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Planned features

WebWave introduces small changes in website builder almost every day. Bigger modifications are implemented a couple of times per month. 

WebWave changes to make building websites a piece of cake!

Amazing features thanks to You

You too have the influence on features introduced in website builder WebWave 

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Planned features

Improving comment mode

Comment mode is a brand new feature and it might not be 100% stable yet. Right now we’re improving, stabilising and fixing any bugs that pop up.


Improving Auto RWD

We’re working on improving the algorithms that automatically re-arrange the desktop design for tablets and mobile devices. You'll still be able to manually edit every detail after you apply the Auto RWD function.

Vertical screen size handle bar

While editing a website for mobile screens you can already use horizontal handle bars to change a screen size. We plan to introduce a vertical handle bar to make it easier to design websites for various screen sizes.


Edit uploaded images

Right now you can edit uploaded images. We’re going to introduce more filters and make the whole process easier and more intuitive.


SEO Core Web Vitals Update

Google plans to make page experience an official Google ranking factor. That's why we're planning ahead and by the end of February all websites that were created in WebWave will support that.


Speed up webpages - part 1

We launched CDN for static resources, thanks to this, we have minimized delays in loading the website content.

Launching an interaction after page scroll

Right now you can launch an interaction after a click action. We’re going to let you launch interactions after a user scrolls to a certain page position.


Speed up webpages - part 2

We will reduce the time of the first response from the server.
This will result in faster page load times for the user and for the Google algorithm.


Hold an object on a screen during scroll

An object will remain stationary, while the rest of the objects on a page will continue scrolling.


Displaying distance between elements 

We will enable even more precise positioning for elements. While positioning an element, you'll be able to see the distances to the nearest elements.


Relative positioning of elements improvements

You can already set your elements position relative to the screen size (using vw and vh instead of px). We’re going to extend this feature and make it much more intuitive and versatile.


We’re always planning new features for the WebWave Editor. If you have any suggestions on what we should be working on next, go ahead and contact us via email or vote on our forum.


Here's the list of features that we're working on right now or have been scheduled for the near future: 

What we’re working on:

Planned features:

What's next?

Planned premiere: January 2021

New eCommerce features

We’re adding new features to eCommerce, like product versions, shipping options, tax rates and selling virtual products.


Planned premiere: February 2021

Planned premiere: February 2021

Planned premiere: March 2021

Planned premiere: April 2021

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