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How to get a 60% discount at CrawlQ

Step 1. Register your account at CrawlQ.ai

Step 2. Confirm your email with a verification code.

Step 3. Start your 7-day Free Trial.

Step 4. Create a new workspace or start with an existing business idea.

Step 5. Go to your profile page and upgrade your account to any plan or Reddit and Quora Add-ons.

Step 6. During the check-out use code CrawlQWebWave60

Get an offer with WebWave

Below you will find the list of special offers from companies that WebWave has partnered with. Use the best solutions that will elevate your website and your business to the next level without straining your budget. 

Get a 60% discount


CrawlQ is a Content Automation AI platform that helps create a high-quality content to engage the targeted audience and optimize webpages to organically get more traffic, clicks, sales and content authority.


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Thanks to integrating your website with Typeform you can create advanced contact forms.

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Want to share your e-book, newspaper or any other file online? Use publishing platform ISSUU.

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A newsletter allows you to stay in touch with customers and inform them about news, changes, sales and updates in your company.

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Chat is the quickest way to communicate with a customer - quicker than e-mail and way more effective than a telephone.

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DISQUS is far more than just comments - it helps you build a community around your website. That's why this plugin is so popular worldwide.

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Snazzy Maps

Snazzy Maps is a tool allowing you to create a google map with customized style.

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There are plenty of online platforms allowing you to build an online store. Unfortunately, not many of them let webmasters create an online store with any graphics design.

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In website builder WebWave button "Like it!" allows users to like your website. It also helps you keep track of your website popularity.

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Google Maps

In website builder WebWave element Google Map allows you to add a map to your website.

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Google Analytics

In order to link a website created in website builder WebWave CMS to traffic analysis tool Google Analytics, create and configure there your free account.

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Google Fonts

When building a website in website builder WebWave CMS, you don't have to limit your project by default fonts.

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If you run a restaurant and already have a website created in white label website builder WebWave - you can easily add to your website an online food ordering system UpMenu.

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Add the Ecwid shopping cart to your site in minutes.

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Contact with a potential customer is very important and the easier the customer can reach you the more often he will do it.

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CallPage is a system which can be installed on every website. CallPage algorithms analyze behaviors of users on your website.

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AddThis is a system easy to install, which allows you to share your website practically everywhere.

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Bandcamp is an amazing platform for musicians and music bands. It allows them to publish online in high quality and sell their work.

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Contact with a potential customer is very important and the easier the customer can reach you the more often he will do it

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Mailer Lite

E-mail marketing is a great way to stay in touch with customers and inform them about the newest events, offers, and changes in the company.

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Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tool to manage tags on your website.

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Google Custom Search

Do you have a lot of content on your website created in WebWave? I bet you could use a customized content search.

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Google Calendar

Google Calendar on a website can have multiple purposes, for example, can inform users about oncoming events. 

Expand Your Key Software Integrations

Do you use external software and want to integrate it with your website?
No problem! Generate a code, paste it to the HTML element and done. Below you can find the list of tools which easily integrate with WebWave! Click on the software to read a guide article!

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