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Planned features

WebWave introduces small changes in website builder almost every day. Bigger modifications are implemented a couple of times per month. 

WebWave changes to make building websites a piece of cake!

Learn about planned features in free website builder WebWave and create a free website in free website maker.

Amazing features thanks to You

You too have the influence on features introduced in website builder WebWave 

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Planned features

Currently we're working on:


Elements effects after hovering on the image - 95%

Thanks to this function you will create a button in which the background automatically changes when you hover over it with the mouse. In this function you will apply every filter available in element effects.

Planned premiere: July 2020


Easier menu editing - 99%

We will rebuild the entire menu editing window to make it much more convenient and faster to use. We will add, among others, button editing function.

Planned premiere: July 2020


Simplified editing of the classic image grid

We will simplify the use of the image grid so that its editing is as convenient as when working with a mosaic layout.

Planned premiere: July 2020


Planned work:


Faster publication

Publication of larger pages with lots of articles may take some time so we will speed up the process.

Planned premiere: August 2020


Displaying distance between elements

We will enable even more precise work with elements. While setting the element we will show the distances to the nearest elements.

Planned premiere: August 2020


Easy change of the workspace in RWD modes

Thanks to this function, we will improve the comfort of creating websites based on dynamic units.

Planned premiere: August 2020


Improved links between elements

We will introduce the automatic setting of the distance between elements that are  bound to each other.

Planned premiere: August 2020


Interactions after hovering over with the mouse

Thanks to this function, we will enable displaying elements after moving the mouse over the selected button.

Planned premiere: September 2020


Commenting on the project

You just send a link to your clients and they can add comments anywhere on the page to determine the details.

Planned premiere: September 2020


We will improve the editing of text in the form

We will introduce the option of advanced editing for the form labels.

Planned premiere: September 2020


Here's the list of features we're working on right now or will be working on in the near future: 

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