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Planned features

WebWave introduces small changes in website builder almost every day. Bigger modifications are implemented a couple of times per month. 

WebWave changes to make building websites a piece of cake!

Check planned features in WebWave. Use this web design software and create free websites without coding.

Automatic RWD

Crete a version of your website for smaller screens with only one mouse click

Planned premiere: First half of 2019

Elastic elements alignment

This feature will allow to place elements in percents and set elements alignment in regard to size of a window a website is being viewd at. For example in order to set slider at full width and heigth. 

Planned premiere: Begining of 2019 - running beta tests 

Newsfeed improvements

We are planning to improve creation of newsfeed and newsfeed templates. A few elements we will improve:

  • text editor style
  • handier newsfeed edition
  • allow to delete newsfeed template but to keep all news built with it
  • allow to switch article template
  • build newsfeed templates where you decide which elements are changeable and which will look the same in all articles with this template

Planned premiere: May/June 2019 

Backup up to 30 days back

This feature will allow you to restore your published website up to 30 days back 

Planned premiere: March 2019

Amazing features thanks to You

You too have the influence on features introduced in website builder WebWave 

E-mail us what you need for the best features! 

All features

New features

Planned features

New groups of elements

We are planning to add over 30 new groups of elements

Planned premiere: May 2019

Different HEAD for each subpage

This feature will allow you to add an additional HEAD tag, which will be different for each subpage and article. It will help you improve SEO on your websites by using

You will also be able to have a different HEAD tag in different language versions of your website.

Planned premiere: 2019

Free website builder WebWave makes creating websites effortless. You can start building your website either from a scratch with a blank page or, if you are looking for some inspiration, with a free template.  Web design software for free? It is easy! 













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