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Planned features

WebWave introduces small changes in website builder almost every day. Bigger modifications are implemented a couple of times per month. 

WebWave changes to make building websites a piece of cake!

Learn about planned features in free website builder WebWave and create a free website in free website maker.

Integration with Google Analytics

https://webwave.me/1-august-2019This feature will allow you to easily connect Google Analytics to your website and see more detailed statistics. 

Planned premiere: July 2019   done - more info

Groups in groups

We want to enable you to create groups in groups. Thanks to more complex groups functionalities, working with advanced compositions will be as simple as ABC. 

Planned premiere: August 2019

Automatic RWD

Create a version of your website for smaller screens with only one mouse click

Planned premiere: August 2019  done - more info

Amazing features thanks to You

You too have the influence on features introduced in website builder WebWave 

E-mail us what you need for the best features! 

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Planned features

Improved website publication time

When you have lots of pages and articles, it might take a while for your website to be published. We will do our bests to shorten this time and enable you to more quickly publish changes on your website.

Planned premiere: September 2019

Save your colors

Website builder WebWave remembers the most recently used colors. We will add functionality allowing you to save your own colors. 

Planned premiere: September 2019

Newsfeed improvements 

We are planning to improve the creation of newsfeed and newsfeed templates. A few elements we will improve:

  • simplified links creation in a text
  • changeable button in an article  done - more info
  • display many categories in one newsfeed

Planned premiere: September 2019 

Integration with Facebook Pixel

With this functionality, you will be able to create Facebook ads for users who visited your website.  

Planned premiere: August 2019 

Different HEAD for each subpage

This feature will allow you to add an additional HEAD tag, which will be different for each subpage and article. It will help you improve SEO on your websites by using  schema.org.

You will also be able to have a different HEAD tag in different language versions of your website.

Planned premiere: August 2019  done - more info


Elements moving

We will enable elements repulsion even inside of the groups. This functionality will help you build complex websites with elastic elements alignment and size. 

Planned premiere: August 2019

Edition of cookies strip

At this moment there is only one, default strip informing users about the cookies. This feature will enable you to customize this strip and adjust to the website style.

Planned premiere: September/October 2019

Advanced images edition

In the Media library, you will be able to crop images, change their colors, customize, add shapes, text and more. 

Planned premiere: October 2019  done - more info

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