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Every second counts. If your page loads more than 3 seconds, an average of 40% of users give up her visit. Also, conversion rates for the parties to fall with increasing charge time.

As you can see the charging time of the website is to be or not to be for its owner. What to do to correct it? The easiest way to slim down the page, or reduce the amount of data that must be taken to correctly page to show up. I will show you a few techniques that will help accelerate website and save you and your customers from unnecessary frustration.



Graphics and photos are "hardest" part of the page. The picture is more kilobytes, the more time it takes to download it, and hence the longer the charging party. Accordingly Tilling and optimizing graphics in a given web page, you can be significantly slim down. So let's start a diet for our images and let us help them to lose kilobytes.



Yes I know. Images with a width of 5000 pixels and can look great for them to read what the guy in the penultimate row is a shirt. Unfortunately, these images usually take a few either, and several megabytes. The first stage of our weight loss is therefore necessary to adjust the image resolution to an extent that they have on the site.

The image on the page is to have a width of 500 pixels? Save it, so that was 500 pixels wide. You will do it easily in popular programs like Photoshop or the free GIMP,, or even in a very simple Irfanview. Since monitors 4k are gaining in popularity, you may be tempted to make the image more than twice will be on site to monitor and these looked excellent. Remember, the higher the resolution, the larger the file size.

In WebWave recommend you use images with twice the resolution than the final size on the page, because the publications are compressed to save even more space and the pictures in a very low resolution will be visible.


File format

Here the matter is simple. Select the principle of the two most popular formats ie JPEG and PNG.

JPEG of them is a lossy format. This means that part of the image data is lost to reduce the file size. This format is suitable for all kinds of photos and images in which there is a lot of colors. When you save a JPEG file, you can select the quality, or how much data can be lost. Quality between 30 and 60 allows you to keep a balance between insight and image size.

An interesting trick, which allows for sharper images, is doubling the size of the image, while reducing quality. Picture with a width of 500 pixels and quality of 60% will weigh roughly the same as the image width of 1000 pixels and quality of 30%. However, the latter rendered at a resolution of 500 pixels will look better.

speed up web page 1

Both photos are in JPG format. When the left image of the original width 300 px and quality of 60%, and the right width of 600 pixels and the quality of 30% at the reduced size of 300 pixels.

PNG is a format that is lossless and allows you to maintain the best image quality. Unfortunately because images in png format often much they weigh. The format for this at ease with images that have a small number of colors, for example. Logo, or a simple banner advertising. In this type of images you can get very good quality at a very small file size. PNG is also a great advantage, because it can save transparency. So if you want the image, part of which is to be transparent immediately reach for the PNG format. It is often used when adding logos on the website (see our logo at the top of the page). For JPEG files, this effect is impossible.

PNG has two subformaty PNG-24 or PNG-8. They differ in the number of colors that can take an image. If you are not sure which would be better, save in a format which is the default, and soon I'll show you the tools that the same format will improve your image.


Adjust the picture size to the screen size

By creating a mobile version of the page, or responsive design you can have pictures in completely different dimensions than the desktop version. 4 inch screen enough smaller pictures than for 27-inch monitor. Take a moment and make versions of images with lower resolution for your web site on mobile devices.


Additional weight loss

Additional odchudzanieTeraz have selected the appropriate format and set the appropriate image size. Before placing them on the website, you can get rid of a few more redundant kilobytes using the free tools that will improve them even more. These tools are and They helped me save hundreds of megabytes in size pictures. Just throw the picture, the magic happens and you get a picture of smaller size, which looks the same. Well, it's not really magic, a bit of clever automation, but you need not know the details. Most importantly, it works, and the panda enjoys.

speed up web page 2


JavaScript and CSS

In addition to the images when downloading pages are downloaded a JavaScript and CSS files. They also can weigh quite a lot and should minimize their size. They are to this great tools that remove all unnecessary whitespace, comments and shorten words long, while maintaining the full functionality of the code. They can reduce the size of CSS and JS files from 30% to even 90%.

Examples of tools include:

  • CSSminifier - CSS
  • JSminifier - JS
  • refresh-sf - Universal

If you are using WebWave, you do not have to worry about this, because the code of your page is automatically optimized during publication.


Enjoy the improved speed

Before you optimize files from your site, check to see how fast it loads using Pingdom Website Speed Test. Then follow optimizing all the components and see what there was to improve and show off in the comments.

Ways to ensure the speed of the page are many, and those mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg. Share your methods in the comments.


Author: Andrew Szelemetko. For more than five years working at the interface between technology / customer. I'm interested in how a person use of technology and how can this process faster and easier. You can find me Google+ and Facebook. Free time I spend on the bike and mostly outdoors.

18 January 2018


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How to speed up a web page - a few simple tips


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