in creating a website.
Check if you know them all!



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09 July 2020

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