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Top 6 Free Photo Editing Software

12 November 2021

Updated: 15th September 2022

Reading time: 6 min

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A website without professional photographs? Impossible! They perfectly complement the content and appearance of the site. To make them look professional, you need to edit them in an appropriate graphics program. But which one to choose?

Discover the best and free photo editing software!

photo editior examples

1. Lightroom - the most appreciated application in the world

Operating System:

iOS, Android


What if we use our phone to take pictures for a website? Then You need the best free photo editing software - Lightroom. Its possibilities are appreciated by users all over the world. Not all of its features are free, but the free package alone gives you a lot of possibilities. In addition, it is easy to use and will not take up too much space on our smartphone.


What functions do we get?

  • creating our own filters and presets

  • intuitive interface

  • editing photos directly on smartphone

  • advanced changes in colours, exposure, shades

  • improvement of photo quality 

  • modern camera modes

  • organize photos in folders

  • easy and quick correction of selected elements

  • complex light editing with just a few clicks


An Instagram-like photo editing program? It's definitely Lightroom. Recommended for everyone, more and less advanced user. Arguably the best photo editing program in the world. On the plus side, there are plenty of tutorials on the web about how to create your own presets, which you can apply to all your photos, with just one click. 

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2. Polarr Photo Editor - or Lightroom + Instagram in a browser

Operating System:

Any browser, Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS


This web-based app, definitely differs from its predecessors. What’s special about it is an unusual layout of tools, absolutely different from other programs of this type. It’s a combination of filters like from Instagram and the possibilities offered by the Lightroom application. What is important, we edit our photo already in the browser stage without the need for installation.


Important this is that only the basic functions are free, but the PRO version is not expensive. The app itself may seem hard to use at first, but after a while, its interface will become even more comfortable than for example Photoshop.


What makes it stand out?


interesting and modern filters like on Instagram

  • simple editing from browser level

  • simple interface resembling a phone application

  • RAW file support

  • Open and upload files directly from and to cloud - Flickr, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.

  • it can run on virtually any device, even in a mobile browser

  • ability to create your own filters


A huge advantage of this application is that it is very convenient to use, and we can also make corrections to the photos on our phone. Best suited for less advanced users of photo editing software. 


3. Photopea or Photoshop?

Operating System:

any browser

Both programs have a lot in common. However, Photopea is the free counterpart to the well-known and popular Photoshop. Because of its price or lack thereof, many users choose this free solution. Photopea is a web-based editor, which means that we can use it in our browser window, thus saving a lot of disk space. The interface of the program is very similar to Photoshop so people who are familiar with it, will have a slightly easier task.

What features can you find in Photopea?


  • completely free program

  • editing directly from the browser

  • all the basic functions you'll find in Photoshop such as the correction brush and the stamp

  • PSD file support

  • Puppet Warp for distorting objects 

  • Select entire objects in your images. 


Photopea will be perfect as a free photo editing program, so if you have already learned the capabilities of Photoshop, and they are not too complicated for you, be sure to check out its capabilities!


Photo editior tool


4. Pixlr - modern design

Operating System:

any browser

This program has two versions. The free one includes Pixlr X, in which you will find all the necessary and basic functions needed for photo editing. The interface itself is very modern and intuitive. In a very short time, we can make adjustments to our photos. It is also a web-based program that works quite smoothly and quickly in the browser. If we need to use other functions, we can extend our plan at any time. 

What capabilities does Pixlr X have?


  • intelligent background removal

  • simple interface

  • program accessible from a browser

  • Limited edition sticker set with access to free stock base

  • patch and stamp tool

  • adjusting the dimensions of the photos


The free version is enough to improve your photo and prepare it for uploading to a website. You can do this both from the browser and from the phone.


5. Snapseed - simplicity yet quality

Operating System:

iOS, Android

Another worthy of recognition application for the phone, available for both Android and iOS is the world-famous Snapseed. Interface is trivially simple, and clear icons will inform us about its functions. 

What can we find in Snapseed?


  • easy curve manipulation 

  • function of repairing individual elements in a photo

  • possibility of editing individual element colors, thanks to the "selective" option

  • free filters

  • very simple interface

  • RAW file editing

  • perspective correction

  • a filter that improves face appearance


We recommend this application to all lovers of simple and fast solutions. The installation is simple, and the process is very fast. It is also ideal as an Instagram-like photo editing program.


6. Fotor - good to go in a few clicks

Operating System:

Any browser, Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS

This tool is available on virtually any device. You can use it both as a desktop, browser and mobile application. In this photo editing program, you’ll find a very interesting feature that automatically apply its corrections to your photo. 


  • automatic photo correction

  • curve manipulations

  • convenient sliders

  • filters & effects

  • various frames

  • the Focus option, which allows you to add controlled out-of-focus

  • Direct photo upload to Facebook or Instagram

  • tilt-shift effect - to manage perspective 


Fotor is one of the most interesting programs for photo editing on a computer as well as on a smartphone. By changing the resolution, we can adjust our photo exactly as we want. We can also remove the red-eye effect without any problem.


Which photo editing software to choose?


You've just learned about the most popular and best photo editing software for your computer and smartphone. The choice is quite wide. Which program you choose also depends on what you want from the application. Do you want it to be easy to use? Do you want to edit your photos at any time, or do you prefer to do it on a bigger screen? The choice is yours! 

Author:  Paula Niziołek

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