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Our free Website Builder lets you create amazing websites effortlessly. You can build your website from scratch by starting with a blank page or choose various templates from our free collection and modify them according to your needs. With WebWave you have a complete website design and hosting system at your fingertips.

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A website builder is an IT tool that allows you to build a website in a quick and easy way. In a website builder, you can not only create a project of a website, but also manage and edit once published website. You don’t need to know how to code to create a website with a website builder. It generates the code itself. Using the drag and drop feature, you just place every element of a website as in a graphic design software. WebWave website builder offers a few ways of creating a website. You can always start creating your website from scratch, with a blank page. In case you don’t want to take care of everything by yourself, WebWave has plenty of options of presets -  from ready groups of elements to free website templates that you can customize as you please. 

1. What is a website builder?

As you’ve probably already noticed, not every website looks the same. They have various style, but also serve different purposes. WebWave website builder allows you to create many unique types of webpages. Maybe you want to have a simple landing page, portfolio or a website with many subpages that will also have a blog. With WebWave you can also build an online store, where you can offer your services or sell your products - to do this you will make a use of built-in features as well as external integrations.     

2. What type of websites can I build?

We offer almost 100 templates and the collection is constantly growing. You can find templates suited for a specific profession or a type of website. You can edit every template in whatever way you want. You are not restricted to only changing images and texts. A template can be used as a guide in the process of creating a website, a starting point of the project. Every WebWave template is free. Some of them were created by our team, and some by WebWave Experts, true creative masterminds who are professional web designers.

3. Does WebWave offer free templates? 

Buying a domain via website builder is a very smart solution. Finding the right distributor might be a time-consuming challenge. At WebWave you can buy a domain directly from the Webmaster’s Panel. It will be connected to your website immediately after purchase. You can save even more if you decide to have your website registered under a .com domain. You will get it for free for a year with a purchase of a Premium Plan of choice.

4. Is it worth buying a domain from a website builder company?

No, you don’t. We’ve created our website builder so that you don’t have to code anything. Our goal was to everyone, regardless of coding knowledge and skills, could build a professional website. Of course, if you want to, you can always add the extra code to the website. But the vast majority of our users creates stunning websites without any line of additional code. We wanted the experience of working with WebWave to be as intuitive and simple as drawing on a piece of paper. Every element you can place wherever you want with no restrictions. The project that you create in the working space of the website builder is the accurate depiction of how your website will look like. You just place the elements with no coding. 

5. Do I need to write a code for my website?

Creating websites in WebWave website builder is very easy and intuitive. You don’t need to know how to code. Thanks to the drag & drop feature, you can place every element wherever you want, with a 1px accuracy. If you don’t feel the need to, you don’t have to create everything by yourself. You can always use a template or build your website from premade elements. What is more, WebWave is not only a website builder. We offer you every facility your website might need - hosting, domain, backup copies, excellent support and many, many more. 

6. Is it easy to create a website using WebWave website builder?

Yes, it is. You can create and publish your website completely for free. Every feature of a website builder is also free, besides those dedicated to agencies and an online store. The website that you build and publish for free is as functional as those with Premium Plans. However, you cannot set your own domain, there’s no SEO and at the bottom there is an information that the website was created in WebWave. If you don’t care about those features, you can easily use a free version of our website builder. 

7. Is creating a website free?

Of course, you can. To be honest, you even should do it. WebWave website builder lets you create fully responsive websites. During the whole process of creating the website, you can always switch the view to desktop, tablet and mobile both horizontal and vertical. Making sure that your website is adjusted to different screen sizes is the baseline of modern web design. WebWave offers you an automatic set up of elements on screen size, or you can do this manually. If your website contains of many elements and every one of them is necessary on every view, you can always hide them. 

8. Can I make a responsive website in WebWave?

Back in a day, positioning your website through the website builder might have been quite complicated and less effective. Today, websites that are positioned via website builders, rank as high as traditionally set up pages. SEO contains on many factors - website loading speed, keywords, links, images’ weight, meta-tags and meta-descriptions. PWA app, WebP compression type and RWD also make a difference. SEO processes conducted in a website builder actually really work. If you want to monitor the traffic on your website, you can use WebWave’s SEO analyzer or an integration with Google Analytics. 

9. Does WebWave offer SEO tools?

A website builder is an excellent solution for both small business owners who want to promote their business online and professional web designers. By creating a website by yourself, you can save money and time and be sure that you get exactly what you want as a final product. Besides, WebWave is not only a website builder, but has a rich offer of other services that your website might need - domain, email and hosting. 

10. Is a website builder a good solution?

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Create websites just like with your favorite graphic design program.

Creating websites with WebWave is just like working with Photoshop, Figma or Canva. There are no table cells you have to fit in. Instead, you can move objects around canvas anywhere you like. This is a true drag and drop website builder.

True Drag & Drop. 

Working with WebWave resembles working with a graphic design program like Figma, Canva, Photoshop. There's no table cells you have to fit in. Instead, you can move objects around the canvas wherever you like, you can use layers to position and overlap elements on top of each other etc.


Use beautiful animations like fly, fade, expand, fold and reveal with other cool interactions to create websites that will grab your visitors attention and keep them focused on what's important.

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Create responsive websites for desktop, tablet and mobile. Use the automatic design tool to instantly arrange your page elements before manually optimising the layout for a pixel perfect result.

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More than 400 000 people use WebWave to create unique websites and online stores for themselves and their clients. WebWave is rated as a High Performer among website builders in G2 Summer 2022 Grid Report.  

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