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Reading time: 9 minutes

Published: April 10 2024

10 April 2024

Top 7 AI Business Name Generators: 2024 Guide

Are you facing opening your own business, but don't know a name? Do you want it to be catchy and unusual? Don't worry! I encountered such a problem, so I know what I am writing about. I have created a list of the best name generators - some of them will also make a logo for you. Are you curious? Then I invite you to read the article. 

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Top 7 AI Business Name Generators: Feature Comparison

1. GravityWrite

GravityWrite is an AI content generator with over 110 professional tools for generating different types of content such as ideas, blog content, social media posts, emails, and even website content. With this tool, you can get everything you need for your brand in just a few clicks.


Gravity Business Name Generator\


2. Namelix

How to use this generator?All you have to do is go to the business name generator, enter a few words, and click "Generate." You will be redirected to another dialog box where you can choose style, and randomness, and add your brand message. If you want to search for available domains, you can enable the Check Domains button and click Generate.

A feature that impressed me is that if you don’t want your brand name to contain certain words, you can click the gear icon and add negative keywords separated by commas. For example, if you don't want the words "shop" and "store" to appear in your brand name, you can add "shop" and "store" as negative keywords. The AI ​​name generator will then provide you with a brand name without these words.


Namelix Business Name Generator


3. BrandCrowd

The interface is simple and clean, like other tools I've tried so far. It allows you to enter a short description of your business and generate a business name for it. You can change the length and style of your brand name. There are three lengths to choose from: short, medium and long, and four styles: modern, professional, creative and fun.


BrandCrowd Business Name Generator


4. Business Name Maker

With Business Name Maker, you can set the brand name length to a value between 5 and 25, add more information about your business, choose whether the brand name should be one or two words, add modifiers to make it more likely to generate a .Com domain name, and then add Choose the words to include in your business name and customize the style and language.


Business Name Maker


5. Looka

Even though it's free, you can grab loads of AI-made business names in all sorts of styles: Classic names, Made-up names, Combo names, Multiple word names, and Existing word names. How do you work the tool? Just head over to the tool, type in your keyword or industry, press Enter, and voila! You'll see a bunch of business names in those different styles I talked about earlier.


Looka Business Name Maker


6. Namesnack

Check it out, there's this cool AI business name generator called Namesnack that's totally free. To use it, just type in your keywords and click on "Generate." 

Then, you'll see a page with a bunch of business names to choose from. Enter your business category and hit "Generate." And just like that, you'll have a whole list of AI-generated business names. This generator is very easy and intuitive. You will manage with it. 


Namestack Business Name Maker


7. SquadHelp

Squadhelp is this cool business name generator run by AI that you can use for free. Just type in what your business is all about, and it spits out a bunch of name ideas for you. They say this tool has been featured in big-time magazines like Forbes and stuff.I tried it out with the same info I used for other generators and got a bunch of names right away. You can even play around with different styles like Modern, Evocative, Classic, Clever, or Bold to find the perfect name.


Squad Help Business Name Maker

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Why should businesses consider using AI business name generators?

Business name generators are extremely easy to use and most free. This is a great option for anyone opening a business. You can also use the tools in such a way that they only hint. You don't have to use the full names - as often all you require is a hint at a given name and you're done! The idea is born by itself. 

I know well how difficult it is to create a name for your business. This one seems too cliché, while this one seems too similar to the competition. And you want to stand out, after all! Name generators can guide you. They are indispensable when you run out of ideas and ideas somehow don't want to come up. 

You already have a business name, now it's time for a website to reach a wider range of customers! Do you want a free ai website? With WebWave, it's possible! On your own, without any help, you can create a professional website - portfolio, landing page or online store! Just 3 minutes and the website is ready! 


Pros and Cons of Using AI Business Name Generators

Pros of Using AI Business Name Generators

AI business name generators are a total game-changer when it comes to naming your business. With the help of this powerful AI tool, you can come up with a unique business name that perfectly fits your brand. These name suggestions are not just random words thrown together, they are carefully curated to reflect the essence of your product or service. The AI-powered company name generator takes into consideration factors like domain availability and domain extension, making sure that the name and brand you choose are relevant to your business. It's like having your assistant to help you find the best business and get your online business name generators.

  • No more wracking your brains trying to come up with a great business name
  • You can input keywords or phrases that describe your business and the name generator creates a list of potential business names for you to choose from
  • You can easily check the domain availability and secure a website for your business
  • Say goodbye to the days of struggling to find a memorable and relevant name for your product or service - let the ai brand name generator handle it for you.


Cons of Using AI Business Name Generators

The convenience of AI company name generators. Sounds handy, right? But let me tell you, there are some drawbacks to using these high-tech tools. Sure, they can spit out unique company names faster than you can say "brand name generator," but how do you know if the name suggestions are relevant to your product or service? You could end up with a completely random name that doesn't accurately describe your company at all. 

Remember that name generators can help you, guide you or even come up with a name for you, but don't leave everything to them. It's essential to check whether the name is free, consider whether it fits your business, and describe the range of products or services you offer. Only you know if the name fits or not. 


Business Name Ideas in 5 Steps

Generating ideas for a company name can be a fascinating, but also a crucial step in building a brand. Here are some steps to help you find the perfect name to stand out and be remembered for a long time.

  • Define your identity

Start by thinking about your company's values and identity. Choose a few keywords that best describe your brand personality. Your name should reflect what makes you unique in the marketplace.

  • Keep it short

Make sure the name you select is easy to remember and pronounce. Avoid complicated and overly long names, as the ideal name should be simple, clear, and instantly recognizable to your target audience.

  • Check availability

Before you approve a name, make sure the web domain using it is available. Uniqueness is key, but also avoid copying other companies' trademarks to avoid legal problems.

  • Use a name generator

Use tools such as our artificial intelligence-assisted business name generator. Enter keywords and review the generated suggestions to find a name that perfectly matches your brand image and values.

  • Act Immediately

Time is money, and company names are registered every day. If you've found the perfect name, don't delay. Register a domain and start the process of building your brand. Use AI WebWave website builder to proudly present your new company name online.

Remember that a company name is a key element in building recognition and customer loyalty, so take the time to find the perfect one.



If you're struggling to come up with a unique business name for your new venture, look no further than these AI-powered tools. With the help of a free business name generator, you can get business name ideas in seconds that reflect your brand and the style of your business. Whether you need catchy business names or a name that's just right for your company, these AI technology tools can help you find the perfect name for your business. Once you find a name you like, you can register your domain and even create a website with an AI website builder. Don't waste time trying to come up with a unique name on your own – use this AI name generator to come up with the right business name for your business with AI. 

I hope this article and going through the step-by-step process of coming up with a name will help you. Name generators can be extremely helpful, so take advantage of them. If they don't even find a name for you, they may be able to guide you to one. Good luck!


How can AI help me generate business names?

AI can analyze keywords, industry trends, and branding strategies to suggest relevant and creative business name ideas that are tailored to your specific needs.


Are AI-powered business name generators reliable?

Yes, AI-powered business name generators are known for their accuracy and efficiency in generating names that are not only unique but also resonate well with your brand identity.


Can I trademark a business name generated by AI?

It is advisable to conduct a trademark search and consult with legal experts before finalizing a business name generated by AI to ensure it does not infringe on any existing trademarks.


How do I know if a generated business name is available as a domain name?

Many AI business name generators provide functionality to check for domain name availability associated with the generated business names, making it easier for you to secure a relevant domain for your website.


Can I use a free AI-powered business name generator for my small business?

Absolutely! There are many free AI-powered business name generators available that can help small business owners create unique and impactful names for their companies without any cost.


What factors should I consider when using an AI business name generator?

When using an AI business name generator, consider factors such as the relevance of the generated names to your business, the availability of matching domain names, and the overall brand identity you want to establish.

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