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Published: 22 May 2024

22 May 2024

Unleash Your Creativity: Top AI Graphic Design Tools for 2024

Are you prepared to enhance your design skills and delve into the fascinating realm of AI-driven tools?

Artificial Intelligence has transformed the design process, enabling us to accomplish extraordinary outcomes effortlessly and effectively.

Regardless of your level of design experience, these AI design tools are ready to unlock your imagination and turn your boldest concepts into reality.

Let's explore the best AI design tools that impress you and help your small business!

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Using AI in Graphic Design

Today, advanced artificial intelligence models can generate high-quality photos, illustrations, and computer graphics. Thanks to machine learning techniques, AI can analyze and use vast amounts of data to create visual content. AI's graphics generation is based on predicting patterns and styles from existing images.

These advanced graphics generation systems can be beneficial, especially when generating mass content in digital marketing or film production. AI can help quickly create visuals, animations, and graphics that would be time-consuming for computer graphic designers.

AI is a great tool. However, it is worth knowing how to use it. It is extremely helpful when it comes to creating websites. With AI website builder from WebWave, you will create a website in as little as 3 minutes. Interesting, isn't it? In my opinion, it's a great option for any small business owner who doesn't have a website yet. 

And what do graphic designers think about using AI tools? I asked Martyna Kania, our graphic designer, about it. Here is what she answered:


“AI tools are a breakthrough in design. However, they are not for everyone. Those who are open-minded and willing to learn and work with such tools will benefit. Designers who see AI as a threat will be excluded. AI generators are best treated as support in a graphic designer's daily work.”


How Can AI Graphic Tools Help Your Small Business?

Numerous AI tools are available to help small businesses with their design work. Utilizing AI-powered tools like logo generators and generative AI can streamline design tasks and provide high-quality images for any design project. The power of AI can help businesses create professional graphic designs with AI art, and AI features that enhance UX design. From AI content creation to digital design solutions, the best AI graphic design tools offer magic design and design templates for accessible design. Whether selecting design elements or customizing design templates, AI tools for designers can provide the necessary AI technology to create the best graphic design for any design project.

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WebWave AI Writer

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Top 7 AI Graphic Tools for Small Business Owners — commands from our graphic designer


Lunacy is a user-friendly design software powered by AI that includes AI tools and pre-made graphics to help you stay on track. It is a comprehensive design program compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. Developed by the team at Icons8, you can trust the quality of this software.

Using Lunacy for free, you can:

  •  Easily create responsive designs with auto layout features that allow you to set constraints and rules for elements.
  •  Import designs from Figma quickly and accurately with a free converter to .sketch format.
  •  Test your ideas quickly by turning your designs into interactive prototypes with the prototyping feature.
  •  Take advantage of the available image upscaling, text generation, and background removal tools.




Produce and modify images at a professional level without having professional skills. Playground is a complimentary, internet-based AI tool for generating and editing photos. Generate images based on a prompt or enhance existing photos with the magical power of AI.

Use the following features as a designer utilizing AI on Playground for no cost:

  •  Generate up to 50 images daily using textual cues
  • Modify and enhance images
  •  Utilize images for commercial purposes




Uizard is a fast UI design tool powered by AI that enables users to quickly create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes.

Its AI capabilities allow users to create designs based on text input, convert hand-drawn sketches into wireframes, and edit screenshots. Uizard offers a variety of design templates and UI components to facilitate quick and collaborative design processes.



Musho AI - Premium Figma Plugin

Musho transforms your suggestions into websites that are almost fully prepared for development, featuring uncomplicated designs, engaging content, and stunning visuals.

As a designer utilizing AI and Musho AI, you can:

  •  Produce landing pages that are ready for development with a basic prompt.
  •  Fine-tune and enhance text and images continuously.
  • Save color schemes and font styles.
  •  Keep a record of your iterations.


musho ai


Open the autodraw.com website. You'll see a white sheet of paper, and to the left of it are tools for drawing, coloring, and writing. And now, the best part is to draw any shape. Above the sheet of paper at the top of the screen will appear suggestions of what you might have had in mind — a solution similar to the one we know from text input on mobile devices. You can also change the color of the line, fill in the shape, and change its position and size; plus, the cat looks like a cat, and the butterfly leaves no doubt that it is a butterfly.


auto draw

Smart Upscaler

Another convenient tool created by the team is Smart Upscaler, which is a free image upscaling tool that utilizes AI technology. This tool can automatically upscale images without any loss of quality, and it is available through a web browser. It is capable of processing batches of images simultaneously.


smart upscaler


Canva's free AI graphics generator quickly interprets and illustrates text descriptions, from never-before-seen photos to complex images you don't have in your gallery.

The text-to-image converter can generate AI graphics in various styles, including photography, drawing, painting, 3D, pattern, and conceptual graphics. You can create realistic 3D-style renderings in Canva.


How Can AI be used Effectively?

The future of computer graphics seems to be headed more toward collaboration between AI and humans rather than complete replacement. AI can support computer graphic designers by providing tools for faster prototyping, automating repetitive tasks, and optimizing production.

Graphic designers can focus on the creative aspects, creating original designs, interpreting clients' visions, and bringing individuality to their work.

This collaboration can benefit companies that want to implement graphic design efficiently and computer graphic designers who want to use AI's potential to optimize their work.



However, despite AI's powerful capabilities in generating graphics, it is still a limited technology. Current AI models rely on learning data from existing images. AI can mimic the styles and patterns found in that data, but it's hard to generate something completely new and original.

Also, AI has limitations regarding creativity and emotion, which are vital in many graphic design projects. Humans can approach a task from different perspectives, combine elements, and express their feelings through art. Human imagination, intuition, and emotions make computer graphics unique and personal.

AI tools will do well, but as a helper — they can suggest and come up with ideas. However, I think a person like a computer graphic designer is irreplaceable. 

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