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Sometimes the work on the website does not run, just as he had planned and it is totally your fault. Stalled appointments, client requests subsequent amendments, does not provide materials or do not want to pay. You are unlucky, you've come to a very difficult customer with whom everything goes as uphill. Sorry Toxic customers happen quite often, but if you have to put up with it? In this article you will learn how to recognize them, to check and what to do to save yourself long hours of frustrating work with them.


What do you do when you meet a toxic client.

Gaining customer is not so easy, and the competition in the market is huge. Sometimes obtaining the order takes longer than its execution. After finishing work on the website comes time to pay, and suddenly so interested in the project the customer ceases to have time for you. Mails to him getting a strange black hole from which there comes no answer, and the phone no answer, and soon afterwards is busy? What is going on?

Most freelancers meet a client on his way at least once. Is it possible to avoid this? Of course! If the customer looks bad, it can slow down before they even begin to work.

To give the orders? Yes I know, there are bills to pay, children crying, because the new iPhone is cooler than the previous one and without it surely lose friends and will fall into a depression, and the dog whines about the new ball. Besides you sacrificed a little time for correspondence with the client and shame that he went in vain.

Sometimes it is worth to stamp his foot and say to the customer, "No, thank you." Poor customer can you take a lot more time than finding another good, and when it comes to pay, you will be turned away empty-handed and not very nice word, or even without words. While the offer may be tempting, and carry a promise to pay, it should first be observed, if by chance you do not have to deal with the client from hell.


How to recognize a bad client?

The first meeting with a potential client think of as the first meeting with the girlfriend (or boyfriend) that you really like. Keep up the good show and win the sympathy of the other, and at the same time be alert to warning signals. If anyone still talks about his ex or confess your love on the first date, then something is definitely wrong. Better advance release the customer than then spend enormous amounts of time pursuing cosmic whim or trying to get money for their work.

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What to watch.

It is a few types of people, which advance must be careful, because in most cases they have a problem paying.


1. The Miser

This man does not like to spend money. He always seems to be paying too much. It can be very rich, and yet he does not like to spend money. He has a snake in your pocket ... if you know what i mean. There are several signals that are worth attention from the very beginning:

Places where the proposed meeting. 

Boasts how and where he was able to save. 

often mentions its budget for the project. 

Immediately you are looking for cheaper alternatives to your proposal.

If you notice any of them, then ask have you ever worked with any other freelancer and learn how this cooperation proceeded. If he complained of cooperation, prices or said he wanted to cheat him a sign that it was the "miser" you have to deal with and you have to be careful.


2. The customer needy

It is the customer who asks a lot of questions. This is not a bad trait, on the contrary. However, this type of client asking far too many questions. How to recognize it?

He asks several times for the same thing. 

He has a problem with making the simplest decision. 

repeatedly returns to the topics already discussed. 

asks for a detailed explanation of everything step by step, several times to well understood.

Such a customer will cost you a lot of time and nerves. Worse, if the situation in which you will not be agreed with him, that the client is able to offend. Sometimes you do not even know that in some way hurt his feelings.Then your cooperation will not be proceeded smoothly, aio payment can be very difficult.


3. Mr. "I'm always right"

This type of person likes to argue. No matter who or what. Conflict is something that drives him and always has to prove that he is right. Even if it does not exist. This type of client you can prove that music disco on the main page and popup with dancing dolphins, this is what Internet users like the most. Typical behaviors include:

Criticizing freelancers, with whom he worked. 

He likes to talk about the others that are idiots. 

interrupts you and completes the sentence for you. 

At your suggestions can answer "Why so? A colleague had otherwise and said that good. "

If you notice any of these signs consider to 3 times if you want to take this project. Then take a nap intersection take the Bieszczady and consult with a psychologist before you take on this job. The customer will cost you a lot of nerves, nothing he does not fit into anything better to do. Even the best design in the world it does not satisfy.There is a good chance that your cooperation is discontinued before the end of the order, and even if it somehow reaches the end, it still may be difficult for payment. Because it is all wrong as he wanted.


4. Man with a vision

This type of customer does not have a lot of cash, but it has big plans. It is true that this project has no money, but it will have for the next, and then you pay, so that the hoho. Do not be fooled. This man may believe in it and is there any chance that they actually will. However, in most cases, their big plans are slipping down to nothing.Know your value and if the client can not afford your services, it is better to give it up. It is worth it to wade only if the design is so cool, that willingly would do it for free.


How to check a suspicious client?

The easiest way to check the client and securing a common future is to advance. Remember at the first meeting that you expect for your work part of the payment in advance. Its height depends on you. The response on the other hand you can tell a lot about further cooperation. If someone has a problem with the payment of the advance, it may also have a problem with paying the rest of the amount. In this situation, your head should be lit red light.

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When a client seems a little suspicious, but the total order is cool, it is worth to carry out even a little research.Use Google, check to see if he has bad reviews. See company profiles on social networks. Verify that you have mutual friends, if so, find out what their experience with that person. Check on LinkedIn if you have joint co-workers. Get as much information before you decide to protect yourself before entering the swamp from which it will be difficult to leave.


How to live?

Obtaining orders is not easy, but the execution of the project for a toxic client is even more difficult. During the first meeting with a client, try to recognize whether it will be good to work with him and is not it better look for another job that you perform with pleasure. It is better to work with a man who will appreciate your work, than to take any job that comes along, and then suffer during exercise and fight for the money owed for them. For good customer execute the project from which you and he will be happy, so you will be happy to continue recommending you.


Author: Andrew Szelemetko. For more than five years working at the interface between technology / customer. I'm interested in how a person use of technology and how can this process faster and easier. You can find me Google+ and Facebook. Free time I spend on the bike and mostly outdoors.

24 January 2018


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How to recognize and avoid the customer from hell - web designer guide


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