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Get domain for free

Get a free domain name
for your website.


Build your website under an easy and recognizable domain name. Create responsive websites with free web design software WebWave and connect them to your own domains. Register a new domain name or use the one you already have.

Connect your domain name to your website.


If you already have your domain name registered with a third-party provider, you can easily redirect it to your website build in free web design software WebWave. 

Register a new domain name for free.


If you don’t have your own internet address (e.g. MyCompany.com) yet, you can register it for free. All you have to do is activate a Premium Plan for your website.

Domain name - prices.


In WebWave you can register a domain name for a special price or even for free when you activate hosting on your website for 12 months. Price of renewing domain registered in WebWave is lower than at any other providers.




Domain name





0 $*

25 $



15 $

25 $



15 $

25 $



20 $

30 $



25 $

25 $



2.5 $

22 $





* The prices apply only with annual premium Plan. Regular price for registration of domain .com is 15$ net.

Renewing domain names in a period of 30 days after expiry costs additional 30$ net.



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Get domain for free

1. What is a web domain?

A domain is the address of a website. When you enter a valid domain name, the browser will display the page that is linked to it. The domain itself consists of several elements: the domain name (MyCompany) and the extension (.com). The entire domain is mywebsite.com.

2. What is a web hosting?

Web hosting is an online service that allows you to publish your website or web application on the internet. When you sign up for a web hosting service, it provides a server where all the files that comprise your website (code, images, etc.) are stored and made available for viewing online. In other words, web hosting provides the necessary infrastructure and resources to store and run a website on the internet. A web hosting plan service typically provides a range of features such as storage space, bandwidth, domain name registration, email accounts, and security features to protect your website from hacking and malware attacks. 

3. What is a domain extension?

A domain extension is a part of a domain name that comes after the final dot (.) in a URL. Domain extensions are also referred to as top-level domains (TLDs) and are typically used to indicate the purpose or geographic location of a website. For example.com is a common extension used for commercial websites.org is used for non-profit organizations, and.edu is used for educational institutions. The few letters that make up your domain extension can say a lot about your website, and it is important to choose an extension that reflects the type of content or services you offer.

4. How to get free domain in 2023?

A free domain registration is as achievable as possible in WebWave. It's a drag and drop website builder that offers a free register your domain name. To get it, all you need to do is to have one of the Premium Plans. When you select a .com domain, you will get it for free for a year. After the promotional period, the price is still significantly lower (and does not scale from year to year) compared to those offered by some of the competition.

5. Is it possible to get hosting with a free domain?

Whether you get hosting and a domain for free depends, of course, on which offer you opt for—a third-party distributor or the services included in the package. Selecting Premium Plans from all-in-one website builder - WebWave, we will not only get a .com domain for a year for free, but also hosting, tailored to the needs of our site. Choose a premium plan and get your free domain!

6. How to launch a domain in WebWave?

To launch a web domain, just go to your webmaster panel, select your site, and then click "I register a domain". It is also possible to connect to a site created with us, an existing domain or one from an external provider. However, it is worth remembering the free domain from WebWave for the first year with a premium plan.

7. What domains will we get from WebWave for free?

The free domain for a year applies if you have a Premium Plan. To avoid domain costs, we can also leave the site on a WebWave subdomain—then the address will consist of numbers and letters and the webwave.dev ending If you care about building your brand awareness, however, it is better to bet on your own domain.

8. How to choose a domain name?

The choice of the name of your free domain should be directly related to our business or personal brand. It can be a combination of first and last name, company name (mycompany.com) etc. However, it is important that it is easy to remember and actually relates to the site. In addition, if an Internet user searches for us on the web, he will be able to type our address even intuitively.

9. What data are necessary for domain registration?

According to the rules of the NASK (Scientific and Academic Computer Network), in order to correctly register a domain and be able to issue subsequent VAT invoices, it is necessary to provide your data (individual or company). In the case of a company, this will be its name, address, email, contact phone number and tax ID number.  The information required of an individual will not vary much: name, address, email, and contact phone. 

10. Does the domain have an impact on SEO?

Since it is our unique name on the web, it affects searches. The position of our domain on the web depends not only on its age and the keywords on the page, but also its authority and the strength of the links used. Awareness of this is useful in carrying out the process of optimizing the site.

11. How do Internet domains work?

The operation of domains is handled by DNS, or Domain Name System. It translates domain names understood by users (for example, WebWaveCMS.com) into an IP address understood by network-enabled devices.

12. Can more domains be connected to one website?

You can connect more than one domain to a single website. To do this, you need to set up a link redirect. In the website builder, in the sub-page or article management panel, we assign consecutive sub-page addresses to a specific item to lead to the same content.

13. Do you gain a free website domain registrar with WordPress? 

Yes, you can gain a free website domain registrar with WordPress depending on the plan you choose. With the purchase of any WordPress.com annual plan, you can register a new domain for free for one year. However, it's essential to note that the free domain offered by WordPress comes with some major disadvantages, such as limited customization options and branding restrictions. Additionally, there are some free WordPress hosting sites available, such as HostAwesome, AccuWeb Hosting, 000webhost, FreeHostingNoAds, x10hosting, Freehostia, WordPlus.host, and Byethost, but these sites may have limitations and restrictions on features and resources offered. 


14. When I create a site in Wix, do I get the domain for free?

Wix offers users an opportunity to get a domain name for free, but this is subject to certain conditions and limitations. When you create a website on Wix, you can purchase a custom domain name directly from Wix or use a domain name you already own. However, you will need to purchase a premium plan to connect your site to your custom domain name. If you decide to purchase a domain name through Wix, you will need to search for an available name and choose an extension, such as.com or.net, and then buy your domain.


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