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Published: March 13 2024

13 March 2024

10 Best AI Video Generators for Your Business

Video content is a must for companies and content creators who want to compete in this highly visual environment. Reports show that more than 80% of online traffic is video, and an increasing number of people prefer it to other forms of online content, such as text and images. What are AI video generators? How do they work? Who can use them? What features do they have? Today I will cover this very topic!

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What are AI Video Generators?

Most online publishers are using social networks to reach their audiences, and video content provides more organic reach than other types. At the same time, producing and distributing video content has traditionally been both time-consuming and expensive. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing this approach, making video generation easier than ever. At the same time, video content creation has never been more accessible thanks to the wide range of AI video generators available. 

Video AI generators, because of their vast capabilities, are extremely useful. They not only provide entertainment but additionally can be used for other purposes.

Here are some applications of automatically generated video:

  • creation of feature films and animations,
  • short videos are interesting content for social media,
  • people running businesses will appreciate the automatic creation of commercials and presentations,
  • you can quickly generate interesting educational and instructional videos based on a textbook.


Benefits of Using AI Video Generators 

Video creation has changed a lot in recent years thanks to a new technology called artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence helps make videos easier and better, especially for people who create content for various tasks. One important way artificial intelligence is helping videos is through the creation of apps called AI video generators.

These apps use AI technology to perform many parts of video creation, such as coming up with ideas and editing. Thanks to artificial intelligence, people can now create good videos much faster than before. One of the good things about AI video generation apps is that they can create videos on their own. They look at a lot of information, such as images, words and sounds, to create videos about specific things.

Artificial intelligence helps these apps become better over time, learning from what people like and don't like. They use special programs to understand what people want to watch so that they can later suggest better videos. This makes the videos more personal and interesting for viewers.

Another good thing is that AI video generation apps are easy to use. They have simple tools and menus, so anyone can use them without being an expert. They have features like drag and drop so you can easily move things around and templates that you can change to fit your style. This makes it easier for people to be creative without needing special skills.

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Top 10 AI Video Generators 

Best AI Video Generators from Text:

  • Sora
  • HeyGen
  • Lumiere
  • DeepBrain AI
  • InVideo
  • Pictory
  • Lumen5
  • Synthesia
  • Fliki



Sora is a great text-to-video generator from OpenAI, the makers of ChatGPT. All you have to do is describe a specific scene well, and you will get a realistic, high-quality video lasting up to a minute. It is also possible to create multiple shots in one video. Their visual quality will be preserved. The language model effectively analyzes the entered commands, making it “understand” what we mean.

This AI video generator is still in the development stage, so you can see numerous shortcomings. It sometimes has problems understanding the physics of the scene, and the trajectory of the camera, or it mixes the left side with the right. However, its capabilities are quite impressive already, so it's worth waiting to make it available to more users.


Sora AI Image Generator



HeyGen offers numerous video generation tools to help you quickly prepare advertising videos, instructional videos, training videos, as well as interesting presentations and lots of content for social media. It's a great help for any video creators who can significantly simplify their work. There are quite a few templates to choose from to speed up the whole process, as well as the ability to quickly share the generated video on various platforms.

In addition to generating video from text in real time, HeyGen gives you the ability to create AI avatars, including personalized ones. It is worthwhile, by the way, to be tempted to use your voice for a wide variety of projects. All you need to do is record a voice sample, and the tool will adapt it to the lip movement of the person appearing in the video. A useful feature worth mentioning is video translation into various languages.


GeyGen AI Image Generator



Lumiere from Google is an AI video generator capable of both creating video from text and editing a video or animating a photo.

The creators emphasize that the created video will better represent time and space, and with this AI video generators sometimes have problems. Lumiere is expected to guarantee a video with more varied and consistent motion, which will simply look realistic. Of course, this raises huge new possibilities in the world of movies and games. However, we will have to wait for that, and in the meantime it is worth following the development of the generator from Google.


Lumiere  AI Image Generator


DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI is another text-based video generator that helps create realistic avatars. Users have access to a huge library from which they can surely choose an AI avatar that suits their needs. Create characters in dozens of different languages ​​and over 100 high-quality voices.

Automatic video creation speeds up any job. Additionally, we have tools to create videos based on content obtained from blogs, PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, or plain URLs. The video only takes a few minutes to put together. To help you, we have integrated the well-known and useful ChatGPT into the editor.


Deep Brain  AI Image Generator



InVideo is a feature-rich video editing tool. It makes it easy to quickly create projects for specific platforms, such as YouTube intros. Here we have thousands of templates, filters, access to iStock and music libraries, text-to-speech conversion, creation of videos in different languages, wide range of possibilities to create collaborative projects in teams. These are just a few of the many options available within this practice.

InVideo offers both free and paid plans. The free version has some limitations, such as: B. Video length limit or imposed watermark. However, it still offers a very good price, and many users will find this version of the program to be sufficient. Paid plans start at $20 per month.


InVideo  AI Image Generator



Pictory is a great generator for creating short videos from text very quickly. No video editing experience is required; even beginners can use the program.

There are many other editing options, such as B. Change the style and color scheme or add music and animation. The finished video can be instantly shared on social media.


Pictory  AI Image Generator



Lumen5 will easily generate video from text, as well as create AI videos from a blog post or article. There are also plenty of ready-made templates that can be personalized as desired. Thanks to social media integration, the finished video can be published to Facebook directly from the platform.

Lumen5 subscriptions start at $19 per month. However, amateur video enthusiasts can use the platform for free. They must expect a few limitations: 720p resolution is available, and a watermark with the generator's name will be applied to the video.


Lumen5  AI Image Generator



Synthesia is an AI video generator with which we will create a professional-looking video in minutes. With this platform, we will get a video with a digitally generated person saying whatever we want. You can choose from more than 160 AI avatars or create your own.

Synthesia supports more than 130 languages. It will work great for any promotional videos, instructional videos and courses.

Synthesia  AI Image Generator



Running directly in the browser, this functional video editor automates complex tasks and helps you create videos faster. It offers quite a few AI tools to generate automatic subtitles, as well as video transcriptions and translations.

 After you type in the prompt, the AI creates images, music and AI avatars for you. It will automatically create a script for the video and edit the whole thing into a professional video. It will remove background noise sound, or even the entire background from the video or image. It is worth noting that each generated element can be edited.


Veed.IO  AI Image Generator



Another script-based AI video generator. It's a friendly content creation platform with considerable capabilities. Within minutes you get a video generated by artificial intelligence. All we have to do is describe what we want.

The script content can even come from a PPT file, a blog or a tweet. In this way, you can quickly turn your ideas into interesting videos that your audience will enjoy watching. We will also develop AI avatars on Flika, and we get thousands of realistic voices and dozens of languages to choose from. The extensive stock library is also invaluable when working.


Fliki  AI Image Generator


Video Production with AI — How to Start?

It is worth noting at the outset that not all artificial intelligence can do everything for us. Especially if we are talking about free versions. ChatGPT will intelligently write text on a topic of your choice, but to create dedicated graphics — you need to ask Chat Bing. Generating videos with AI works similarly. There are video generators that will take care of everything comprehensively. Or you can divide the work into pieces and generate the video yourself from scratch.


How to Use AI Video Generators for Marketing

AI Marketing creates a competitive advantage. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a key factor in future competitiveness. AI is already changing the way companies create content for their online business. Many talk about its use, but few apply it.

Those who adopt AI early will not only reap its benefits but will also be ahead of the competition. Conversely, any delay in adopting AI could increase the competitive disadvantage.

Whether it's blog posts, social media posts, advertisements of any kind, emails, or product descriptions: You've probably encountered AI-generated content without even realizing it.

Artificial intelligence does the rest of the work: it trims the scenes to the optimal length, highlights important words, selects background graphics, video and music, and makes them available for publication in the format of your choice.

If you like a slightly more personal approach, Synthesia.io is the right place. Here you can also create videos with text, but with an avatar that speaks. If you want, in 50 languages. You can choose from an existing pool or create your own.

AI can not only help you create a video, blog article, or social media posts, but it can also create a website for you! Check out AI Website Builder and create your website in 3 minutes!



When it comes to creating engaging video content for your business, utilizing an AI video generator can significantly streamline the process. These advanced tools allow you to easily convert text to video, customize custom AI avatars, and produce professional-looking videos without the need for video editing skills. With many AI video generators of 2024 available, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your needs. Whether you're looking for a free AI video generator or a more robust AI video maker with video generation capabilities, there is an option for every budget and skill level.


What are the best AI video generators for businesses in 2024?

The top AI video generators for businesses in 2024 include tools that offer advanced AI capabilities, ease of use, engaging video templates, and AI-generated videos with custom avatars.


How can I choose the best AI video generator for my business?

When selecting an AI video generator for your business, consider factors such as ease of use, available video templates, AI capabilities, video editing tools, and the generation of engaging and high-quality videos.


What are the benefits of using AI video generators for creating videos?

AI video generators simplify the video creation process, offer advanced AI features such as text-to-video generation and custom avatars, and provide businesses with the ability to create engaging videos in minutes.


Can AI video generators help in creating social media videos?

Yes, AI video generators can assist in the creation of social media videos by offering video editing tools, AI-generated content, and templates suitable for various social media platforms.


Do AI video generators offer free plans for businesses?

Some AI video generators provide free plans for businesses to explore the platform, create limited videos, and understand the features before opting for a paid subscription.


What features should I look for in the best AI text-to-video generator?

The best AI text-to-video generators offer features such as advanced AI capabilities, customizable video scripts, the option to add AI voices, edit video clips, and export videos in different formats.


How can AI video generators enhance the video production process?

AI video generators enhance the video production process by providing powerful AI tools, generative AI capabilities, ease of use in editing videos, and the creation of AI-generated video content.

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