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Tu dowiesz się, jak zrobić stronę internetową.

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The Internet is full of tutorials about building the best and the most effective landing page. However, when to use this tool, to get the most of it?


What is the landing page?

A landing page is a dedicated, separate subpage of the website, where the user is “landing” from the outer web. When it comes to the landing page, the site (or service) from the user is coming from, and his intention is crucial for success.

The critical difference between the landing page and the regular website is the only-one-purpose it was designed to, in contrary to multi-purpose websites.


To show different promotions

The success in the business is often in finding the balance between cutting the margin and building the profit. That’s why more and more companies are seeking the balance with A/B testing done on landing pages with different pricing, to find the best relationship with a profit margin. What’s the point in high sales, if the margin is too low to supply the business?

The landing page is the best tool to find the preferred pricing level with no need for complex modifications of the offer.


When there is omnichannel marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords, Pinterest, Instagram – there are multiple channels on the Internet to gain customers. On the other hand, the publicity in the channels varies and have different preferences. That’s why more than 75% of companies struggle to build proper content on the website.

Landing page serves only one, explicit purpose. That’s why it is perfect to capture customers from internet ads. The landing page is fitting the message from the ad and doesn’t have to think about their goal.

Just consider the fact, that there is always a form on the bank’s landing page after the customer is gathered from the ad.

Again, there is no need to redesign the website and the offer. Just slight profiling to fit the promotion and the preferences of the target group. Just one page for one channel, or even one page for one ad. Because why not?

landing page 1

When you examine different ways of promotion

Some customers fall in love with free shipping. Another group prefers the discount growing cumulative with the cart’s value. The best way to figure out the preferences of the target group is to show different promotions on separate landing pages and launch A/B testing on them.

When the preferences are known – the company may polish the strategy and go on with further testing.


When you want to learn about customers

A/B testing is not the only way the landing page may be used in gathering knowledge about customers. Landing pages are a great tool in lead generation. The purpose of the page is to gather the contact information for the potential customer rather than to sell.

The customer who is not only buying, but also keeping in touch with the company and engaging in the communications is worth much more than the person who buys. Companies that use longer and more sophisticated landing pages gather even a staggering 200% more leads than those not working so hard to get the contact information.



Landing page comes in handy everywhere when the company is seeking to convince the visitor to perform a particular task; no matter is that purchase or leaving the contact information. Ability to tailor communication is always an excellent way to improve the effects of marketing and sales.

Now that you know what's the purpose of the landing page, why don't you create one for free in a website builder WebWave?

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Author: Pawel Krzywina. 5 years of experience in web development and a business journalist. A lover of written language, new technologies, literature, and sport.

29 July 2019


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