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Chcesz być na bieżąco?

It was undoubtedly a busy year. We passed a magical barrier of a hundred thousand users, were busy with implementing some minor and major improvements and started to make some successful international business. We also changed the office location and got five years old.


New features

Last year was a busy one. Our programmers updated or added an astonishing 577,696 lines of code, enabling us to publish new versions of the creator for 95 times. It means that our tool was updated at least once every four days.

Our users got:

  • new animations and interactions
  • new element groups
  • an ability to restore a backup on their own
  • online shopping

And all that during the last twelve months!

Our team also put an enormous amount of work to make our code more SEO-friendly and our clients reported the increased traffic on their websites.


We are growing!

The year 2018 ignited an unseen growth of WebWave. The nuber of our clients increased by 77% and our regular incomes by 92%. It means that our tool is not only a needed one - it is also a liked one. And that is a rocket fuel for our team.

The growth enabled us to move to the new location with a lot of space for new employees to support our work. New programmers will aid us in adding new functions in a more regular manner.


Creatorul site-ului - a Romanian-style WebWave

By the end of 2017 we entered the Romanian market. Initially it was a challenge, but the number of users skyrocketed in the second half of the year. Romania is our first international expantion, so we are proud to see it as a success. It encourages us to start operating on new markets.


Not so fast

Although it was a great year full of successes, not everything was that perfect. It is crucial to show, that we endorse our failures and see them as a way to gain knowledge.


Our first failure was Malaisyan expansion. Despite dynamic entrance to the local market with over two hundred users in a first fortnight, we had to hail it due to the private matters of our local partner. And that was the end of the project,


We are still in progress when it comes to working on our automatic RWD and elastic element placement. Nevertheless, both functions will be available soon.


What to expect in 2019

We are not going to stop or slow down. We are going to launch at least few functions, including:

  • elastic element moving

  • automatic RWD

  • brand-new blog

  • further development of element frouping

  • new e-commerce integrations

  • further SEO optimization

  • new offer for freelancers and digital agencies


The Romanian market kickstart encourages us to start operations in the English-speaking markets. And that’s also one of the year 2019 goals.


Last year was undoubtedly great and it wouldn’t be without your support! We would like to thank all our users for feedback and ideas. Moreover, your positive energy and patience was even greater and gave us a lot more energy.


Year 2019 - beware!


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11 February 2019


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Year 2018 in WebWave - a summary


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