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Published: May 06 2024

30 April 2024

Top 10 AI Tools for Social Media Content Creation in 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is conquering the world. And for a good reason —  it can almost “think” like a human, and that’s why it’s used in many industries. It helps programmers, social media managers, copywriters, entrepreneurs, students, and internet users generate interesting images or funny texts or grow their businesses.  Here is the question: How can you use AI in social media to make your work easier and help you reach more people? Are you running a small business? Want to learn what AI tools for Social Media are worth using? Check out my overview. 

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How can you save time when creating social media content with AI?

Artificial intelligence can create valuable content and monitor existing content. It can also maximize reader engagement. In addition, AI can predict future trends and automate marketing tasks such as answering questions from users of a given platform.

However, this does not mean artificial intelligence will completely replace human activities. In the case of social media, a trained person is still needed to control every action. Even highly advanced AI can make a mistake (for example, during a chat) that only a human would notice. So, it's a tool that makes work easier in some industries, and while it's worth using it to eliminate tedious tasks and work more efficiently, a human should still be in control.

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Best 10 AI Tools for Social Media Content Creation in 2024 - My Favorite


There is an AI Writing Assistant available that functions similarly to ChatGPT. Simply locate the icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen and click on it to access this tool. With this assistant, you can receive posts generated in response to your prompts and guidance on achieving success on social media. Upon opening the composition window, you can selectively copy the parts of the output you prefer and use them to create your next impeccable post.


Feed Hive


Vista Social

Vista Social seamlessly integrates with all the mentioned platforms and serves as a central hub for managing all your social media channels. Its wide range of features makes it an all-encompassing tool, offering post scheduling, audience engagement, review monitoring, and TikTok/Instagram feed planning for those seeking a cohesive look.The AI functionalities provided by the platform aid in enhancing your content creation process.

With multiple channels to manage, it's essential to tailor the length and depth of your posts to suit your target demographic and improve user engagement. By utilizing the AI text generation capabilities, you can easily adjust the length of your text and repurpose content from various platforms, such as transforming a detailed Reddit post into engaging Instagram captions or Twitter threads.


Vista Social



Each social media platform has its specific guidelines for interaction. Instagram is focused on visual content. X is known for its quick and concise posts. LinkedIn blends professional discussions with casual conversations.

If you need to manage multiple channels and customize your posts for each one, Buffer is the perfect tool for the task.When you are creating a new post, access the AI Assistant on the left side of the screen. It will recognize the platform you are posting on and adjust the content accordingly. You can choose from the initial option it provides, explore more options, ask for a rewrite, or use the expand/shorten features as needed.





Flick's Content Lab is the perfect place to nurture your ideas. It provides a system to discover and save your top concepts, develop possible posts, and publish them across all your social platforms. To kick off this journey, simply click on the Brainstorm Ideas button. Input your chosen subject, and Flick will begin gathering initial suggestions. Select the most promising ones to include in your lineup.





Audiense focuses on depth rather than breadth, specifically connecting with Twitter to analyze vast amounts of data for insights. Unlike other social media platforms, it is an AI/ML app that delves into detailed reports rather than general overviews. Connecting your Twitter account allows you to analyze your followers or target specific audiences to gather more in-depth information. This is an all-in-one social media planner.





Ocoya is a user-friendly and AI-powered content planer with a sophisticated AI copywriter. This tool will ensure that your posts are published at optimal times.By selecting the AI Copywriter feature on the dashboard, users can easily choose from 56 templates with a wide range of options. Whether you need ad copy, thought-provoking questions, or text revisions, these templates are designed to meet all your requirements across multiple social media platforms.




Tweet Hunter

The interface is robust, providing all the necessary tools at your fingertips: when you open the app, you are greeted with a dashboard showing your queue, upcoming posts, past posts, and draft posts. If you have a sudden idea while using the app, the compose window is conveniently located on the right side, allowing you to share your thoughts immediately or save them for later.

There are numerous AI features to explore within the app. During the initial set-up, the app examines the content on your account to recommend the topics you should concentrate on. In the Search tab, you can search for post ideas by browsing popular tweets. Simply click on Edit & tweet, insert your commentary, and let the AI generate a new post. If you prefer to start from scratch, a useful thread idea and hook generator is available to help you excel in longer-form content.


Tweet Hunter



Hootsuite is one of the best AI tools in social media management and is now utilizing its in-house AI tool, OwlyWriter. This tool can rapidly create a new post from a URL, provide post ideas, and assist in quickly promoting content during unexpected holiday events. Its strength lies in its ability to offer various prompt options, including popular copywriting formula templates such as AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) and PAS (Problem, Agitation, Solution). You can create content for your social networks. It's also the perfect tool for your content creator. 


Hoot Suite



To access Content Studio, click the Discover button in the top menu and select Content Feed. Start by selecting the topics you are interested in tracking, which will be displayed on the left-hand menu for easy navigation. You can also explore Cover Stories and Trending News to stay updated on what's happening online.Within the content feed, you will find various metrics for each piece of content, such as the level of engagement for a news article or social media post and the overall online sentiment. If you want to share a particular story, simply hover over it and click the Share button to open the post composer. You can then add some comments to explain why your followers should be interested in this social media scheduling.


Content Studio



Publer is a well-rounded marketing tool with a user-friendly interface that provides a wide array of features. It includes all the essential tools for post-scheduling and content management and a few additional features to enhance content creation and gain insight into others' creations.

The AI capabilities of generating content will handle text (including emojis, all of which are precise). The process is straightforward: input a detailed content prompt and request hashtags at the end. Click on generate and await the results. The application will generate a ready-made social post. 




Benefits of AI Tools in Content Creation

AI brilliantly automates many tasks, especially time-consuming ones, such as scaling images or searching for word synonyms to fit within a character limit. This allows for much more precise scheduling for creating and adding content. 

The automation of tasks by artificial intelligence also works well when our schedule for adding posts and testimonials goes beyond the standard working hours. 

The biggest advantage of artificial intelligence in the role of social media manager is content creation and management. It can generate hundreds of photos, posts, videos, and texts of varying complexity and detail at lightning speed. As a result, it can replace the work of a staff of people and fully run social media profiles on its own.

Artificial intelligence seamlessly creates, frames, adjusts, and manages the content. At the same time, it considers exposure, sales, and reach metrics, tailoring content to maximize your business goals. AI also handles link shortening, post scheduling, and hashtag generation, and its capabilities continue to grow. 


AI In Social Media — Challenges

While artificial intelligence appears to be a great tool for managing social media profiles, society as a whole must face some challenges. This includes social media users, as well as engineers and computer scientists responsible for AI learning and development processes.

First and foremost, the quality of content provided by artificial intelligence is essential. Not all tools and algorithms are created equal, so some of them may provide unreliable or outdated data. By creating social media content based on these, you could risk loss of trust and even legal consequences.

In addition, the issue of AI collecting data on users is still unregulated. This is especially true for sensitive information about specific individuals. The extent of data collection and how it is stored on servers are important. 


What are some popular AI tools for social media content creation in 2024?

Some popular AI tools for social media content creation in 2024 include tools like Publer and Vista Social.


How can AI tools be beneficial for social media marketing?

AI tools can analyze data, predict trends, automate posting, and generate engaging content, making social media marketing more effective and efficient.


What are some features of the best AI social media tools?

 The best AI social media tools offer features such as content generation, social listening, scheduling posts, and providing content ideas for users.


How can AI tools help in content creation for social media?

AI tools can assist in creating engaging content, generating captions, suggesting content ideas, and even automating the process of content creation for social media platforms.


What is social listening in the context of AI and social media?

Social listening involves monitoring and analyzing conversations on social media platforms using AI tools to understand trends, sentiment, and customer feedback.


How can AI-powered tools help in social media management?

AI-powered tools can help in automating posting schedules, analyzing performance metrics, suggesting improvements, and optimizing social media strategies for better engagement.


How can AI tools enhance social media marketing strategies?

AI tools can help in personalizing content, targeting specific audiences, optimizing ad campaigns, and providing valuable insights for refining marketing strategies on social media.


Which AI tools are recommended for creating social media videos?

Some recommended AI tools for creating social media videos include VidBot, VideoGenius, and AI VideoMaster for producing engaging and interactive video content.


What are the advantages of using AI tools for social media content creation?

The advantages of using AI tools for social media content creation include saving time, improving content quality, increasing engagement, and streamlining the overall content creation process.


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