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Published: 29 May 2024

29 May 2024

AI in Content Marketing: Benefits, Risks, Tools, and Best Practices

Artificial intelligence is changing not only the way we interact with users online but also the way we optimize and promote our websites. With the ability to process and analyze massive amounts of data at unprecedented speed, AI offers unique opportunities to increase the relevance of published content, more effective strategies, and more efficient content marketing efforts online and beyond. Want to learn how to use AI for more effective content marketing activities? Then I encourage you to read the text!

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Top 7 AI Writing Tools

AI Jasper

It's one of the AI content creation tools. AI Jasper is a writing assistant—a tool for generating various types of content, from product descriptions to blog articles and even social media posts. Jasper also offers a function for translating content into multiple languages, making it ideal for companies operating in a global market.


Jasper AI


Copy AI

Like Jasper, Copy.ai features an intuitive interface and ease of use. It also offers a landing page creation feature, allowing you to create sales pages quickly and easily. With AI content marketing tools, you can generate large-scale content quickly. 


Copy AI



It offers many features, including content generation, translation, and even graphics creation. You can use it to prepare a blog article from A to Z. Writesonic stands out for its affordable price and rich database of prompt templates, making it an ideal tool for novice copywriters.





Rytr is a tool focused on generating short AI-generated content such as headlines, meta descriptions, slogans, and even tweets. It is excellent for creating concise, catchy content that grabs the audience's attention. It can also create longer articles, but it comes with some limitations.




Neuron Writer

Its operation is simple. You enter the main keyword for which you want to optimize the text. Later, you simply click the blue start button to create high-quality content. Then, NW collects data from Google — from the pages in the search results that rank highest.

This is a great option — you don't have to do the research manually; the tool does it for you. It collects keywords you should use to try to rank higher than your competitors. 


Neuron Writer


WebWave  AI Website Builder

It is not strictly a tool designed for content creation, but it is ideal for creating a website. You don't need to use external tools anymore—WebWave AI Website Builder will generate content for your website, making it created in just 3 minutes! That's a remarkable convenience, isn't it?


WebWave AI Website Builder


Benefits of AI in Content Marketing

The application of AI in content marketing opens new horizons for companies looking to intensify their online presence and automate their content creation processes. What are the benefits and opportunities of implementing artificial intelligence in the content creation?


Content automation

AI in content marketing enables the rapid generation of high-quality content, reducing the time and resources needed for manual creation. AI-based tools can produce compelling articles, product descriptions, blog posts, and social media posts tailored to the target audience's preferences.


Personalizing AI content 

Artificial intelligence allows the creation of profoundly personalized content that better resonates with individual audience needs and interests. By analyzing user behavior data, AI can tailor content to specific preferences, resulting in higher engaging power and effectiveness of marketing communications.


Optimizing SEO strategies 

Using AI to analyze and optimize content for SEO helps increase search engine visibility. AI tools can suggest optimal keywords, help create titles and meta descriptions, and analyze competitors, which in turn helps improve a site's position in search results.


Increased efficiency and scalability

AI can scale content marketing strategies without a commensurate increase in human resources. Automated processes enable effective content management across platforms and distribution channels, increasing the reach and impact of brand communications.


Advanced data analysis 

Artificial intelligence offers advanced data analysis capabilities, allowing marketers to better understand their audience's needs and behaviors. This allows for more accurate targeting and faster and more precise adjustment of marketing strategies based on continuous feedback.


Innovation and creativity 

AI in content marketing supports creative processes by generating inspiring content ideas, which can help differentiate a brand in the market. AI-based tools can experiment with different formats and communication styles, discovering new ways to capture audiences' attention.

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WebWave AI Writer

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Risks and Challenges of AI in Content Marketing

Do AI content tools have any drawbacks? Hm… like everything. AI tools are not perfect and have their limitations. And in my opinion — it's worth being aware of that. Both the small business owner and the content marketer can use these tools successfully. 


Limitation of creativity 

Although very powerful, AI tools for copywriters have limited creativity in some areas compared to human creativity. For example, they often use repetitive and banal phrases and the same content layout, which could be more attractive to the audience.


Ethics and legal compliance 

There are growing concerns about using AI content due to privacy and copyright issues.


Risk of factual errors 

Although AI tools are well-informed, they sometimes make factual errors, especially in specialized industries. Therefore, if you want top-notch content, you must support yourself with expert knowledge.


Risk of data privacy violation

AI tools are trained on vast amounts of data, mainly downloaded from the Internet. This raises the question of data infringement.


Risk of unintentional plagiarism 

AI-based content creation tools are essentially machine learning algorithms trained on pre-existing datasets. Sometimes, these tools can generate content that closely matches the original text without the author's knowledge. Human creators should carefully review artificial intelligence-generated content to avoid copyright infringement.


Best Practices for Leveraging AI in Content Marketing

The use of AI in content marketing opens up entirely new possibilities - it makes it more efficient and easier to create high-quality content tailored to individual business needs and audience interests.

With its help, you can quickly generate ideas for blog posts, social media platforms, and article briefs, automate monotonous, repetitive elements such as meta titles and descriptions, create emails and enrich content with beautiful graphics and infographics or videos.

The spectrum of possibilities is broad, and limiting oneself to simply generating text is like using Excel only for addition and subtraction - you seem to be able to do it. Still, it's not even a promise of the potential.


Keyword/Topic Search 

AI-based algorithms analyze content and web searches to identify the most important keywords and topics that are currently popular among users. This allows brands to create content that aligns with audience expectations as well as search engine requirements. This, in turn, will support your SEO efforts.  

This way, you don't always have to come up with more and more topics in the same area on your own. Artificial intelligence will surprise you with its suggestions. All thanks to the analysis of your audience's needs and behavior. 


Generating a Content Plan

It is working with AI in marketing concepts. Working on a text does not begin with putting the first character in a word processor - oh, no. This process starts much, much earlier. First, you need to analyze the client's needs, check trends, come up with a topic, see what marketing and SEO potential it has, and make a plan. 

Then, coming up with new, exciting topics becomes quite challenging, and most importantly, it takes time. And this is where, all in white (unless in black, if you use night mode), AI comes in - ChatGPT, Copilot, Neuron Writer, Gemini, Claude, Jasper - whatever you prefer. In this aspect, any of them will perform equally well.


Content generation

AI can also create content itself - from articles to product descriptions. While it won't fully replace a human creator, it can significantly speed up and facilitate writing. The already mentioned ChatGPT or Jasper AI are tools that will allow you to create content such as, among others, mailing content, product descriptions, blog posts, and much more.  

Sure - these are not perfect tools, but they will still reduce your work time by up to several tens of percent. This will work well, for example, when you need to create the same content repeatedly but for different audiences. The process of personalization, adjusting the style of communication, or supporting the generation of mailings to various audiences has always been challenging.



AI in content marketing offers a range of benefits, from personalized messaging and improved targeting to more efficient content creation and distribution. From automated content generation to predictive analytics, AI tools can help marketers streamline their content creation process and deliver more relevant and engaging material to their audience.

To navigate the rapidly changing landscape of AI in content marketing, businesses must adopt best practices and utilize the right tools to maximize the benefits while mitigating the risks. 

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