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Planned features

WebWave introduces small changes in website builder almost every day. Bigger modifications are implemented a couple of times per month. 

WebWave changes to make building websites a piece of cake!

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Planned features

Add your own fonts to your website

  • You'll be able to add your own font into your website
  • We will also improve website's loading speed in the process.


Coupon codes for ecommerce

  • You will be able to create a coupon codes for your e-commerce, so that you can run discounts and promotions.

Send bill to your client

  • Creating websites for clients? With this feature you will be able to send WebWave bill directly to your client, and when he pays for his premium plan, you will get your commission.



  • You will be able to turn a group into a section. Section will be 100% wide and will automatically push other objects on the page. This will make it much easier to create a modular website, and will be super useful for creating mobile-friendly websites easier.


Free shipping in ecommerce

  • You will be able to set an amount, above which the shipping of products from your online store will be free of charge.


Edit cookies bar

  • We will add the possibility to edit the looks and content of a bar, which informs customers about the way, that information is stored and how it is processed.
  • Cookies bar will be highly editable. You will not only be able to change how it looks like, but also add links and buttons to more websites, where you inform your users how their data is being processed.

Upgrade audio/video element

  • Add thumbnail to your video
  • Improve SEO optimization of embedded videos
  • Dedicated Audio element


Custom commission while sending bills to customer

  • Set your own commission while you’re sending bills to your client.
  • You will be able to pay your commission out to your bank account or use it to pay for WebWave services


Easier positioning and resizing elements

  • Position your elements according to center of the screen
  • Resize many elements proportionally with one drag
  • Resize group will resize all objects inside proportionally

We’re always planning new features for the WebWave Editor. If you have any suggestions on what we should be working on next, go ahead and contact us via email or vote on our forum.


What we’re working on:

What's next?

Planned premiere: December 2021

Planned premiere: January 2022

Planned premiere: February 2022

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