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Tu dowiesz się, jak zrobić stronę internetową.

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Already I showed how to design a website and how to design a website with its own portfolio. Today I wanted to show you something innego- or how you should not design websites - if for some design in general can speak for the worst parts of the world.

I do not show you these websites only to provide great entertainment (though he admits that most of them produces a broad smile on his face), but above all to show for exaggerated examples that mistakes are often committed when creating pages.


Polish hell

The list of the worst parts of the world from the start of our native backyard, where you can find a few gems (or rather nightmares).

Classic Polish Internet- or coal from hell. If you turn on this web site without sound, then we will see the flying in the grill devil who holds the fork than a sausage, half a baguette, piles of wood and a few jumping subtitles. At first glance, this is not a gigantic drama. However, if you turn on the speakers, it will feel truly breath piekła- devil's music, which carries the stench of sulfur, hit us with full force.

Imagine the situation when you are looking for something on the net and open several tabs at once, and suddenly you hit these wild sounds. You do not know where it came from this racket, so randomly shut some bookmarks, but it does not help! You are more and more frightened, and your family / friends look on you more and more puzzled and pissed off. In the final gesture of desperation pulls the plug from the wall ... "music" died down, and you lost all your work.

See this page next to his client, who propose to add some cool on the music page.

how not to design websites 1

Another example of how you can create a terrible website and is to this saying that alone creates a page. The same web site as it looks, each widzi- style of the early 90's, tasteful shade under the logo and "ornamental" serif fonts. But that is not here najważniejsze- worst is the lack of any portfolio. As the poor customer who went on this terrible website has to decide to take współpracy- if only on the basis of this page is the answer is probably simple...

how not to design websites 2

At the conclusion of the review of the worst Polish websites true relic of the past. Space color combinations, rounded corners and a mass of information, where none of them is highlighted. Pages can not scan your eyes, because it was achieved here amazing efekt- any information both attracts the eye and rejects them. For this, they are not grouped in any way - no because everything is important ... Try to find something quickly on this website - good luck :)

how not to design websites 3


The world is full of monsters

Do not think that only in Poland created the worst Internet-page in the world there are just a lot. Below are 3 most interesting:

Many times I've heard from customers to add some more vibrant colors on the website to make it more interesting. Maybe a little bright green and some pink? On this website, one had no inhibitions and add all the colors, he knew, and then increased their saturation by 1000%, and arranged them in a random order. At the end of the "creator" he stated that it should be eliminated even navigation, so you will have to wade through all the colorful rainbow ...

The icing on the cake is the cloud with the question "Who is Penny Juice?" written ... typeface Comic Sans ...

Personally, I do not know who is Penny Juice and unfortunately I will never know...

how not to design websites 4

I have no idea what is on the website. Whether it is a directory or some kind of online store. One thing is pewne- located on it a million ugly pictures of poor quality, which are simply everywhere. After a long time manages to see something of the menu and some wyszukiwarkę- only what they really look for you here?

After entering in any subject it is not better - to browse through the page, scroll in both the bottom and in the side, which is a culpable error, which makes it virtually impossible to reach the part of the information (perhaps because just in case placed so many of them on the main page? ). It's definitely one of the worst websites.

how not to design websites 5

At the end of a website for real HIT Those who like animations. Here it simply animates everything ... in order to show how the road to heaven ... On the way we pass a lot of birds hanging around aircraft, rooster playing the guitar, bobasy, angels, an American astronaut and who knows what else ...

Anyway, see for yourself:

how not to design websites 6


In comments waiting for your most interesting insights from a trip to heaven, and your links to the worst websites.


Author: Tomasz Szwed. For over 10 years I analise customers needs and propose best solutions. Next I watch over whole process of designing websites - from first prototypes to working website. Personally I'm a big fan of board games.

25 September 2017


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How not to design websites - that is the worst of the world


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