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Published: 16 May 2024

16 May 2024

5 Ways To Make Money With AI In 2024

In the constantly changing world of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) shines as a symbol of creativity and possibilities. As we enter the year 2024, the potential for earning profits through AI has reached remarkable levels, providing a wide range of options for individuals, independent contractors, and companies. Whether it be providing advisory services and creating AI-driven products, capitalizing on AI-generated content, or investing in AI projects, the opportunities for generating revenue with AI are abundant and varied.

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How can AI be monetized in various industries?

AI can revolutionize the education sector by helping experts use AI to create online courses. With the help of generative AI, instructors can develop personalized learning materials and interactive content, making it easier to earn money by selling educational content.

Entrepreneurs and businesses can use AI software to enhance their operations, from automating customer service with AI chatbots to optimizing their marketing strategies. This not only increases efficiency but also opens up new avenues to make money using AI.

The advent of AI applications in creative industries has led to the proliferation of AI art and design products. Artists and designers can use AI art generator tools to produce unique works that can be sold online, offering a novel way to make money online.

Businesses can use AI to increase their revenue by deploying AI to generate personalized customer recommendations, enhancing user experience and loyalty. With these approaches, AI can help individuals and organizations across sectors use tools and techniques to earn money with AI, showcasing artificial intelligence's versatile and lucrative potential.


How can individuals and small businesses leverage AI to create income streams?

How to use AI to make money? AI-powered tools are a great option to earn extra cash. 

Individuals and small businesses can leverage AI tools to create income streams in various ways. One of the best ways to make money using AI tools like ChatGPT is by offering services such as content generation and using an AI writing tool to create blogs, articles, and marketing materials. AI can also produce AI-generated art and design materials for clients. Additionally, businesses can integrate AI into their processes to increase productivity and offer AI consulting services.

Another way to make money online with AI is through generative AI tools that can help you create unique content such as videos, images, or music. With the help of AI, individuals can also use AI to help with tasks such as video editing or creating chatbots for customer service. By learning how to make money with AI tools like ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence tools, individuals and small businesses can tap into a lucrative market.

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5 Ways to Monetize AI Technology in 2024

Creation of Content with AI

You're likely already aware that good content is vital to selling virtually anything. In times when high-quality content is scarce, AI solutions such as ChatGPT have become invaluable to various sectors, aiding in creating website content, blogs, sales materials, emails, social media updates, and more. You can generate texts, podcasts, and videos to enhance your content's quality and then capitalize on it through sponsorships and advertising.

Offering ghostwriting and freelance services is a promising path for independent writers to earn income online. Given the widespread presence of websites and business blogs, there's an increasing need for talented writers capable of producing top-notch blog content for various brands.


creating websites


Creating websites with AI

Rather than investing in creating a website with resources, AI technology can assist in constructing customizable websites right from the beginning. The AI will craft every minor element, from the content to the web pages. This approach reduces both time and expenses.

If you have aesthetic skills, creating pages for clients using AI is an excellent option to earn money. The key will be to choose the right tool. My suggestion is WebWave AI!  

With the AI website builder, you can create a page for yourself and your customers in 3 minutes. Importantly, we also have an affiliate program, which I will tell you more about next. The work can be done remotely, so you can explore the world, create pages, and—importantly—make a living from it! Sound interesting? 


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a highly favored strategy for monetizing your blog. Picture this scenario: You're running a travel blog and collaborating with travel agencies to advertise their offerings to your audience. The cherry on top? You receive a share of the profit for each purchase that's made.

But it doesn't stop there! Leveraging AI technology, website owners and travel bloggers can elevate their affiliate marketing strategies to unprecedented heights. AI can lend a hand in numerous ways, including devising content strategies, embedding affiliate URLs, composing product reviews, interacting with followers, and much more. It's akin to having an ultra-efficient assistant by your side, propelling you to triumph in affiliate marketing!


App Development

Creating a SaaS product entails brainstorming a concept, making the design, coding it, conducting tests, and ultimately releasing it. Depending on the product's intricacy, the duration of this procedure may vary from months to years. 

AI programming assistants such as Copilot can significantly accelerate the development process. They offer instant code recommendations, automate recurring tasks, and aid in debugging your code. We appreciate the feature where you can input a comment in your code, and, as you navigate through it line by line, Copilot generates the corresponding code.


AI-generated Music

The music industry is leading the way in utilizing Artificial Intelligence. Artists and producers are utilizing AI-powered software to create new tracks and sounds and even perform music. This has created opportunities for AI to be used in generating music, such as selling or licensing AI-generated music tracks.

AI is now creating background music for videos, games, and meditation apps. A market has emerged specializing in AI-created music. Those with a passion for music and AI can carve out a unique business niche in this competitive industry by utilizing AI to create innovative music experiences.



Artificial intelligence is a rapidly growing field that offers many opportunities to earn money. You can work as an artificial intelligence specialist in technology companies, research companies, or corporations, or as a freelancer, working on AI-related projects. The possibilities are many - with AI, you can also become digital nomad and live exactly the way you want!

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