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Create an unlimited number of mailboxes in your domain e.g.

Already have a domain? Link or transfer it to WebWave.

You are limitless in WebWave. Build a website exactly how you want it. Place elements with accuracy up to 1px.

The website builder is precisely linked to your hosting so you can publish your website in just one click. You don't have to worry about any technical issues. We have got this. It is that easy!

WebWave gives you an unlimited number of subpages, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited storage. Build your website exactly how you need it.

Secured and advertisments free

WebWave cares about security. Every website with activated Premium Plan gets the SSL certificate for free.

Experienced administrators watch over the system so it works continuingly and efficiently. In case of any kind of danger, WebWave reacts almost immediately.

We create a backup copy of your website and mailbox every day. What is more, you can make a website copy yourself - all it takes is just one click in Webmaster Panel.

Save time, money and some nerves

You don't have to worry about technical issues. We have got this.

WebWave created a knowledge base with simplified difficult topics related to web design.

If you face any problems while creating a website in WebWave, contact us over the phone, via email or on live online chat.
What is more, WebWave organises webinars each week where you will find out:

  • how to build your first website in web design software WebWave
  • how to position your website in the top search in Google

Check out what you gain by subscribing to Premium Plan for your website in WebWave 

WebWave changes every day for people like You 

WebWave web design software has been created in a way that even beginners will manage to build a website.

If you believe that any feature is missing - tell us about it! WebWave clients can vote for the best features to be added to the website builder.

Join over 2000 Premium Plan users and shine bright like a diamond online.

Still not sure if you need Premium Plan? Contact us: 

  • via e-mail
  • on live online chat at the right bottom corner of screen in webmaster panel on main page 

More information to help you decide wether Premium Plan is what you need

Can I connect my own domain to a website created in WebWave?

Yes. To any website created in WebWave, you can link a domain. If you have your own domain, bought from a third party provider, you can easily transfer or redirect it to WebWave.

Can I create a mailbox in my domain?

Yes. If you have your own domain and active Premium Plan, you can create an unlimited number of personalized mailboxes in WebWave for free. Each one of them will also have unlimited storage.

Will my website look good on mobile phone and tablet?

Yes. In WebWave you can create responsive websites and adjust them to four screens - computer, tablet, perpendicular and horizontal mobile. In each one of them, you can change website layout and place elements with accuracy up to 1 px.

How can I pay for Premium Plan?

You can pay for Premium Plan monthly, quarterly or annually. We accept traditional online money transfer, quick online money transfer (through Tpay) and credit card payments (through PayLane).

Do I have to sign a contract to use WebWave?

Website builder WebWave does not require signing any contracts. If you resign from Premium Plan during a billing cycle, you will not be charged with payment from the next billing cycle.

If you didn't find answers to your questions contact us:

  • via e-mail
  • on live online chat at the right bottom corner of the screen in webmaster panel on the main page 


If you did, subscribe to Premium Plan and collect your free domain.

Way more than unlimited hosting

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Premium Plan allows you to connect your domain e.g. and remove advertisements from it.


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Premium Plan

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Free Plan:

Free hosting
Unlimited access to Website builder
Free Templates
Unlimited number of subpages
Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
RWD (e.g. mobile version)
Free stock photos
Support in English

Premium Plan offers additionally:

Domain .com for 1 year
No advertisements
Auto submitting website to Google
Your domain name
Mailbox in your domain
Free SSL certificate
Price guarantee

Free hosting
Unlimited access to Website builder
Free Templates
Unlimited number of subpages
Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
RWD (e.g. mobile version)
Free stock photos
Premium support in English
Free backup up to 30 days


Try WebWave for 30 days. If it does't meet your expectations you will receive your money back.


Set your own internet address, remove ads, start positioning your website in Google.

Net price per month billed annually. VAT invoice will be sent to you via e-mail. You can pay with online money transfer and credit card. 

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