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Add an online store to your website.


Do you think it's hard to create an online store? That it's more complicated than making just a website? With WebWave website builder it's just as simple.

Show your products.

You can pick one of the premade compositions and change whatever you want. WebWave means the possibility to recreate your vision.

WebWave online store - display your products

Product variants.

Show your product in different versions, colors, prices, and availability. Make it easy for you and for your clients. 

WebWave online store - product variants

Digital products.

WebWave is an excellent platform for selling digital products like ebooks, online courses, graphics, scripts, training plans, etc. Your products will be sent automatically, you don't have to do anything. 

WebWave online store - sell digital products

Customized cart.

Create a cart that fits you best. Customize each button and text. You can even change the language. 

WebWave online store - custom online store

More sales.

Set complementary products and suggest additional purchase. Offer more and earn more. 

WebWave online store - complementary products

How to set up an online store?

With WebWave it's very simple. Go for a reliable solution and set up your online store efficiently. Time and money you will save that way, you can invest into your business.

How to create an online store - step 1 sign up
How to create an online store - step 2 pick a template
How to create an online store - step 3 add products
How to create an online store - step 4 set payment methods
How to create an online store - step 5 upgrade to Business Premium Plan
How to create an online store - step 6 connect a domain
How to create an online store - step 7 publish

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Sign up for free or if you already have an account, log in. 

1. Sign up

1. Sign up

Browse templates

Choose and customize a template for your brand - add your logo and colors.

2. Pick a template

2. Pick a template

Learn more about adding products

Add images, set prices, and product variants. Don't forget about the product description. 

3. Add products

3. Add products

Learn more about payments

Set up payment methods available to your clients. 

4. Set payment methods

4. Set payment methods

Check the offer

Business Plan offers ecommerce solutions for your website.

5. Upgrade to Business Plan 

5. Upgrade to Business Plan

Learn more about domains

By choosing a Business Plan you get a .com domain for a year for free. 

6. Connect a domain

6. Connect a domain

Learn more

Publish your website so that it's online and start selling.

7. Publish your store

7. Publish your store

Online store templates.


Check out our free website templates with online store functionality. Pick the one you like the most to create your website. You can fully customize it - change, add, and delete whatever you want.

WebWave online store templates
WebWave online store templates
WebWave online store templates
WebWave online store templates
WebWave online store templates
WebWave online store templates

See more templates ->

Popular payment methods.

Let your clients have a choice by offering the most convenient payment methods. 

WebWave online store - payment methods

Special offers and promo codes.

Create promo codes, seasonal dales, and set discounts. Manage your store like a professional.

WebWave online store - promo codes

Popular shipping methods.

Ship your products in a way that will satisfy both you and your clients.

WebWave online store - shipping methods

No transaction fees.

We don't have any commission or transaction fees. You can sell one product or millions. No matter the size of your business, every online store website costs the same.

WebWave online store - no transaction fees

We will guide you.

You don't know where to start. Watch our video, go to the website builder, and let us show you step-by-step what to do.

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WebWave website builder is your AI-powered solution for building an online presence. Create your website in 3 minutes, add an online store or a blog, and grow your business. 


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