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Tu dowiesz się, jak zrobić stronę internetową.

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Sometimes there are questions like, "can you slightly improve my website?". Typically, after entering the website gets a panic attack, because everything seems to be wrong - the colors, images, fonts, and for that any more nightmarish animation. The only thing you want to do then is to erase everything and forget that it ever existed. However, very often it is the road that leads to nowhere, because the client is no longer attached to his "design"...

I'll show a few "simple" steps that will allow you to refresh the design and at the same time do not go crazy.


1. Why sometimes it's good to save a bad design

bad web design 1

This is the basic question that you should ask yourself - is it worth to resuscitate the delay? Although the question seems completely rhetorical, it is actually not.

Sometimes what seems to be completely useless, closer examination turns out to be structurally quite good, but during the development of the graphics layer committed so many basic errors that you can not look at it.

Another time, the budget does not allow the customer to carry out total "revolution" on the website,

a few simple posunięciami we can make that it becomes much more friendly to the eye and more accessible to the user.

There is also a group of customers who are so attached to their former website that you do not imagine that it could look completely different.

Therefore, sometimes it is worth a look, if that case our patient is not completely doomed to loss.


2. Organize typography

bad web design 2

It is the most common problem of novice designers, which bears fantasy and decide to enrich their design some "wystrzałowymi" fonts. From this you should start to take our orders.

Sometimes the problem is the use of too many types of fonts, other times it is a lack of hierarchy.

At the beginning of the limit to a minimum the number of fonts you use - preferably two - one for headlines and one for content. Alternatively, add a third font to highlight some type of information. Remember that the text should be as clear. If your company already uses a font, you stick to it, so as to build brand consistency.

Then take up the formatting of the text itself. Adjust character spacing, alignment, and line height. Check if you are able to quickly scan a web page, just by looking at the headers, and then see if blocks of text are legible.

The last issue is the hierarchy - check whether the information that they have the same validity are written in the same size, so that will be easier to navigate through your website and find the most important information.

More about Places of text on the website read in the entry Andrew.


3. Add a little breathing

bad web design 3

Overloading content is one of the biggest problems in the design. Too much information too jostled in the small space makes that they become completely illegible, and it quite visually unattractive. This is usually a result of fighting between customer requirements and the initial graphic design. There are always requests for the addition of the "empty" space still some text, maybe a picture or an elephant on roller skates ...

Remember, however, that the space around elements adds lightness, makes it easier to see, and, above all, that they just look better. Therefore defend against scraping unnecessary things on the website.


4. Get rid of the bad images

bad web design 4

"One picture is worth more than 1000 words" - is true, that works both ways ... Therefore, one image can effectively deter our project. We have to be here really ruthless. Remove from the website ALL the bad pictures, or pictures in poor resolution. An attempt to rescue the bad image always ends worse picture.

After I remove all the unwanted pictures, your website will become much lighter and easier to read ... just prettier.


5. Control your colors

bad web design 5

The project is not a rainbow. Good color choices can make your project stand out from the crowd, angry but can cause dizziness and seizures.

The most important thing is the choice of primary colors. It should not be too many of them - preferably 2 or 3 colors. Let the strongest color highlights the most important things, such as buttons "call to action" or key content. Other colors should complement your design.


6. Summary

I think we were able to save this design? I know that this is not a task for any designer, and it is not easy to poke someone's project, but as you can see, it can be done. Often we can observe it during re-biggest brands of Design - let's see examples of re-of Design logo big brands.

Remember not to fall into a trap when trying to rescue a bad design, it takes you much more time than preparing a new project. Then I lost it totally makes sense.

A good solution is when you have to prepare for a client who already has a website, two proposals the home page, then let one of them be your own project, and the second a refreshed version of its "old" side.


Author: Tomasz Szwed. For over 10 years I analise customers needs and propose best solutions. Next I watch over whole process of designing websites - from first prototypes to working website. Personally I'm a big fan of board games.

21 November 2017


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How to improve bad web design - or how not to go crazy in the world of the nightmare websites


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