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Check out WebWave website builder affiliate program and earn money.

Get a 30% affiliate commission on every payment made by a referred client. Always.

Get a commission from every purchase they make as long as they are WebWave client. The person you will recommend WebWave to will also get a 50% discount on their first website. 
This is one of the best website builder affiliate programs.

website builder affiliate program
website builder affiliate program

You will get a 30% from every Premium Plan purchase made by the person that you recommended WebWave to. Both for the first website and for every other made. Both in the first year of using WebWave and in every other year. As long as they will be WebWave's client, you will get a commission on every purchase. There's no catch or limits. This is simply our website builder affiliate program.

Simple rules

website builder affiliate program

You can post the link on your website, tell your friends, share it on social media, mention it in your podcast or be creative and recommend WebWave in your own unusual way.  WebWave is a powerful website builder and it will be easy to promote. 

For everybody

About us 






website builder affiliate program

Read about us:

We have a great tool appreciated by our users. You can recommend WebWave proudly. 

8 out of 10 users would recommend WebWave to their friends (NPS score in 2021). 

Only last year, we released 206 new features. 

We have the best support team on the market. On average, you will get a response via chat in 44 seconds and via email in 57 minutes. 

Joining our website builder affiliate program is worth it

Sign up for WebWave. 

website builder affiliate program

Sign up

Step 1

Open the Recommend and Earn section in Webmaster's Panel and generate your unique link. 

website builder affiliate program

Download the link

Step 2

Download the files with useful promotional materials. 

website builder affiliate program

Download the files  

Step 3

Do the best you can.

website builder affiliate program

Promote WebWave

Step 4

The information that the client was scouted by you is stored for 365 days, so that they don't have to make a purchase immediately. 

website builder affiliate program

Scout clients

Step 5

Watch your commission founds grow in Webmaster's Panel. 

website builder affiliate program

Collect commissions

Step 6

Download promotional materials

Logo, videos and screenshots to post on Instagram, Facebook and website and use with marketing tools.


website builder affiliate program offer
website builder affiliate program

e-mail: contact@webwave.me

We are open to any form of partnership.

Do you have high reach on social media and would like to partner with us? You haven't found on the website what you were looking for?

Contact us directly: 

Individual offer


30% forever on every payment made by a referred client. 

Do you have any more questions? Email us:


1. Who can join WebWave affiliate program? 

Everybody. You can recommend our tool to a friend and cut the cost for both of you. Or you can be an influencer with thousands of followers. We don't have any restrictions or verification process. You don't even need to have a website at WebWave. All you have to do is sign up and add affiliate links. This is also good option for affiliate marketers.


2. Can beginners do affiliate marketing?

With affiliate marketing, beginners can start making money right away without having to spend any money on inventory or advertisement. Moreover, they don't need any technical skills or coding knowledge and can easily join an affiliate program and start promoting products as soon as they sign up with the program.

3. How to join the affiliate website builder program?

Create an account on our website. Then, find the Recommend and Earn section on the right side of the Webmaster's Panel. Describe how you plan to promote WebWave and send your registration. After a few minutes, we will generate your unique link that you can pass to your audience. Since then, every person that will use your link will be counted as your client. You can generate as many links as you want and customize them by adding the name of your business or social media account.

4. How will I know how much money I've made?

In Webmaster's Panel, in Recommend and Earn section on the right, there is all the information about your scores. You can check at any given moment how many people registered by your link, how many websites they have created, how many Premium Plans they have bought and how much founds you've commissioned. There is also your withdrawal history. 

5. How much money can I make?

It depends only on you and how many people you will manage to successfully reach to with your recommendations. We don't limit you in any way. You will get a 30% from every payment made by your client. It doesn't matter if you scouted one or thousands of them. The more, the better - for you and for WebWave.  

6. How to promote WebWave?

We believe in truth and transparency. That's why we encourage you to speak with your own words - it usually works best. We have faith in our tool and know its worth. The best way to start is to go through the promotional materials that we have prepared. If after reading them, you still have any doubts - message us. We have a creative team with more ideas than we can apply. We would love to help you, taking under consideration the type of your website, business or social media profiles. Once you join our program, we become partners. Partners help each other. Sometimes we can reach out to you when we notice, that you're trying, but still have room for improvement. But please remember, WebWave is a powerful and popular website builder.

7. How to withdrawal commissioned founds?

Starting from the first penny, you can spend commissioned founds for your own purchases in WebWave. If you want to transfer your founds to your bank account, you have to collect at least $100. 

8. My promotional actions will not always have an effect on sales, but can influence WebWave's image. Are you going to pay me for this? 

That's true. We agree that if you have a website with high organic traffic or high reach in social media, your promotional actions influence WebWave on a different level than what is covered by our standard commission. In some cases, we can create a special offer to cover the differences and set an individual commission rate or type. Reach out to us, we're sure we will come to a satisfying conclusion. 

9. Where can I find potential clients for WebWave?

Our target audience are mostly small business owners. They need a website to promote and grow their business. Very often they use website builders like WebWave to create their websites. Small business owners can be of various gender, age and interests. That's why it's easy to find them among your own audience. However, if your target audience are specifically small business owners, you and WebWave are a perfect match for each other. 

10. Can I be excluded from the program?

Your results, no matter how big or small, can never be a reason to exclude you from the program.

If we have some doubts about your performance, we will contact you first. If we decide that you operate in an unethical way or cause damage to WebWave's image, we will issue an appropriate reminder or terminate our partnership. However, we will not try to reclaim your commissioned founds. If you violate the term and regulations of the program, you will be excluded from the program immediately and will lose the right to withdrawal your founds. You have 30 days to appeal against the decision.  

Terms and conditions of WebWave Affiliate Program.

The most important features of  WebWave 

website builder affiliate program

WebWave website builder is a free tool with free plan. You can create a website free of charge, so take your time and enjoy the process. 

WebWave website builder offers the most advanced design features on the market. At the same, using WebWave is intuitive and effortless. 

website builder affiliate program

When you purchase a Premium Plan, you will get your own domain for a year for free. Additionally, to every domain you will get a professional mailbox and SSL certificate also free of charge. 

website builder affiliate program

Premium Plans start from $10 / month

website builder affiliate program

In WebWave website builder, you can also create an online store and sell without any additional fees.

website builder affiliate program

Remember, you can always email us at contact@webwave.me. We will give you some tips on how to promote your link, gain new clients and get as much from commission as possible. 

website builder affiliate program



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Website builder.

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