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Reading time: 10 minutes

Published: 10 May 2024

10 May 2024

AI Business Plan Generators to Start Small Business: A 2024 Guide

Are you tired of a job that doesn't satisfy you? Want to finally start doing something you love? Or do you have a passion that you want to turn into a full-fledged business? I have a piece of advice for you — act! If you are tired of your daily duties, and every task gives you a headache — it's time to change something! Maybe it's the perfect time to start your own small business! Yes, I know, there are a lot of difficulties with it, and it's not always perfect, but doing what you love is the best thing you can give yourself! Find out how AI can help you build your business. I have prepared a suggestion for free AI business plan creation to help you create a plan for your operations. Getting started? There's no need to wait!

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Why is a Business Plan Necessary?

Ok! Since you're reading this, it means you want to do something to create your business. It won't be easy, but the satisfaction is indescribable! 

The business plan is the first and most important thing you need to take care of. This document allows you to define your target audience, outline the scope of your activities, and help you make detailed plans for the first months for creation, distribution, and marketing activities. With a business plan, you will analyze your competitors, find out what interesting things they are doing to attract customers, and find a niche to help you break through.  

Creating a solid business plan can be challenging, but thankfully, the process has now been made easier with the assistance of artificial intelligence. AI technology can streamline the creation of detailed business plans by leveraging vast amounts of data to aid in tasks such as writing, assessing risks, and analyzing data.


What Should a Business Plan Contain?

A comprehensive business plan covers essential elements of a business, including financing, pricing strategies, marketing plans, sales forecasts, and potential risks. In addition, it can be useful in attracting investors and monitoring the progress of your business venture.


Overview of the company

This briefly introduces your business, outlining its products or services, target market, and revenue streams.


Analysis of the market

This section demonstrates your knowledge of the market and competition, helping you evaluate the viability of your business concept.


Financial planning and forecasting

This part predicts sales, revenue, and expenses, as well as includes projected financial statements such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.


Strategies for pricing and maximizing profits

This section outlines the methods you will use to price your offerings to generate income.


Tactics for promoting your brand

This encompasses your approach to raising awareness and attracting your target audience. It may include a budget for marketing and a detailed plan for executing your strategy within financial constraints.

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Top AI Tools to Write a Business Plan

I decided that we would test the creation of a business plan for an upcycled fashion brand. What do you guys think? 



Let's check out what ChatGPT generated for us. Interestingly, I did not provide the name, so  ChatGPT immediately created it.. 

Chat GPT business plan creation

In the following section, I get a description of the business, a market analysis, and a competitor analysis, all of which are basic elements. 

Chat GPT business plan creation

Chat GPT business plan creation

Chat GPT business plan creation

Wow! I'm amazed that ChatGPT has executed this business plan so well. It is known that you have to confront everything with our research, but he still did a great job.



Another tool and more suggestions from AI. 

For this tool, using it requires logging in. This can be quickly done with a Google account. The tool has a lot of options, but I chose to simply write on the chat what I meant. 


Copy AI business plan creation

In turn, we get points like this:


Copy AI business plan creation

Interestingly, the tool will even show us the offerings, i.e., products worth having. 


Copy AI business plan creation

Copy AI business plan creation

Copy AI business plan creation

Copy AI business plan creation

Copy AI business plan creation

Copy AI business plan creation

Copy AI business plan creation


My impression? This is an extremely detailed tool that goes into the subject much more than ChatGPT. Extremely detailed analysis, both of the brand structure itself, but also of all elements, related to marketing or distribution. Something great for someone starting out! 



I typed the same sentence as before and got these results:


Simplified  AI business plan creation

Simplified  AI business plan creation

Simplified  AI business plan creation

Simplified  AI business plan creation

Simplified  AI business plan creation

Simplified  AI business plan creation

Simplified  AI business plan creation


The tool itself is remarkably similar to previous ones. However, it has slightly different functions. However, I must admit that working in it is not intuitive, and I got a little tired of looking for different options. I think it is worth testing and seeing for yourself. 


Live Plan AI

It's a tool that is focused precisely on creating business plans. Let's see what comes out. 

Live Plan AI


Unfortunately, in this tool are the only paid options, so we will not check. 



Unfortunately, this was a negative surprise from the beginning. The tool is not intuitive at all. You do not know where to click to get what you want. To find the option to ask a question, I searched for 10 minutes, and once I found it, I had to go through a laborious process of logging in, sharing, accepting consents, and that sort of thing, which I think would have scared off many a person by now. 

But give it a chance. Maybe it will create an exceptionally good business plan?



Unfortunately, my dedication was in vain. I did not receive the business plan. Also, the tool did not work; we went to the next one. 



Another tool is not just a business plan generator but a comprehensive application. Here, you can generate a blog article idea and the article itself. In the options, you will find an AI tool for pages, an AI tool for copywriting, and an AI tool for ads, among others. I recommend checking all the options - I ran out of time to test all of them. 


Wordkraft AI business plan creation


Interestingly, one of the options is Startup Poich Generator. Something for small businesses. Great, right? Let's see what it generates for us. 

Interestingly, we get 2 options right away. However, the descriptions are not very detailed and contain mostly generalities.


Wordkraft AI business plan creation


Note that I type the same sentence everywhere. I want to compare the results as much as possible. Here is the second option:


Wordkraft AI business plan creation


This tool also surprisingly passes the test! It is worth noting that Wordkraft can help you at every stage of your work. Worth testing. 


My Tips for using ChatGPT to create a business plan

ChatGPt can help you create a business plan, but… you can't blindly believe what it creates for you. After all, it’s an AI tool only. You should be aware that you are acting for humans, and the human being must verify the correctness of what the AI will create. Take a peek at my quick tips to help you verify that what AI has created is right for the type of business. 


Use detailed language

When conveying your business concepts and objectives to ChatGPT, use detailed language to help it understand your business better.


Use keywords that match your business

Incorporate key terms related to your business for better comprehension of your business model. Provide extensive details regarding your competitors, offerings, financial forecasts, and target audience. 


Use ChatGPT to help. Let a human verify the rest

Utilizing generic prompts will result in generalized recommendations that may not be useful. Consider ChatGPT as a resource for exploring new ideas, but avoid replacing human creativity and judgment. Always trust in yours insights and experiences for critical decision-making.


Don't know blindly in ChatGPT, verify information

Verify and cross-check the information provided by ChatGPT and similar tools, as they can sometimes produce misleading results.


Make sure to use current data sources

Keep in mind that ChatGPT is only as good as the information it was taught. Some of this knowledge might be obsolete when you are using it. It is crucial to verify if the data and figures ChatGPT is using are still up-to-date.


How do you know that a business plan generated with AI is good enough?

Whether you are strategizing or seeking investment, a well-crafted business plan is essential. The effectiveness of your business plan will always impact the outcome. Here are the steps to help you guarantee the quality of a business plan generated using AI.


1. Review and revise the business plan

While AI tools can save time and money when creating a business plan, they are not infallible. It is important to carefully go through the plan generated by the AI tool you have chosen. Check to see if it covers significant aspects such as market analysis, competition, and financial projections. Feel free to make any necessary edits and enhancements to the AI-generated business plan.


2. Confirm the validity of data origins 

The reliability and trustworthiness of the data origins have a direct effect on the standard of your business strategy. Conduct your market research and collect practical data to incorporate into your business strategy.


3. Steer clear of technical terminology

Like any other paperwork, a business strategy should be easily understood and readable by its intended audience. Employing technical jargon might not always be useful. Reviewing your AI-created business plan and guarantee it is written in straightforward language is crucial.



Using AI business plan generators and other resources enables entrepreneurs to efficiently kickstart a business. This effectiveness lets you promptly translate your ideas into reality, such as creating a robust online presence with a website. Take advantage of the momentum and establish your brand online by getting your website up and running shortly after finalizing your business plan. If you already have a business plan, it's time for a website! With AI WebWave website builder, you will create a website in 3 minutes. 



What are AI business plan generators?

AI business plan generators are tools that use artificial intelligence technology to help users create comprehensive business plans for their small businesses.


How do AI business plan generators work?

AI business plan generators utilize AI algorithms to analyze input from users about their business idea, goals, and details to automatically generate a well-structured business plan.


What level of knowledge should you have about the business concepts to begin strategizing?

Understanding aspects of your business like the target audience, competitors, and unique selling propositions is crucial. Knowing the problem your business aims to address and how it sets itself apart can help you stand out and easily create a business plan.


What is the fastest way to create a website for your new business? 

Easily build a website using artificial intelligence in just one minute. Use the WebWave AI Website Builder to design your ideal website and establish an online presence for your business!


What are the benefits of using AI business plan generators for small businesses?

Using AI business plan generators can save time and effort by providing a template for business owners to create a professional business plan quickly and efficiently.


Can AI-generated business plans be customized for specific business ideas?

Yes, AI-generated business plans can be customized by users to fit their specific business goals, industry, and unique details.


Are there free AI-powered business plan generators available?

Yes, there are free AI-powered business plan generators like Word Kraft and Grammarly that offer tools to help users draft a business plan with AI assistance.


How can I generate a business plan using an AI business plan generator?

To generate a business plan using an AI business plan generator, users typically input details about their business, goals, and other relevant information, and the tool assists in creating a plan.


What are some popular AI business plan generators for small businesses?

Some popular AI business plan generators include Notion AI, Word Kraft’s free business plan template, and Grammarly’s AI-powered business plan writing tool.

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