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Published: January 24 2023

Updated: September 07 2023

Ewelina Wróbel

30 January 2023

10 White Label Business Opportunities for Smart Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

White Label is nothing more than selling your products under another brand. Such a solution is now increasingly popular not only for large companies but also for small businesses that can use such a method. Most often we can meet with this very thing at giants of grocery or cosmetics stores. The White Label model is also often found in the technology and IT industries. 

At WebWave, we also offer cooperation in a white-label model. You can use our ready-made product and create sites for your clients without worrying about technical problems or marketing issues - that's on our side. The reseller business can bring many benefits, both for companies and freelancers. Learn how to build a business around an existing product.

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White-label business opportunities


Creating one's brand offers great opportunities to develop online sales: we can offer an assortment under our brand not only in our store, but also in various marketplaces, on social media, and even from other sellers. However, for an e-entrepreneur who doesn't have a production background or significant funds to invest, manufacturing his products can be too time-consuming and expensive. It is then worth thinking about an intermediate solution, such as a white-label product. A white label service is a great option for small businesses and freelancers. You don't need a staff of people and big business capabilities to create websites with white label website builder - a unique product from scratch.

Selling a white label model in marketing has several benefits. By offering services under your brand, you will create an image of a professional as a white label reseller. Customers who use your services will associate the solution you sell with you, not with its original developer. 


white label business opportunity


Is white labeling profitable?


It is now a strongly popular trend, not only for large manufacturers. It is gaining more and more recognition also in smaller companies, which decide to use such an opportunity. It reduces marketing costs, it also allows seeing if the product idea will sell on the foreign market, thanks to the use of an already well-known company. Another advantage is certainly the possibility of selling the same product under more than one brand. Reselling products or services is a great business idea. 


Private label vs white label


The main difference between a white label and a private label is who determines what the product or service will contain. In a private label model, it is the buyer who determines all the components of the design or offering. In a white label relationship, the supplier or manufacturer determines the number of customizations, the offering and decides what the product looks like. One thing you have to admit, selling white label products is a short process that you can make to grow your business. Such a model works well in ecommerce and services, related to the online sphere. 


How to start a white label business?


Are you wondering how to start selling white label software? Indirect cooperation with WebWave is one of the ideas you can start. In this case, the generic product is the website you will offer to your customers. But this is not the only option. You can also make money by creating templates for websites. White label business ideas are a convenient way to increase service sales in marketing agencies. 

Clients often come in with a need for their portfolio, a website, or a simple store, or they want to move an existing business to the online space. With WebWave, building websites no longer needs to be outsourced to third-party developers. All you need is basic knowledge and familiarity with the wizard to create a site, customized for you, but also Google's robots. We offer software solutions that are used by developers around the world. From now on, you too can sell them under your brand name. 

The best thing about the white label model is that you can only deal with sales. You don't have to deal with marketing, social media management, or SEO services. Many white label service providers have achieved tremendous success in establishing their businesses. 


You can register your white-label business with any business entity. A Limited Liability Company (LLC) may be the best business structure for entrepreneurs who want the ease of setting up a sole proprietorship but seek protection from personal liability. Like a sole proprietorship, an LLC can be established quickly in the best LLC state and with minimal paperwork. However, LLCs offer the owner personal liability protection, unlike a single proprietorship. This implies that the owner's assets are separate from those of the company and that the owner is only liable for the obligations of the business up to the amount they have invested.

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1. Start a white label CRM business

CRM stands for customer relationship management. When we talk about CRM, we usually mean software tools that enable companies to monitor and manage leads, contacts, and customers. The goal of CRM is mainly to achieve the highest possible number of transactions. CRM systems can also be used by customer service teams, although initially CRM was considered a sales tool. You can also improve customer engagement with a CRM system. Another similar tool that you could crreate a while label version of is enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.


2. Start a white label food delivery app

In the white label model, you can use ready-made apps to deliver food to your home. This is a great way to expand an already operating business. You can also prepare your app and sell it under the branding of a large and recognizable company. 


3. Start a white label coffee business

You don't have to produce your coffee to deal with coffee sales. All you have to do is find the right supplier that offers the product you are looking for. Then take care of the entire product setting, and you can sell coffee under your brand. Such online and stationery stores are extremely popular today. 


4. Start a white label SaaS platform

With a white label model, you can get started on SaaS platforms. Websites continue to increase in number, but keep in mind that the demand for them continues to grow. With WebWave, you will start creating websites and make money from them. Want to learn more? Check out the article how to become a web designer and start making money.


white label business opportunity


5. Start a white label email marketing service

In the white label model, the email marketing activity will work perfectly. You can create an email marketing strategy or use ready-made solutions that you will later sell under your brand. To create a professional email message (e.g. cold email) you only need prepared content, as you will build the rest with our editors. Also, invest in email marketing tools like Sendgrid and ActiveCampaign to send emails to your prospects and automate all your email marketing efforts. On the other hand, to create a typical mailing or newsletter, you will need a set of images that you want to include in it and HTML code. You don't need a super advanced IT team to do this.


6. Start a white label e-commerce service

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is a relatively young industry. It is still undergoing numerous transformations, in a word, it is evolving. The dynamic development of e-commerce is evidenced by the annual growth of several dozen percent of those who enjoy its benefits. The virtual world puts practically all the shopping facilities in the hands of consumers, so one has to persevere to get to the desired thing and not buy anything else along the way. So the virtual world is not much different from reality. 

White Label is a model where you can create online stores and just base your business on that. The Internet is a space where you are sure to find yourself, so it's worth the risk. 


7. Start a white label reporting tools business

Website analytics is something that many businesses need today. Often it is almost impossible for them to do them on their own. They also don't want to hire people for this type of work. Doing business analysis or offering tools to do it is a great way to do business. 


8. Start a phone case business

White label phone accessories are a way of doing business with potential. You just need to order ready-made accessories from the manufacturer and customize them properly. Success is guaranteed. 

Opening an online store for phone cases has quite a few business advantages. First of all, it's a low-cost venture. Initial costs, depending on the option adopted (more on that in a moment), can be small or medium-sized (a few hundred zlotys to a few thousand, depending on what scale of production you want to start with). Also, the unit cost of producing one printed case is small. Covers are easy to store, no storage is needed. You can go with the business without much trouble online - small premises will suffice. 


9. Start a white label fitness apparel business

Sports accessories and clothing are very popular today. Many influencers are seizing the opportunity for white label business and selling ready-made products, signed with their brand. Demand for such products is huge, which is why their sales are so successful. 


10. Start a white label landing page building agency

Website builders and tools allow freelancers and agencies to use customized solutions to build websites and sell them to clients after their brand. They don't have their developers to create the sites but use off-the-shelf solutions like WebWave. The white label page builder gives users full control over branding and provides ready-made solutions, optimized for UX and UI. 

To start building sites for clients, simply register with WebWave to access a wide range of different features. With WebWave, you can set up an agency and operate, creating websites for clients. This is one of many business opportunities. 


Is white label a good business idea?


The consequence of shifting the cost of preparing products for sale to the distributor is, of course, their lower price. It is also a versatility that allows the seller to create his brand through appropriate modification, such as a particular type of packaging or promotional activities. However, the seller must expect to invest time and resources in packaging, labeling, and marking the products with his logo before the start of sales. Of course, these activities can also be outsourced to another entity, such as a marketing agency, but this will translate into higher costs.

Based on the white label most often work companies offering cosmetics, food and fast-moving products, cleaning products, perfumes, and clothing. White label is also a great model for the online space. Of course, it is possible to operate on similar principles in any industry, as long as you find a manufacturer willing to cooperate. The key here is to agree in advance on all the terms of such cooperation: from the composition or method of production of products, through delivery terms and conditions, to the level of prices. White label reseller business is an option for those who want to start on their own but are limited by insufficient financial and technical resources.


What is a white label business opportunity?

A white label business opportunity is a business model where freelancers or entrepreneurs can sell products or services under their own brand name, using a white label product provided by a third-party company.


What is a white label product?

A white label product is a product or service that is created by one company but is rebranded and sold by another company as their own. The white label company typically provides the product, packaging, and branding, allowing the reseller to focus on marketing and selling the product.


How can I find white label products to sell?

There are various ways to find white label products to sell. You can search online marketplaces, contact manufacturers directly, or work with white label reseller platforms that connect resellers with product suppliers, who can reap the benefits of yard management systems that they have in place.

What are some white label business ideas?

Some white label business ideas include selling white label coffee, private label cosmetics, branded tote bags, or even software products. The key is to find a niche market with demand and select products that align with your target audience's interests.


Is white label business a profitable business model?

White label business can be a profitable business model, especially if you choose the right products and effectively market them to your target audience. However, success depends on various factors such as market demand, competition, pricing, and marketing efforts.


What are the benefits of starting a white label business?

A: Starting a white label business offers several benefits, including the ability to quickly enter a market with a proven product, the opportunity to build a brand without the need for product development, and the potential for higher profit margins compared to traditional retail.


What are some popular white label products to sell?

Some popular white label products to sell include private label cosmetics, branded clothing and accessories, nutritional supplements, skincare products, and home decor items. These products often have a high demand and allow for customization to suit various target markets.


Can I sell white label products online?

Yes, you can sell white label products online. In fact, selling white label products online can be a highly successful business strategy as it allows you to reach a larger audience and leverage digital marketing techniques to promote your products.


How can I start a white label reseller business?

To start a white label reseller business, you need to find a reliable white label product supplier, establish your brand and marketing strategy, set up an e-commerce website or online store, and implement effective marketing and sales tactics to attract customers.


What does 2023 hold for white label business opportunities?

As the demand for customizable and unique products continues to grow, 2023 holds great potential for white label business opportunities. With advancements in technology and the rise of e-commerce, freelancers and entrepreneurs can tap into various industries and offer innovative white label solutions.

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