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White Label Website Builder for Freelancers and Agencies.


Try the best white label website builder. Create unique websites for your clients and host them on a fast and secure platform under your own brand. 

Agency Account Key Features and Benefits

  • 50% discount on all Starter, Pro and Business hosting plan purchases
  • Publish client sites for free under your agency domain until you're ready to connect to their custom domain
  • Your clients won't see any WebWave branding in the website editor
  • Customize your client login portal with your logo and brand color

Start for free 

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White Label Website Builder CMS

Build white label websites under your own business brand.

  • Add your business logo and brand color to the client login portal.
  • Publish your clients' websites under your own subdomain for free.
  • Clients won't see any WebWave branding inside the CMS editor when making changes to their websites.
White Label Website Builder Income

Earn ongoing income from website hosting and more.

  • Purchase WebWave hosting plans at a 50% discount and invoice your clients independently for the hosting services you provide.
  • Become a WebWave expert and generate more leads with a free Agency Account profile listing on our website.
  • Create website templates for WebWave's free template library and earn a commission everytime another user connects your template to a paid plan.
White Label Website Builder feedback features

Get feedback on your web design projects quickly and easily.

  • Send clients a preview link of their website design at every stage of its development.
  • Clients can add comments and share feedback with you quickly and easily using comments mode.
  • Control what clients can edit with White label CMS editing permissions. You determine which elements are editable by the client and which ones are not.

Design, host and manage your websites with our white label website builder.

  • Select and modify a free website template or start your design with a blank page.
  • Manage all your website projects from one dashboard.
  • Invite other WebWave users to manage and edit websites that you're creating.
  • Change the ownership of a website to another WebWave user. This can be a client or another designer.
  • Generate automatic website traffic reports for your client. 
White Label Website Builder CMS team management

Work with your team.

  • Add as many White label CMS users as you need. These can be clients, client employees and contractors or your team members.
  • Manage the editing permissions of each CMS editor you add by assigning them different roles.
  • In addition to assigning CMS roles, you can control which website pages and which page elements can be accessed and modified by a CMS user in the website editor settings.
White Label Website Builder security updates

Relax while WebWave takes care of all software and security updates.

  • All website security is constantly monitored and checked by our IT professionals.
  • Website builder upgrades are available immediately without you having to download anything.
  • All system data is backed up on a daily basis.  
  • 99.9% server uptime.
  • Automatic monitoring 24/7.

White Label Website Builder Pricing.

Register and use for free 

Free Account



Create websites for yourself or your clients with no entry fees.  



Key features:


Create unlimited number of websites under webwave.dev domain.

Public and private website templates.

CMS Panel for your clients.

Have WebWave invoice your client directly.

Generate automatic website traffic reports for your client. 

Create pre-designed page content and save it in your compositions library for re-use in other websites.

Start a free trial 

Agency Account



50% discount on Hosting Plan prices. Add your logo and colors to the CMS portal. No WebWave branding in the editor.



Agency Account Features:

Purchase Starter, Pro and Business Hosting plans at 50% Off regular retail prices. Set your own hosting prices and invoice your clients directly.

Brand the CMS login portal with your own logo and highlight color. Clients will see your brand when logging in to edit their website.


White Label CMS editor. Clients will not see any Webwave branding or advertising when editing their website.

Publish websites for free under your own agency subdomain,  e.g. xyz.yourdomain.com, instead of xyz.webwave.dev

Collaborate with clients and your team members using Comment Mode. Place comments directly on the web page for clients to review and provide feedback.

Apply to become a WebWave Expert and have your web design business profile promoted on our website.

Let's talk 

Enterprise Account



Migrating 20+ websites to WebWave? Ask us about Enterprise Account discount rates on website hosting plan prices.



Agency Account Features Plus:

Even better pricing for Starter, Pro and Business Premium Plans. Get in touch with us to discuss custom rates based on the number of sites you have to migrate.

Export your website HTML, CSS and JS code as a Zip File with no restrictions.

Prices shown are monthly rates for a 12 month subscription billed annually.

3 and 6 month subscriptions are also available (higher monthly rate).

Prices do not include tax, applicable tax is added at the time of purchase.

Book a free demo.

Whether you're just starting out or thinking about migrating your business across from another platform, we've got you covered.

Give us a brief run down of what you're looking for and what you need, and we'll get one of our WebWave White Label specialists to get in touch with you to answer all your questions.

Find out how you can use WebWave's White Label CMS to make designing websites easier and grow your business faster!


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What is a white label website builder?

White label website builder allows you to create pages for clients under your brand. You can hide the type of web design software you're using and brand the UI as your own utilizing a white label builder. When a client accesses the content management system, or you are describing your work method to them, they will see your logo.


Why WebWave is the best white label website builder?

WebWave is the best white label website builder because it offers true white label services. When you use WebWave website builder, you can completely replace our branding with yours and create a seamless customer experience. You can adjust how the client's dashboard, login panel, and CMS to match your brand identity. You can also publish your client's website under your subdomain, and set your commission rates for all the costs of maintaining the website. WebWave white label solution allows web designers to finesse their services and maximize their profits.   It is one of the few website builders that performs better than WordPress in SEO. You can build websites on your own!


How can I earn money using the white label website builder?

With white label page builder, you may generate income from both the creating websites, landing pages, and e-commerce sites. You can generate income from hosting or domain registration thanks to the commission rates that you can choose. You can also bill your customers manually or automatically with WebWave, and because the UI can be customized, they will never know who is actually providing those services.


Is a white label website builder good for freelancers and agencies?

White label website builder has a free trial. With this, you can check out the possibilities of using WebWave website builder. White label is an ideal solution for freelancers and smaller marketing agencies that care about creating an image of an expert in a chosen field. In addition, it allows you to optimize your time and reduce your costs. This allows you to serve more clients and expand your offerings, so you can become a recognizable brand in the market. Choose the best white label website builder!


How to start white label business?

With WebWave, create a unique site with your own domain name and you can add your own branding. Design experience will be helpful, but is not necessary to get started with a white label model. You can start creating pages from templates according to your needs, or you can start with blank pages. WebWave is website builder that allows you to start on your own and create a profitable business. So the possibilities are vast! 


Can the white label model grow your business?

Web design has huge business opportunities. White Label is a great solution for companies that want to expand their service portfolio, but don't have the resources to develop the necessary software themselves. Using a ready-made drag and drop white label builder, you can customize it and create pages for your customers yourself. Importantly, WebWave is an SEO-tuned website builder. Pages, build in the creator, will therefore be friendly to search engine optimization. You also have over 100 free website templates to use, making it even easier to create pages. You can also customize the dashboard, font, plugins, and domain name to the needs of your clients.


Is technical knowledge required to create white label website templates?

Thanks to WebWave, you can create a website from scratch. You have a page template to use, which makes creating a website quick. WebWave is easy to use and extremely intuitive. Website building tool WebWave will help create and customize each website for your clients.


How to make money as a web designer?

White label website building is an opportunity for startups and small companies hoping for rapid growth.  But not only that. It's also a great opportunity for web designers who want to learn how to create relationships with clients and simply - start making money. Starting to create branded websites and online stores and customization is a great opportunity to grow in the online industry.

Is white label website builder a good option in 2023? 

White label site builder is still an excellent choice. Especially for people who are new to web development. You can build your own smooth and powerful brand and be the boss for yourself. Operating on a reseller basis is an splendid choice for getting started. 

Does Wix have white label?

Wix does not provide its users with the use of white label options. However, it has a different model of cooperation. In addition, Wix offers Custom Branding, which allows users to add their own logo to site dashboards, free site banners, and other places to improve brand recognition. However, it's important to note that some tools may still display the Wix branding, and there may be limitations to customizing the platform fully. Nonetheless, Wix provides enhanced team-client collaboration with custom roles and client and team management tools.

Is white label CMS good for designers?

White label CMS can be an excellent choice for designers who want to provide their clients with a personalized and less confusing content management system. The White Label CMS plugin, in particular, is designed for developers who want to create a customized CMS that reflects their brand and meets their clients' needs. 

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