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Published: May 22 2023

Kinga Edwards

22 May 2023

Wix Websites: Worth a Penny?

Wix is a popular website builder that allows users to create and customize websites with ease. While it does offer an extensive range of features, the platform also has its fair share of drawbacks. This article takes a critical look at Wix and the limitations it poses for users, suggesting the need to explore alternatives.

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What can you use Wix websites for?


​​Online Stores

Wix is a popular choice for online stores due to its range of e-commerce tools. You can create product pages with descriptions and high-quality images, set up secure payment options, and even track and manage your inventory. This ensures a smooth shopping experience for your customers, boosting sales and fostering repeat business.



If you're an aspiring blogger, Wix can help you get started. It offers user-friendly tools for creating and managing blog posts, including categorization and tagging features for easy navigation. You can also engage with your audience by enabling comments on your posts, creating a space for interaction and discussion.


Portfolio Sites

For creatives like photographers, graphic designers, and artists, Wix provides an excellent platform to showcase your work. You can create visually appealing portfolios that reflect your style and highlight your best pieces. Additionally, Wix's contact forms make it easy for potential clients to reach out to you directly.


Business Websites

Wix is a fantastic tool for small businesses looking to establish an online presence. You can easily create pages detailing your services or products, sharing your company's history, and providing contact information for potential customers. Plus, Wix's SEO tools can help your site rank higher on search engine results, increasing your visibility and drawing more traffic to your site.



Leverage your niche expertise to offer freelance services or consulting. If your skills are in the recruitment sphere, you could offer guidance on the best applicant tracking software or executive search software, for instance. Promote your skills and services on your website, and use your content to showcase your knowledge, credibility, and the value you provide to potential clients.


Features of Wix Websites: Are They Enough?


Drag-and-drop Website Builder

Wix is known for its user-friendly drag-and-drop website builder, which allows even novice users to create visually appealing websites. However, this ease of use comes at a price: the drag-and-drop interface can be limiting, often restricting advanced users from making more intricate customizations to their websites.


Templates and Design Options

Wix offers a wide variety of templates to choose from, catering to different industries and purposes. While these templates provide a solid foundation for building a website, the customization options within each template can be limiting. Users may find themselves unable to achieve the exact look and feel they desire for their website, which can be frustrating.


Mobile Optimization

Wix websites are designed to be responsive, automatically adapting to various screen sizes and devices. Nevertheless, the platform's mobile editor has its limitations. Users may encounter difficulties in making certain design changes or ensuring that all elements of their website are displayed correctly on mobile devices.


SEO Tools

Wix provides built-in SEO tools to help users optimize their websites for search engines. The platform even offers an SEO Wiz feature to guide users through the optimization process. However, the SEO Wiz falls short in certain areas, such as providing in-depth keyword research and analysis. Users looking to excel in search engine rankings may need to seek external tools and resources to supplement Wix's offerings.


App Market

The Wix App Market boasts a diverse range of integrations and third-party apps, allowing users to enhance their websites with various features and functionality. While the App Market is extensive, users might encounter compatibility issues with some third-party apps, which can hinder the overall performance of their website.


E-commerce Capabilities

Wix enables users to set up an online store with relative ease. However, the platform falls short when it comes to payment options and shipping integrations. Users looking to build a robust e-commerce website may need to look for alternative platforms that offer more comprehensive e-commerce features.


Wix Pricing Plans: Are They Worth It?


Wix offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different budgets and requirements. While these plans may seem reasonable at first glance, users should be aware of hidden costs and plan restrictions, such as limitations on bandwidth, storage, and the number of products that can be added to an online store. These factors can affect the overall value of Wix's pricing plans.


Pros and Cons of Wix Websites


Every platform has its strengths and weaknesses, and Wix is no different. Understanding these can help you make an informed decision when choosing the right website builder for your needs.


Pros of Wix Websites


User-friendly Interface

Wix is known for its intuitive drag-and-drop builder. This user-friendly interface allows anyone, regardless of their technical skill level, to create a functional and attractive website with ease.

Design Flexibility

Wix offers a wide range of templates and design options, giving you the flexibility to create a website that reflects your unique style and brand. The variety of templates can cater to different industries and preferences, providing a great starting point for your website design.

Extensive App Market

The platform boasts an extensive App Market, providing a variety of integrations and third-party apps to boost your website's functionality. Whether you need a booking system, a contact form, or social media integration, you're likely to find a suitable solution in Wix's App Market.

Regular Updates and Improvements

Wix constantly aims to improve and stay ahead of the curve, regularly adding new features and updates. This ongoing development ensures that users have access to the latest tools and trends in website design.


Cons of Wix Websites


Limited Customization for Advanced Users

While the drag-and-drop interface is excellent for beginners, it can be limiting for more advanced users who wish to delve into intricate customizations. If you're a developer looking for freedom to manipulate code, Wix might not be the best choice.

Difficulty in Exporting Site Content

If you decide to migrate your website to another platform in the future, you might encounter difficulties. Wix doesn't offer an easy way to export site content, which could potentially cause issues if you decide to switch website builders.

Slow Load Times for Larger Sites

Wix websites can sometimes suffer from slow load times, particularly for sites with large amounts of content or high-resolution media. A slow website can lead to a poor user experience and negatively affect your website's search engine ranking.

Incomplete SEO Functionality

While Wix provides some SEO tools, they may not suffice for those wanting to perform advanced search engine optimization. You might find yourself needing additional tools or resources to fully optimize your website and improve its visibility in search results.

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The Need to Explore Alternatives

Given the limitations and drawbacks associated with Wix, exploring alternative website builders can be a valuable exercise. There are several platforms available that might offer greater flexibility and a more comprehensive set of features, better aligning with your unique needs. When considering alternatives, here are a few key factors to bear in mind:


Customization Options

Find a website builder that provides advanced customization options. This will enable you to create a website that accurately reflects your vision and brand identity. A website isn't just a collection of pages; it's a representation of your brand and should be crafted as such.


Comprehensive SEO Tools

It's also essential to select a platform offering robust SEO features. These tools help you optimize your website, making it easier for search engines to find and rank your pages. With the right tools, you can significantly improve your website's visibility and reach a larger audience.


E-commerce Capabilities

If you're planning to run an online store, ensure the platform you choose offers a comprehensive set of e-commerce features. These might include multiple payment options, shipping integrations, and easy inventory management. These features can streamline your operations and provide a smooth shopping experience for your customers.


Pricing and Value

Lastly, consider the pricing structure of each alternative platform. Make sure to check for any hidden costs or limitations associated with their plans. The goal is to find a solution that not only fits your budget but also offers the best value for your investment. Remember, the most expensive option isn't always the best, and the cheapest might not provide everything you need. Consider all these factors to make an informed choice.


WebWave – your new alternative


WebWave.me is a remarkable alternative to Wix, offering vast design flexibility. Users can create unique, fully customizable websites without needing any coding skills. Similar to graphic design platforms like Canva or Figma, WebWave provides a drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to position elements freely, avoiding the constraints of traditional templates.

WebWave lets you create responsive websites that automatically adapt to various screen sizes, like desktop, tablet, and mobile. You can manually optimize your site for a custom experience. WebWave also boasts an array of features such as e-commerce capabilities, domain registration, SEO tools, hosting, and more, ensuring your website runs quickly, reliably, and securely worldwide.

Freelancers and agencies can benefit from WebWave's white label solution, creating beautiful client websites under their own brand. The platform has received numerous accolades, and users continually create fantastic websites across various industries. With an attentive support team ready to assist through tutorials, webinars, videos, and chat support, WebWave is a powerful, user-friendly, no-code website builder. Whether you're a small business owner or a freelance web designer, WebWave brings your vision to life.




While Wix is a popular website builder with an array of features, it may not be the ideal choice for everyone. The platform's limitations, particularly in customization, SEO, and e-commerce capabilities, make it essential for users to consider alternative solutions. By exploring other website builders and comparing their features, users can find a platform that better caters to their needs and helps them create a successful online presence.

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