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Is there anything better than a calming view of green fields and blue sky? Do not you feel tension when driving a car, you see the red light? This is because the colors have a powerful effect on our mental state, though often we are not aware of it. The importance of color is an important and very interesting knowledge that should have every webdesigner.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting in the room where the walls, ceiling, floor, and all the furniture are red. You are sitting on a red chair with a red table covered with a red tableware. If you have a good imagination, it definitely felt energized and stay too long in this fantasy was not too pleasant. Now imagine a similar situation, but the whole room fills deep, lush green, as in the jungle. After this experiment, experience will be completely different. You will feel relieved and relaxed.

Consciously using the influence of color on the person, you can properly manage the emotions that trigger your logo, website, or other project. In this article I will show you how the individual colors. The interpretation of the color depends on the culture. This is the first part of the series on colors. In this text referring to the importance of color in Western culture, in which most Americans live.

The basic division of colors, which you can make a distinction between the colors warm, cold and neutral. And in the order I wrote them.


The importance of warm colors

Warm colors are energizing and encourage action. These are the colors of fire and the sunrises and sunsets. These include all shades of red, orange and yellow.


Red - the exciting, powerful, sexy, fast, dangerous

web page colors 1

It increases alertness and creates a feeling of urgency. It stimulates physically, speeding up the heart rate and respiration and raising blood pressure. Also stimulates the appetite, so eager to use it fast food chains.

Red is energetic, exciting and is associated with the movement, passion, but also danger. Use it on the side when you want to attract attention to an element, eg. A button that the user has pressed.

Red at ease in the projects on cars, catering and technology. Use red to add energy to his project.


Orange - a fun, energy, heat, health

web page colors 2

Orange color attracts attention and adds energy, is very friendly and dynamic. It is associated with health, thanks to the fruit of the same color. Often used in products for children.

Orange very good job on websites on health, finance, technology, or on pages dedicated to young audiences. Use orange to add playfulness and fun your project.


Yellow - heat, sun, joy, holiday

web page colors 3

Yellow is the color of the sun, which is very often used by travel agencies. The bright shades is the most energizing of all the warm colors. It evokes a feeling of joy. Can stimulate creative thinking. The human eye captures yellow, first, because it can be used to immediately focus the user's attention to important elements of the project.

Perfect for pages relating to energy supply, catering or associated with the house. Use yellow, if you want your project call to mind holiday, relaxation and bliss.


Cold colors

Cold colors are all shades of green, blue and purple. They work for a man soothing and calming. Associated with the sky, water and nature.


Green - nature, fresh, cool, growth, abundance

web page colors 4

It is the color of forests and meadows. Most of the work on calming the recipient, but brighter shades can stimulate and energize. More subdued colors like green, which can be found in nature and can give the project the association with nature. Green color can also be associated with money.

Very well suited for websites related to gastronomy, finance, energy, and environmental protection. Use green to your project associated with nature and ecology.


Blue - confidence, responsibility, peace, professionalism

web page colors 5

Blue is the coldest of all cold colors. It is the color of water and sky. A method in which blue is received depends to a large extent on the hue. Dark blue calms and is associated with responsibility and a big meaning. Bright blue energizes and gives the impression of freshness like a summer sky. Many Internet giants use of the blue. Among other things, Twitter, Google or Facebook.

Blue is a safe choice for almost any business project and is perfect for most websites. We do not recommend using it only for the catering industry, because it can reduce appetite.


Purple - dignity, luxury, creativity, love

web page colors 6

Purple is a combination of blue and red, and combines features of both these colors. Dark purple is associated monarchy, and hence with luxury and wealth. Light shades of purple are much softer and can be used to evoke associations with spring or love. This color is sometimes also associated with creativity and is often used by creative people on their own pages.

It works well on websites relating to technology or finance. Use purple to add a project of luxury and extravagance.


Neutral colors

Neutral colors are colors that are not, or warm or cold. In the design they are often used as a primer and a base for the project, which contrasted against the more vivid colors. They can also be used to create the entire project and give very interesting results. Their importance will vary depending on the color with which they are used.


White - purity, freshness, youth, health

web page colors 7

Background performs well in combination with each color. It is the color of purity, freshness and innocence. In designing it can be treated as a neutral background for the rest of the project. Used with warm colors can give the impression of summer and the cold colors, especially blue pass the winter chill. It is very often used as a dominant color in the minimalist designs. Using a lot of white, you can create a fantastic minimalist designs, but you have to do it very skillfully, because these colors can be bored.

It works well for websites related to health care and are eager to go dentists. Use white to give the project a sterile and clean appearance, eg. On a project related to medicine.


Black - sophistication, elegance, mystery

web page colors 8

Is the internet, it needs to be and a cat. This time the black, to refer to the subject. Black is the opposite of white. The most powerful of neutral colors. Associated with formality, elegance and power. Often used in a very elegant projects or "sharper" websites. Depending on the combination of colors used can be very traditional and conservative or modern and unconventional.

Black writes very well on websites relating to clothing, technology or luxury motoring. Use black as the dominant color in elegant, exclusive or "rebellious" projects.


Gray - knowledge, stability, professionalism, control, self-serving

web page colors 9

Gray is a very conservative color. It gives a sense of coolness and withdrawal. It works well as a backdrop for other colors, because they do not distract. Gray is not your energy. It is not a stimulant, or sedative. Just it is.

Gray is safe to use in any project. It works well in projects for companies dealing with finances, because it suggests a lack of stability and control their emotions.


Brown - practical, prosaic, confidence, stability, cosiness

web page colors 10

Brown is the color of earth. It is associated with strength, stability, solid outriggers. It can give a sense of peace and comfort, or associated with dirt. Bronze is also the color of the wood, so in the appropriate shades can create in the project a feeling of home comfort. Particularly well it goes to men who like to "get dirty". Women perceive brown as a dirty, boring and mundane.

Bronze is perfect for projects related to nature or the house. Use the bronze to give the effect of coziness and intimacy with nature. It works well also on the pages of the "dirty" sports like quads.


Gold - wealth, prosperity, value, luxury, perfection

web page colors 11

Gold is the color of gold .... It is associated with wealth and luxury. It can cause feelings of joy and abundance. It is the color of victory and generosity. Due to the direct association with the precious ore are eager to go, such as financial institutions. Banks. In conjunction with violet suggests affluence and luxury. It works well also in combination with black, blue and white.

Use gold projects in which you want to convey the feeling of luxury and suggest exceptional value. It works well on projects involving expensive luxury goods.


Silver - modernity, luxury, prestige, sophistication

web page colors 12

Silver is the color of wealth, but also the color of modern technologies. It is very sophisticated and modern. It soothes and is very pleasing to the eye. Silver may be perceived differently depending on the emotional state of the viewer. It can be cold and unpleasant, or a cozy and soothing. It is the color of the moon and brings a little bit of mystery.

Use silver on websites for new technologies or luxury goods with feminine energy. It works perfectly for projects relating to perfumes and other luxury products for women.



We discussed the importance of basic colors. In subsequent scenes of this series you will learn how to choose colors for your design, how to create color palettes and examples will show how global brands use the psychology of colors to cleverly manage their clients. See you later.


Author: Andrew Szelemetko. For more than five years working at the interface between technology / customer. I'm interested in how a person use of technology and how can this process faster and easier. You can find me Google+ and Facebook . Free time I spend on the bike and mostly outdoors.

03 January 2018


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The importance of color, or how color affects on the user's web page


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