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Earn money creating websites for small business (even if you have no experience)

17 October 2019

Updated: 15th September 2022

Reading time: 6 min

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"Choose the job you love and you will not work one day more in your life."  - confucius said. If you're interested in creating websites, you've probably wondered if you can transform your passion into a source of income. Professional creating websites for small business can be not only a fascinating occupation but also a way to earn money. 

Getting started as a web creator may seem complicated at first. Especially for people who have no experience with coding! What tools should I use? How to create projects? How to attract customers? Finding answers to these questions often takes weeks or even months.

Fortunately, there is a way that you can start making money from creating pages easily, quickly and without much experience. If, by the way, you know the basics of any graphics program, the better. The tool we are talking about is very similar to it. 

This tool is WebWave - website builder. In this guide, you will find the most important information that will allow you to start a career as a web designer creating websites for small business with its use. Let’s get started!

creating websites for small business

Start designing for others - learn about 4 functions that will help you work with clients


Especially for people who want to take care of building custom websites, we have prepared 4 functions. They allow you to work on the website together with others, facilitate the website edition for the client, allow you to create your own brand of the website creator and improve the payment process.

How does creating websites for small business work?

Share your project with colleagues 

If you are working on a page in a team, you can allow full editing of the project to all its members. All you need to do is add a new webmaster to a specific project by entering his email address. You can also set users as page owners so that they can manage access themselves.

Share the CMS panel for simple content editing

The CMS panel allows you to grant selected privileges to the user. Thanks to this, a customer who only wants to add texts and photos to a page can do so without worrying that he will make changes in the appearance of the page by mistake. WebWave gives you extensive editing options. 

Use the wizard under your own brand

Your customers don't even need to know that you're using our wizard. All you have to do is select the My company section in the Webmaster Panel and click the White label. Then you will be able to upload your own logo and set the agency domain. 

Reduce your own costs - wholesale purchase of premium packages and transferring payments for the package to the customer

We have introduced the possibility of wholesale purchases of Premium Packages. Thanks to this, you can save a lot. For example, if you buy 10 packages instead of  2,500$, you will pay 1,800$. Importantly, the package validity period is calculated from the moment it is activated (connected to the client's website). This means that the package purchased in October 2019 and activated on January 1, 2020, is valid until December 31, 2020. 

The wholesale purchase option will allow you to work 100% under your own brand. Creating websites for small business and the customer makes payments to your account. He has no access to your settlements with WebWave. Thanks to this you can freely set rates for domain registration. 

You can also transfer the payment for the package to the customer. In this case, the information that you are using our wizard will be visible to him. You don't have to worry about paying for the package because your customers will do it.

Try for free ->

WebWave AI Writer

Generate your website copy with just one click.

Try for free ->

WebWave AI Writer

Generate your website copy with just one click

Try for free ->

WebWave makes you win customers 

If you already have the first experience in creating pages with the WebWave wizard, you can find new clients thanks to our website. Become one of the creators we recommend! Some people who visit our site prefer to have a project created by a professional. We have created find webmaster subpage for them. You can also become one of the creators we recommend. People who already work with us get a lot of customers this way. 

How does it work?

In the footer of our site find a link to the list of WebWave Experts. There you will find webmasters recommended by us. To become one, simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Enter your company name, add your logo or photo, briefly describe your skills and experience. Don't forget to include links to pages made in WebWave. If your projects interest us, we will contact you as soon as possible. After accepting your application, you will become one of our collaborators. 

Professional website building can be not only a fascinating occupation but also a way to earn money

Recommend us to other users

You don't even have to design pages to earn with WebWave. Seems strange? Not really. All you need to do is join our "Recommend and Earn" affiliate program and recommend our wizard to other users. You will receive a 30% commission for every premium package purchased by people you refer to us. The user you recommend will receive a 30% discount.


How does it work ?

All you have to do is register in WebWave CMS. In the Webmaster Panel (bar on the right) expand the Recommend and Earn section. There you will find your unique referral link. Place it on your blog, website or social media profile. You can also send it directly to your friends.

As you can see, WebWave offers great opportunities to earn. From creating websites for others to acquiring new clients and From recommending the wizard to other users.

WebWave has one undeniable advantage: Most professional website design tools are paid. Using them may involve fees of up to several thousand zlotys per year! And regardless of whether you can earn anything with them. It's different with WebWave. 

You don't have to pay any fees to use the wizard. You can use all functions of the website design even for free. Thanks to this you can learn to use our tool without any risk.

But this is not all. Because our wizard is available for free without any time limits, you can do designing in your free time. You don't have to worry that the free trial period will expire quickly. The Premium Package, which allows you to connect the site to any domain, costs from 6 $ per month. 

A detailed description of the WebWave partner program can be found here. Before joining the promotion, do not forget to read the Terms and Conditions.

Try WebWave today and find out that our wizard is an easy-to-use, but amazing tool. There is no reason to wait! Register and start the adventure with WebWave!

Author: Jan Chmielowski 

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