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WebWave drag and drop website builder lets you create unique websites. You can build your website from scratch by starting with a blank page, or choose various website templates from our free collection and modify them according to your needs. With WebWave website builder, you have a complete website design and hosting system at your fingertips.

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What is WebWave?

WebWave is a web design software that allows users to create a website with just the graphic design, they've imagined. A website can be built and published online without coding or configuring servers or database. WebWave gives such a broad verity of features, it is used by public authorities, big companies, schools, small businesses, freelancers, hobbyists and more. Some websites are huge, and have hundreds of pages. Other websites are small, or even one-pages. Some webmasters create only one website for themselves or their small business, and others create hundreds of websites for their clients. Record-holder built and published over 500 websites! WebWave is just so versatile and gives you so many options. All these features makes it the most popular website builder in Poland.


Drag and drop website builder Changelog

  • 09.2012 – Development begins
  • 11.2013 - Beta version of WebWave is launched
  • 06.2014 - First customer
  • 04.2016 - Moving out of grocery store backroom, and moving to a first real office
  • 05.2016 - Translating WebWave to english and launching globally at webwave.me domain name
  • 07.2017 - Redesigning WebWave website builder and launching WebWave 2.0
  • 09.2017 - Translating WebWave to Romanian and launching webwave.ro
  • 05.2018 - 100 000 users
  • 12.2018 - Moving to a bigger office
  • 12.2019 - 200 000 users
  • 09.2020 - Opening an office and incorporating in Australia
  • 10.2021 - 400 000 users
  • 02.2022 – Rebranding - WebWave has a new logo


WebWave in numbers

WebWave is far from over. We're constantly adding new features to this tool, and making existing features easier to use and more powerful. Instead of just picking random features and introduce them, we're listening to our users and upgrade the most needed features. Many new features have been "ordered" by WebWave users. They post their ideas online, vote and choose the most needed ones. What's left for us is to develop them. 

  • 400 000 - this many users from all over the world use WebWave
  • 296 - this many feature updates have been published in 2021
  • 94 - WebWave has customers from this many countries
  • 30 - around this many people work at WebWave


Press about WebWave

Customers from over 94 countries

Over 480 000 users globally

296 product updates in 2021

Create any website in our drag and drop website builder.

Are you looking for a website design you've imagined? Try WebWave - an easy drag-and-drop website builder created to give you the freedom to create. With a wide range of features, possibilities, and options. You can create a website with any design you've imagined without writing a single line of code or having any technical knowledge.

Unlimited graphic possibilities to create an unique website

Free mailboxes for every website created with WebWave

Position every element on your website with drag and drop

User interface inspired by Photoshop

Great support available 7 days a week

What sets WebWave apart from other drag and drop website builder?


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