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danuta stenka webiste
Danuta Stenka Website

Actress Danuta Stenka's website

Thanks to our drag and drop feature you can create effective and stunning websites with one pixel accuracy. Creative use of animations adds to the dynamic character of the website's layout. This website also utilizes the slider feature. It helps to highlight the most important information. 

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Na naszym blogu wykorzystaliśmy dużą część możliwości listy artykułów. Elastyczność tej funkcji pozwala na efektowne i niepowtarzalne zaprezentowanie artykułów blogowych.

Projektowanie stron internetowych w WebWave można zaczać od zera lub z szablonu stron www. Zobacz co stworzyli użytkownicy tego kreatora stron www.

Online games


Playful character of this website is highlighted by buttons animations. They pop up as you scroll down the page catching your attention and inviting you to interact with them. 

Architecture and design lab


Thanks to using the slider, pictures change automatically making the website more dynamic and interesting to look at. Studies also show that visitors stay longer on websites with more moving elements. 

Cleaning services

Button hover effects

The buttons change their looks depoending on the type of user's action. You can easily change buttons' colors, opacity or texts. This feature makes the website more intuitive to use. 

Health and Wellness Coach


A short YouTube video was placed to catch potential clients' attention and to explain the business's profile. Including videos and other interactive examples of media makes the website more interesting and modern. You can do it easily with WebWave.

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Looking for responsive website inspiration? Now you can create both simple and more complex websites. From an uncomplicated one-pager to a more elaborate web portal. For small businesses, agencies and freelancers. Diversity is in our nature! Find out yourself and check out our responsive website eCommerce website examples.

Live music venue


Thanks to the newsletter feature the company gains access to the most popular email marketing tool. Sending the newsletter helps to effectively communicate with clients. 

Art portfolio


Having a blog on a website not only helps to position higher on a Google search results, but also influences the artist's image as more reliable and knowledgeable in their field. 

Health coaching

Parallax effect 

The background image moves at a different speed than the rest of the website as you scroll. This is called the Parallax effect. It creates an illusion of depth and makes it look like the elements are floating. 

Risk management company


This website uses the animation on show feature. As you scroll down the page each element shows on your screen animated. It draws visitors' attention and makes them more intereseted in the content you're presenting. 

Graphic design 

Create a portfolio to show the world your work. Use our responsive website builder whether you are an artist, a graphic designer or a photographer. You need one to connect with your audience and potential clients. 


Amazing animations.

commercial webiste
paralax effect image

Food Bank

Text animation on the slider brings the whole composition to live. The navigation buttons change their look when you hover over them. It suggests that this element is interactive responsive websites element and encourages the visitor to take action.   

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Newborn and maternity photography

Create a portfolio to show the world your work and talent. Whether you are an artist, a graphic designer or a photographer, you need one to connect with your audience and potential clients. 


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