02 November 2017

No matter if you have created a website with website builder like WebWave or in any other way available you will need to measure your website's traffic. WebWave web design software comes with basic statistics of your website out of the box, but if you want to get serious you will need to use more advanced tools, like Google Analytics.


To connect the Google Analytics to your website created with WebWave website creator all you need to do is to insert Google Analytics tracking code into a head section of your website.  This post will tell you exactly how to that


Configure a Google Analytics account
Obtaining tracking code from Google Analytics
Insert the tracking code into your page

Configure a Google Analytics account

Log in to you Google Analytics account and configure the service to receive the tracking code to use on your website created with WebWave free web builder. We want to track the site, so select the "Site" button at the top of the form. Below we give you an account name (any name), a website name (preferably named in such a way as to know which one of our websites we will analyze) and the URL address of the website where we provide the exact address of our website. Below we have to select the industry from the "Industry category" drop-down menu and time zone.
Below you can select options for sharing Google data. Once you have selected the appropriate options, click "Download Tracking ID" and accept the Google Analytics Terms of Use.

And ready. Google Analytics account has been created. Now you just need to copy the tracking code, which you see in the middle of the screen and paste it into your WebWave page. How to do this can be found later in this guide.

Obtaining tracking code from Google Analytics

After logging in to your Google Analytics account, click on the "Administration" tab in the top menu. In the "CONTACT" and "SERVICE" columns, select the pages to which you want to download the tracking code. Then click "Tracking Information" and "Tracking Code".

Copy the tracking code that is located in the field under the heading "Site tracking" and looks more or less like that:
  (function (i, s, o, g, r, a, m){i[' GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r; i[r]=i[r]|function (){{
  (i[r] q=i[r] q||[]. push (arguments)}, and[r] l=1*new Date (); a=s createElement (o),
  m=s getElementsByTagName (o)[0]; a. async=1; a. src=g; m. parentNode. insertBefore (a, m)
  })(window, document,' script',' //www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js',' ga');
  ga (' create',' UA-xxxxxxxx-4',' auto');
  ga (' send',' pageview');

Insert the tracking code into your page

This code should be pasted in the head section of your website. To do this, open the page in the WebWave free website builder and click "Edit head section" on the "Settings"tab:

Paste your code into the window that opens and save changes.


Now you only have to publish your website and wait until Google starts counting your visits to your website that you have created with WebWave website design software.

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