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9 Hottest Trends In Website Design

25 February 2019

Updated: 16th September 2022

Reading time:  5 min

Jak prowadzić działania marketingowe w mediach społecznościowych

The new year will bring a lot of trends in website design. New functionalities and features into the web service and design process.

People tend to like the things they already know, so it is a good idea to ignore the hottest and most prominent trends in website design. Moreover – knowing the trends in website design is far from being a copycat – it is about being on-time.

So here are nine most important and worth-knowing website development trends to follow in 2019.

Mobile friendliness

Flat design and minimalism

Serif returns

Hero images

Background video

Site speed

Asymmetry in a symmetric world

Mikroanimations and micro interactions



Mobile Friendliness Trends In Web Design

Delivering a simple, responsive website is not enough in the trends of website design. According to the eMarketer study, mobile ad spends will top $93 billion in 2019 over $20 billion more than what will be spent on TV. Mobile ad spending will be almost threefold bigger than desktop ad spending. That's nothing to be surprised of – Cisco, a global manufacturer of networking equipment, believes that 58% of US search traffic will come from mobile devices.

Building trends in website design is a mobile-friendly website. It's not only about RWD design – but it is also about the “mobile-centric” experience with all navigation bars in the reach of the thumb – contrary to the desktop style, where all the menus are in the upper line of the screen.

Building a mobile-friendly site requires the designer to think about the font size and the typography. Moreover, the copywriting team is also in charge of building the text, that is convenient to read with a mobile device. The order of paragraphs and the length of sentences are as important as the length of the text itself – mobile device enables the user to read the content “on-the-go” during the coffee break or morning commuting – that’s not the time to read a lengthy content.

Trend in Website Design  example

Flat Design And Minimalism

Sometimes the thin border between the art and the craftsmanship is in details. It also applies to the website design process. Especially when it comes to using the elegant, geometrical shapes.

That’s why 2019 will be the next year of flat-design and triumph of a minimalist approach. The first benefit comes from improving the website’s readability. Moreover – the byzantine overload is currently seen as a lack of proficiency in website design. And is the company unwilling to invest in a good website trustworthy?

Flat, minimalist design thrives when combined with elegant icons in SVG.

Trends in website design



Serif Returns

A Serif is a line attached to the end of a larger stroke in a letter or a symbol. The origin of serif itself is clouded in time, attributed t ancient Roman lettering done in a stone. Serif fonts are elegant and easy to read – at least on paper. Serified fonts are largely adopted in long texts like books or lengthy magazine editorials.

But the typing is slightly less legible on the screen, making the XXI century the sans-serif. At least in the first decade.

Using the serified font makes the text appear more “professional” and “classy”. It is easy to see in Medium, the online blogging platform that aims to deliver high-class texts and a magazine-like experience. The platform is making a clever deal by leveraging the serif fonts in headlines while keeping sans-serif ones in the text body.

Keeping the consistent typography throughout the website may be the key to the victory.

Trends in website design



Hero images for trends in website design

The trend is the most visible one on the product pages – it is about using the image as a background on the whole page. And usually – it is a product.

Hero image itself is a strong trend that was analyzed through and out during the past few years. Companies experimented with various colors, the composition and the static-non static versions by series of A/B tests.

The results clearly show that warm, dynamic images may bring a significant conversion boost.

Trends in website design



Background Video - new Trend in Website design?

Background video may be seen as yet another form of hero image. It is another trend, nevertheless. The video is gathering attention and encourages to stay on the website. It may be applied to explain the ways to use the product, show more context of it or just encourage to buy.

According to WordStream, 85% of US audiences watch video online and approximately one-third of online activity is spent watching the video. The trend is strongly supported by modern networking technologies, especially LTE and upcoming 5G. Downloading some movies on the go is not a problem anymore.


Site Speed 

In the acclaimed science-fiction movie “The Lawnmower Man” experiencing the internet was shown as flying through shiny tunnels. Today, a typical Internet user gets annoyed when the website is not working just after typing the address into the browser 46% of people say waiting for pages to load is the most disliked aspect of web browsing for them. Sites that load in five seconds, compared to those that load in 19, see 70% longer average sessions. A 100-millisecond delay in load time can cause conversion rates to drop by 7%. 

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Asymmetry in a symmetric world

Playing with a canonical approach is an interesting way to avoid formalism in a safe way. Presenting the key website components in a symmetric, adjusted form is a standard to follow. But on the other hand, asymmetric accent on the webpage is a great way to grab the attention of the user.

The challenge is in finding the balance – asymmetry is like salt in a soup. When used properly it boosts the taste and adds to the overall experience. But when overused – it may destroy everything.

Trends in website design



Microanimations and micro integrations

Surprising the user with the micro animation may be a first-class experience. But only when the interaction is really a “micro” one. It is not about delivering a new chapter in human-computer interaction. Rather it should be a detail to keep an eye on to enhance the experience. Moreover, by inducing tiny slips of gamification.

In its simplest form, a micro interaction may be a modal window or automatic running of an animation that will inspire or surprise the user.

Trends in website designSergey Valiukh 



Not a trend but a paradigm rather, building a website in a content-centric manner is on the rise. Even the best and the most beautiful website is a tool for delivering the message. And the message to deliver is basically the content to serve.

The content shall be useful, interesting and engaging – 71% of users are turned off by content that is clearly designed to sell the product. Nevertheless, people want to get the content from brands – 84% of customers expect to get the content from the brand. That will be on the rise, especially considering the downward trend in the traditional media.


Summary on website design trends

The devices that enable users to browse the Internet are getting more and more sophisticated and powerful. Thus, websites delivered to the users will be more engaging and will be using more advanced techniques to deliver master-class experiences.

That’s why every internet player shall at least know the latest trends, if not follow them.

Author: Weronika Wawrzyniak

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