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Published: November 29 2023

29 November 2023

7 tips for better AI websites. The ultimate guide to AI web design

AI is great and all, but sometimes it can create total crap.


And that's okay. 


Being angry with AI won't change anything. So don't yell at this poor ChatGPT. It has feelings, too. 


But jokes aside, learning how to use AI tools for the best results is necessary. 


And that's why we're here today, to learn how to create beautiful websites with WebWave AI Website Builder. I have for you 7 tips that will make your web design process feel like a breeze and your website pretty like a flower. 

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I also made a video where I showed you all the tips in practice. 

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AI tip no. 1: It all starts with a prompt


A prompt is everything. And the right prompt even more. 


WebWave AI Website Builder generates your website from a description. It can be as short as two words, or long and detailed. When you create a website using AI, a prompt is your space for telling what you want. And if you already have an idea in mind, don't keep it to yourself, put it into words and share it with AI algorithms. 


Let me give you an example to put my words into perspective. 


I generated two websites for a candle business, both from different prompts. 


Prompt 1 (generic): I need a website for a candle business



AI web design tips - prompt



Prompt 2 (specific): I need a website for a soy candle business called "Melt". We offer candles, candle-making online courses, and workshops. Include in the color palette a maroon color.



7 AI web design tips - prompt



The difference is palpable


As you can see, the first website created from a generic prompt is about all types of candles. It looks fine, but the prompt was too broad to create a cohesive design. 


With the second one, on the other one, WebWave's generative AI managed to create an accurate interpretation of my vision. The color palette is right, with bold maroon popping here and there. The images are also spot on. Even the copy is tailored to my description. My business name is everywhere, and when you look at the offer, it is customized as well. 



7 AI web design tips - prompt



Both websites are fine, but the second one is like a highly personalized website template. It saves you so much time.


So, I guess, the main takeaway is - if you're looking for inspiration, go for a generic prompt, but if you already have some ideas or requirements in mind, be specific in your prompt. 



AI tip no. 2: Customize your website with Text Styles 


Changing the fonts and styling of your text is one of the easiest ways to customize your AI website. Maybe you have brand fonts or want to go for a different look than what AI suggested, I got you covered. 


The most effective way to do it is to use our Text Styles feature. Simply go to the Website tab in a setting panel and then Text Styles. 



7 AI web design tips - text styles



There, you can pick the type of text you want to customize and simply do it. Set the font type, size, etc. 


And the best thing is, it will automatically apply to all text elements connected with this style. So instead of changing every headline by hand, you just set it here, and voila. 

It's effective - you can make a huge change in no time. 

WebWave AI Writer

Generate your website copy with just one click.

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AI tip no. 3: Accelerate your design process by using Global Colors 


Global Colors is a similar feature to Text Styles, but for - you guessed it - colors. 


By using this feature, you can quickly adjust the color palette on your website. Change every color, tweak only one of them, or add more brand colors. And similarly to Text Styles, the changes that you make here will be automatically implemented on your website. 


For example, this website that I generated has 4 global colors. WebWave AI tool included the maroon red that I requested in the prompt, which is great, but I still can change whatever I want. 



7 AI web design tips - global colors



Maybe you want your website design to be in a different shade of red or want to go for something blue. Or maybe you got inspired by the images that AI picked for you and want to color-pick the color of the leaf. Nothing can stop you. Your design elements will be adjusted as you make the modifications.


When you rely on AI to create your website, you can expect results right away, but with the right use of tools like WebWave, even customizing your projects is effortless and effective.



AI tip no. 4: Use AI Writer - optimizing your website and content


Besides the design tool, AI Website Builder, WebWave also offers AI Writer. As the name suggests, in this case, AI can help you write copy for your website. You can use it when you design websites by yourself from a template or from scratch, as well as to polish the copy of your AI design.   


As you might remember, on the Candle website, AI included the business name and a specific offer in the copy. But even when the copy is on the theme, it's good to add your personal touch. Ensure your website is as good as it could be. 



7 AI web design tips - AI Writer



You can rewrite headlines and paragraphs by yourself, or use AI Writer. You can ask it to generate something completely new (once again based on your prompt), or rewrite the OG material. You can tell AI to make it shorter, more elaborate, or change the tone. Whatever you have in mind, can be done here. 


And one more great thing - AI Writer can optimize your copy for SEO. It will deduct the keyword from your prompt and optimize your text. And what's the point of creating a website that no one's gonna see anyway? That's why optimizing your website for search engines is so important. And now you can leverage AI to it in no time. Life is beautiful. 



AI tip no. 5: Continue to design a website using sections


Generating a website with AI is just the beginning, I hope you already caught up on that. So the way you approach customizing your web design project is half of the success.


The AI Website is divided into sections since it makes it easier to manage content on your website. It's important to add new content in the same manner - as new sections. When you're a beginner web designer, sections also guarantee that you can always go back to your safe base - your AI-powered design. 



7 AI web design tips - sections



And by the way, I highly recommend adding some content to your website. AI is great and stuff, and it uses data to design your site, but it's your website. And there's always something that only you can add to the project. You are the editor and a creative director, so use your power to improve your website. And WebWave is the best AI website design tool for making an AI site your own. 



AI tip no. 6: Hack the system and use tables 


I hope I convinced you that adding new content to your website is a must. Now I have a quick trick for you - use good old tables to make your website copy organized

Let's use the candle website as an example once again.


I came up with the idea to showcase the candle of the month on one of the pages. It's a great way to increase sales in a unique way. I added a new section (hello, tip no. 5) and now I want to add an image of a candle and a bullet list of the characteristics of the winning candle. I can add the checkbox icons separately and try to align them with the text, but this is a very ineffective way to do it. 



7 AI web design tips - tables



A table will work so much better here since it will automatically keep your content aligned with even spacing and stuff. You can leave the table borders if you like them, or delete them for a more modern and clean look. 



AI tip no. 7: Keep your website in order and bind elements


Binding elements, after sections, is your one more go-to way to keep the content on your website organized. By binding elements, you connect them with each other and maintain even spacing. 


But that’s not all.


When you add new elements, expand them, bind make sure that the relationships between them stay untouched. Customizing your website is even easier now. Don't underestimate this! 



A note for skeptics - is AI web design really worth it?


When the AI craze started, I used ChatGPT and Midjourney for AI web design. Right now on the market, there is plenty of AI website builder, and there will be more. Wix, the biggest player in the market of web-building tools is set to release their Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) system. As you can see, this is a very promising niche. 


But it's not like you have to wait a few more years for satisfying results. You can see my comparison of the best AI website builders to see their capabilities. The tools that are already on the market are great and are really changing the game. 


Yes, you can generate a functioning, ready-to-publish website. 


Yes, it's made in about 2 minutes. 


Yes, AI web design is a new way of creating websites. 


If you don't believe it, try it out for yourself. 

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