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21st December 2021


  • Edit cookies bar content. You can edit text, links and you can create a different text for different language versions of your website. With this feature, you'll be able to fit cookies bar to your own needs.

  • Discount codes in WebWave shop. With this feature, you'll be able to launch a discount and promotions in your online store easier.

  • Ability to perform mathematical operations in position fields. Thanks to that, if we want to move an element by 50px to the right, it is enough to write +50 in position x field and the element will be moved accordingly.

  • In the element settings panel, the page background setting has been moved to its own tab. This ensures that this very frequently used feature is always at hand.

  • In the map settings pop up, the zoom slider has been replaced by plus and minus symbols. This makes it easier to zoom in and out of the map view.


9th December 2021


  • Adding a font from your device to your website (.ttf, .otf, .woff, .woff2 formats are available). With this feature, you'll be able to use wider verity of fonts to create even better websites.

  • "Edit content" button has been moved to element's settings tab from the top of element's settings panel. This frees up some space in elements settings panel, which is super important on smaller screens.

  • When you add element groups one after another, they are bound together. With this feature, you can create a website adjusted to mobile screens using element groups super fast.

  • We've introduced a couple of smaller improvements to element groups. With these improvements, using those groups is much comfortable and convenient.




25th November 2021


  • New crossfade options have been added to animation of gallery and slider. With this feature, you can precisely control how your images change one into another.

  • Interface of Show and hide animation section in elements panel has been improved. With this feature it will be much easier to use these features, since the interface is much more user-friendly.

  • We've updated, how fields in "Position and size" section of elements panel are locked, when you cannot change them for some reason. This change improves the looks of Position and size section significantly.


10th November 2021


  • Editing the order of layers in layout without having to open that layout. With this feature it will be much easier to control your layout design, since you don't have to switch your view.

  • Face lifting of slider settings and adding switches to control those settings. This feature makes editing slider settings easier and more user-friendly

  • Upgrade AutoRWD feature. With these features, AutoRWD option works better and there is less manual work needed to adjust your website to mobile screens.


4th November 2021


  • "Crossfade" animation type for buttons has a new blending option. With this feature you will be able to create even better-looking buttons, that animate exactly as you like.

  • We've improved the looks of locked sections in settings panel. This feature will make it more visible, which settings are available, and which are locked.



28th October 2021


  • We've changed the font used in website builder from Arial to Inter. We've chosen this font carefully, and it makes all the settings and panel more readable and clear.

  • Changing a thumbnail for a group is now possible. This will make it easier to manage those groups, especially if you have more of them.


20th October 2021

  • Adding folders to your personal quick element groups. With this feature it's much easier to manage and maintain a lot of your own element groups, and build websites from those building blocks.

  • Easier editing of elements visible on all pages. Such elements are clearly marked instead of locked. With this feature it'll be easier to handle elements visible on all pages.

  • Community templates. With this feature, webmasters can submit their templates and get commission whenever a WebWave user will use such template.


13th October 2021


  • You can double-click an icon in an icon bank to add it to your website. This way your work with icon bank will be faster and more comfortable.

  • We've improved stability and smoothness of the slider. With this feature it will be easier to create a good-looking slider on your website.

  • When you're creating a new website from a template, the email address in contact forms will be automatically set to the website's owner email. This way, creating a working website will need less configuration.



30th September 2021


  • You can manually set how elements are bound in every RWD mode. With this feature, you'll be able to create mobile versions of your website faster, and you'll have more control over how your mobile website looks like.

  • We've improved how the new slider looks like and how it behaves on mobile websites. With this feature, it will be easier to create a good-looking slider for mobile devices.

  • There's an option to enter e-commerce settings from the top menu in website builder. With this feature, e-commerce settings are easier accessible.


22nd September 2021

  • We've improved the behavior of Webmaster's Panel on mobile devices. With this feature, it will be much easier to administer your websites with your phone.

  • We've introduced Starter, Pro and Business Premium Plans instead of only one plan available so far. This will make it easier for customers to pick the right plan for their needs.

  • We've improved graphics design and changed order of tabs in Elements Settings Panel. This will make it easier to find the most important settings, since they will be always on top.

  • We've introduced a new status bar on status.webwave.me page, that's monitoring if sending emails with WebWave's servers is possible. With this feature, you can be always informed if everything is working fine with WebWave.

  • We've expended the email received after a customer places an order in the online shop with information about what he agrees on. This will make it possible for you to, for instance, send newsletters only to people who explicitly agreed to receive them.


8th September 2021

  • We have added the ability to apply filters to the photo. The function is available in the photo editing window. Thanks to this, you can, for example, create a button in which, when you hover the mouse over, the background image blurs.

  • We've increased the available workspace in the item settings panel by removing the included icons for copying items and reordering layers. Thanks to this, the access to the more frequently used options has been facilitated.

  • We've significantly improved the use of the menu editing window, allowing tiles to be dragged smoothly and transformed into second-level menus. This will greatly increase the comfort of working with menu editing.


2nd September 2021

  • We improved the meta descriptions for the pagination icons in the article list. Thanks to this, the optimization of pages for SEO will improve.

  • We improved the graphic designation of the group on the list of layers after selecting it on the workspace. This makes it easier to find selected items in the list of layers.

  • We improved the design of the vertical slider to dynamically change the width of the working area. Thanks to this, the wizard looks more aesthetic.

  • We have added an advanced options switch in the tab showing and hiding elements. This keeps the more frequently used functions within easy reach than the advanced functions.



25th August 2021

  • Ability to add an action after clicking on a photo in the image grid. This gives us more control over the behavior of the photo gallery and can create a "link gallery".

  • By default, the mobile menu is displayed from the right edge of the page with the background color set to white. As a result, the default settings of the mobile menu are more universal and a satisfactory graphic effect can be obtained faster.

  • Now the 100% width function can be turned on using a convenient switch instead of the old checkbox. This makes the item settings panel look more aesthetically pleasing.


18th August 2021

  • In the online store, when selecting a product variant, you can see the total price of that variant, not just the difference to the base product. Thanks to this, the customer has a better understanding of how much a given variant of the product costs when shopping, because he can see it immediately, and not only in the order summary step.

  • In the online store, in the second step of the order, headers organizing the entered data were added. This will make it easier for the customer to fill in the order form correctly.

  • In the mailbox management window, we have added information on how to increase the available space for mailboxes. Thanks to this, you will always have enough space for additional emails.


13th August 2021

  • In the layers panel, a text layer is named by default according to the first words of the text entered in the element to which the layer applies. This makes it easier to keep order in the layer list and to distinguish which layer applies to which item

  • Agencies can apply to the list of WebWave certified webmasters. Thanks to this, people with experience in creating websites in WebWave will be able to receive more customers, and people who do not have time or are unable to create their own website will be able to ask a professional for help.

  • The item rotation button has been reworked into a more convenient switch and moved from the position to style tab. As a result, the information architecture and the visual layer of the Positions tab in the element settings panel have been improved.


5th August 2021

  • Possibility to edit the number shown in the animated counter by the CMS Editor

  • Elements can take a position relative to the screen size (vh and vw) only if the position of the element is dynamic. This makes it easier to use the relative positions of the element.

  • In the checkout window in the online store, the country of the buyer is set automatically. Thanks to this, you can create a better online store that sells products to foreign customers.

  • The ability to create and add to the library an unlimited number of your own groups of elements. This makes it easier to create repetitive elements on pages and transfer elements between different projects.

  • The text editing panel is set in a new place and can be moved freely with the mouse. Thanks to this, the text editing panel will not interfere with the creation of the page.



28th July 2021

  • A random graphic showing interesting features in WebWave is displayed during the loading of the editor - an opportunity to get some inspiration and learn about interesting features.

  • The ability to grant a commission to people who create and share templates on external sites after registration of another user directly from the shared website design link (template).

  • The automatic addition of the active discount code to the order.


21st July 2021

  • In the e-shop, the customer has the choice whether to pay at purchase or on delivery. This will be useful e.g. when customers collect goods in person after the purchase (e.g. in a restaurant).

  • For each RWD mode you can set a different position of hooking and unhooking elements while scrolling the page. This will be useful when creating more graphically advanced pages with the "wow" effect

  • DKIM record is generated for all domains connected to WebWave. Thanks to this email will work more stably

  • It is possible to run a test mode of online payment in the web shop. This will allow the webmaster to better test if everything works OK when creating the shop


12th July 2021

  • Post-purchase messages with content depending on the purchased goods. With this feature, you can automatically sell digital products in your WebWave store.

  • Possibility to set other binds of elements for different RWD modes. This will be useful for creating mobile versions of more complex pages.


5th July 2021

  • Possibility to redirect the customer to your URL after making a purchase in the online store (useful when we want to show the customer personalized information after the purchase)

  • Possibility to add additional fields to be filled in by customer in the order finalization window (useful when we need the customer to provide additional non-standard information or his expectations about the purchased product)

  • Change the size of mailboxes yourself. So you can, for example, independently increase the capacity of a selected mailbox from 5 to 10 GB.See how to use this feature

  • Automatic RWD for all subpages at the same time (thanks to this you can create the RWD version of the page even faster)



28th June 2021

  • Updates to Auto RWD function, which automatically adjusts your website to mobile screens


21st June 2021

  • Message visible after making a purchase in an online shop is also sent to a customer in an email after purchase

  • Setting and elements position in % instead of px has been removed, where it makes no sense. This will make it easier to use this feature, and minimize mistakes.

  • Improvements to the layout of text visible after filling a form. Text can consist of multiple lines.

  • You can create a bullet list in the text visible on your slider / gallery images.


9th June 2021

  • Possibility to add a counter element on the page (Learn how to use  this feature)

  • You can choose if your customers have to provide shipping address while purchasing in your online store. This is useful to sell digital goods

  • While positioning objects on your website in vw or vh instead of px you will be able to pick only full positions. This will make it easier to match one object to another.



26th May 2021

  • Possibility to enable / disable displaying an item when you scroll through the page

6th May 2021
  • Possibility to enable / disable the icon of Accepting of shop terms and conditions in the Webwave online store




22nd April 2021

  • Possibility to add product shipping options in the online store settings 

  • Possibility to customize the WebWave affiliate link

1st April 2021
  • Possibility to handle project comments from the Webmaster Panel




25th March 2021

  • Individual taxes for a product in the WebWave Cart

  • Notifications about new comments in the Webmaster Panel

11th March 2021
  • WebWave cart- product variants

  • Set the footer anywhere in the list of layers

4th March 2021 
  • Unhitching components

  • Speed up web pages - part 1

18th February 2021
  • Set the "scroll to top distance" for fixed elements

  • Global control of the comment mode bar for all pages

  • Independent control of the comment mode bar from the page settings level 

Learn how to use these features



28th January 2021

  • Individual Cart settings for each language version of the site 

  • Automatic sending of e-mails about unfinished payments

Learn how to use this features


14 January 2021

  • Comments on the website project

Learn how to use this feature  

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