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Our free Website Builder lets you create amazing websites effortlessly. You can build your website from scratch by starting with a blank page or choose various templates from our free collection and modify them according to your needs. With WebWave you have a complete website design and hosting system at your fingertips.

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Planned features

WebWave white labeled website builder introduces small changes twice a week. Check out what we're working on right now.

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Planned features

Enhanced contact form capabilities

  • Improved formatting of spaces between fields and the submit button
  • Option to set submit button on the side of the form fields
  • Validation of the email and phone number field


Enhanced image cropping

  • Whole image will be visible while cropping
  • Every image in slider and gallery will be cropped individually



  • Section will be a container for elements, that is 100% wide and will automatically push other objects on the page.
  • Sections will make it much easier to create a modular website, and will be super useful for creating mobile-friendly websites easier.
  • Sections at the beginning will be a beta version.


Upgraded look and usefulness of the builder

  • The top menu of the builder will be simplified and easier to read.
  • The menu will be better adjusted to Mac and Windows systems.
  • The onboarding process will be improved by video tutorials and adjustment to smaller screen sizes.

Easier positioning and resizing elements

  • Resize many elements proportionally with one drag
  • Resize group will resize all objects inside proportionally


New e-commerce features

  • Personalize the looks of the basket and order popups on published websites


Global color palette

  • Define colors for your whole website from one place.
  • If you change your global colors, every element in this color will change automatically.

New e-commerce features - cont.

  • PayPal integration
  • Orders history will be available from the Webmaster's Panel and from the builder.
  • Translate e-commerce features to any language.
  • Manage the product's availability from the perspective of the builder.
  • Dozens of new currencies accepted in the store via Stripe


Optimization of SEO 

  • Codes of generated websites will be optimized in order to enhance the loading speed, especially on mobile devices.

We’re always planning new features for the WebWave Editor. If you have any suggestions on what we should be working on next, go ahead and contact us via email or vote on our forum.


What's next?

Planned premiere: May 2022

Planned premiere: June 2022

Planned premiere: July 2022

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