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Web designer level 99 - how to achieve a master level in creating websites

05 March 2018

Updated: 22nd September 2022 

Reading time: 7 min 

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Congratulations - you have just created a new character - a web designer. 

Your special abilities are myriad of coffee absorption, resistance to sleep and linguistic secret - HTML and CSS. 

Of course, let's not forget equipment - you have got Photoshop or Gimp.

Your enemies are all sorts of scary ASAPy monsters with an approaching deadline and other Fuck Ups.

I would like to present you some tricks on how can you "exp" to a higher level in web design.


1. To achieve a better effect - invest

Unfortunately, at the very beginning, you have to spend a few follicles of gold for the purchase of equipment and other important things such as a large cup of coffee, etc.

You do not earn and already have to spend.

You need to start looking for a way to get money.

At the very beginning for a moment we can just play around - to get to know the different sources and different ways of "free creation". 

Because in the net, there are thousands of resources just asking to use them. 

Unfortunately, in reality, it turns out that even looking for good free pictures on the stock, which fit the project, takes hours.

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2. Never stand still - develop and learn

This is perhaps the most important point on the road of achieving the Master level. 

Without a daily dose of knowledge, you can never move to the next stage. 

You need to know new techniques so that your work will be better, faster and easier.

web designer can create websites 1

3. Establish a plan and follow it consistently

Any plan is better than no plan.

That is why, when you start an adventure as a web designer, sit down for a moment and think about what development path you want to choose. 

Where do you see yourself next year? 

Think about how can you achieve it? 

Make a plan and divide it into sections.


4. Meet people

Interact with people.

Talks, discussions, and sometimes even quarrels allow you to take a fresh look at your work.

The people and the relationships with them are the main driving force of our work - whether it's an argument with a customer or a thrilling discussion with another designer - each of these interactions matters.

5. Remember that you are not an octopus - extra pair of hands might come in handy

Unfortunately, this is true. 

Don't be afraid to outsource. 

What happens when you cannot afford to hire somebody to help? 

Offer a commission from income from the project. 

Simple, isn't it?


5. Get to know modern technologies and their possibilities with DevsData:

To be up to date.
To develop.
To know how and when to use them.
To be and sound like a professional.
To achieve success.


Since you know how to achieve a master level in web design, maybe you will start creating websites for your customers in website builder WebWave?

Author: Tomasz Szwed

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