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A web store is a great tool to boost up your sales.

If you want to sell your products online there are various ways to do it - create an online store on your website, use online sales platforms like eBay or try e-commerce tools such as an external store. 

Dedicate some time to plan how to prepare a good online shop, which will not only improve your sales but also provide customers with pleasant cybershopping experience. 

In this article, you will find 7 golden rules of building a successful web store. 


First-class products pictures

Good pictures of products are a crucial element in e-commerce.  

Pleasant images successfully improve sales and show potential customers what exactly will they purchase. Nobody likes to buy a pig in a pole.

The product needs to be visible, ideally captured on a light background. Its size is also very important - after zooming, an image should be in good quality (but keep in mind that pictures cannot be too big). 

If you have many pictures from different angles - add them!

It is a good practice, especially when you sell items "to wear" - shirts, jewelry, backpacks etc..

Potential customers will appreciate you showing how the product looks like on a person.

In order to take first-class pictures of products, in most cases, all you need is a good light, a decent camera, and a plain background. You can also order a separate photo shoot. 

Caution: If you don't have any good pictures of a product, don't add stock photos (from free stock banks) nor images found online (remember about copyrights). Just don't. It significantly lowers your credibility and generally is a bad idea.


Concrete descriptions

They are important for every potential customer.

What is the product, what is its purpose, what are its features, what is it made of?

This kind of details.

I bet you look for them when cybershopping. 

Take a look at descriptions of products on successful online stores on eBay. 

First class images, high-quality description, and concrete assets are a key to success.

Just like with websites, concrete content matters.

What makes your product special? Quality, price, new approach? Or maybe it is just pretty?

Highlight it in a product description. Even if you don't know how just try to tell customers about the product. It is the best practice when creating a successful description in e-commerce.  

Pleasant style

Every online store should look appealing. 

Chaos, useless elements and cacophony damage every web store. 

In other words - take care of a pleasant user experience. Don't rush it.

It is compulsory. 

Appealing style of an online shop is one of the most important practices in e-commerce. 

These practices are quite universal - if they apply to a good website, they will apply to a good web store. 


Clear pricing policy

Good practice when creating an online store is a clear pricing policy. 

If you place somewhere a price list, make sure it is up to date and transparent. 

Sales, discounts, price changes - customers need to know how much exactly your products cost.  

In other words: products prices should be displayed from the very beginning. It goes without saying, this rule also applies for shipping costs. 

It can be useful to put a price in a product description. 

Do you sell your product in many sizes, colors or patterns? Make sure to inform customers about it and let them choose. 

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Convenient structure

It is also very important.

Especially, when you sell more than one product in your web store. 

Dividing products by category and describing them well is essential from the users' perspective.  

You should also be considerate in terms of the structure. Pay attention what belongs to which category and add suggested products, which incorporate witch others.

Remember about slugs style in online store. If you have categories, let links structure illustrate them. It is just like with a website, intuitive navigation is a key

If an online shop is an addition to your website, mark its presence in website menu and home page. 

Allow customers to access certain products from every place on a website.  

It is important in the next step, blog. 


Blog – let them know, that you are experienced

Writing a blog comes handy in terms of positioning a web store. 

Just like with having a firm blog, you can use it to appear under many more search results. 

If you have an online shop, there is a great chance that you are experienced in some specific field. 

Show it on a blog. 

Write about fabrics, types of alloy used in jewelry production or even about some interesting facts about this field. 

Users very often search for this information, and a blog is a perfect place to show it. 

Additionally, you can use posts on a blog to describe certain things. 

When you sate users' curiosity, there is a great chance he will become your customer.

And then, it is your chance to encourage him to online shop in your web store.  

If you sate user's curiosity, there is a great chance that he will become your customer.

Stay in touch - remarketing on an online shop website

It is a very good practice.

Use an online shop website for remarketing. 

Encourage users to subscribe to a newsletter, by giving them a discount or promising useful hints.

When you promise users one email per week with amazing articles about specific topics you are an expert in - keep that promise. 

Remarketing can be for example pursued with a Facebook pixel. 


These golden rules are only the most important practices when creating an online store. There are more of them and you need to remember that. 

Did you know, that you can create an online shop in WebWave?

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Authors: Weronika Wawrzyniak

& Bartek Raducha - Led and consulted many websites projects in the cultural area. Worked in an advertising agency and co-led projects of websites for clients such as Beko and Bonduelle Food Service. In WebWave – advertiser and more.

21 January 2019


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Good practices when creating an online store


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