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Having a professional website is in many cases to be or not to be. In the era of lockdown caused by a pandemic, more and more businesses place particular emphasis on contact with customers and partners online.

The demand for the services of web designers is growing. Professional website designers need tools that will facilitate and accelerate workflow with the client. In this article, we analyse the advantages and disadvantages of using Wordpress and WebWave to create websites for your customers.

What is Wordpress

Wordpress was created to manage the content of already existing websites, mainly blogs. It was designed to help the owners of pages to quickly add and edit new entries without having to change the code.



However, the possibilities of this platform are not limited to website management. Coding-savvy people can use it to create a working website. Thanks to this, work on it is faster than in the case of coding "from scratch". Currently, Wordpress is a base for 25 to 39% of pages, depending on the sources. It is the most popular tool used for creating websites.


Wordpress.org and wordpress.com

At this point it is worth mentioning that two independent systems operate under the Wordpress brand. Wordpress.com is an original open source platform that you can use for free to build and edit pages. Wordpress.org, in turn, offers a hosting service designed for websites built in Wordpress (with the .org extension).


Ease of use and speed of page creation

A simple website in Wordpress can be set up without specialist knowledge. This solution will work especially if you want a short working time and quick results. On the other hand, building a truly professional website that stands out from the competition takes time and a lot of skill. The effects of the work, however, may be more than satisfactory.



The popularity of Wordpress means that you can find many free and paid plugins on the web to facilitate your work.



They enhance the capabilities of this tool. When choosing them, however, you must remember about the security of the website, which will be discussed in a moment. The downside of plugins is that when you install a lot of them, the site will load slowly. This negatively affects SEO and user experience.


Technical support

Wordpress is an open-source software that is constantly developed by its users. Thanks to this, you can find many guides and forums that will help you dispel doubts and solve problems.



Positioning pages in Wordpress is facilitated by a number of add-ons that can be integrated with it. The platform is so popular that you can find many tools and information on the SEO of pages created on this platform on the Internet.



There is one serious downside to Wordpress's popularity. Pages created on this platform often become the target of hackers. Therefore, when working with Wordpress, you must pay special attention to effective website security.

Plugins can also cause the problem. Some of them were created by inexperienced developers. Therefore, they may contain errors that make it easier to hack the website. In some cases, they become a “doorway” for malware to enter.



Wordpress is software that is constantly developed and updated. Open architecture allows users to create add-ons that are easy to integrate.



Wordpress disadvantages

  • the need for coding;

  • security problems;

  • the need to install many add-ons;

  • long page creation process.

Join over 322 000 people who build websites with no coding for free

Website builder WebWave allows you to build free websites with no coding for free. Start from scratch with a blank page or use one of many free templates.


What is WebWave

WebWave is a website builder, i.e. a tool that allows you to create websites without coding. The design process consists of selecting individual elements and placing them in the design field by dragging and dropping them. Elements can be freely modified and the project itself can be expanded with subpages or blog articles. The page you are currently on was created entirely with the WebWave website builder.



In addition to creating from a blank sheet, it is also possible to use ready-made page templates. Just modify them to suit your needs. In the case of templates, it is possible to modify elements, copy them, delete and add subpages and blog entries. Thanks to this, the finished page may visually differ significantly from the design it was based on. It can also be expanded.


Ease of use and speed of page creation

The WebWave interface is very similar to popular graphics programs. That is why people with even a little design experience will get familiar with this software quickly. Beginners have an extensive knowledge base and a series of guides available on YouTube at their disposal.

When designing a website in WebWave, you create a working version at the same time. So there is no need to draw mock-ups on the basis of which the page is created. Publishing on the internet is just one click away. What's more, you can connect a domain to the website directly in the website builder, buy hosting and take care of SEO. As a result, the entire design process, from the idea to the published and functioning website, is shortened as much as possible.


Custom website code and add-ons

Although working on the page in WebWave does not require the knowledge of HTML or JavaScript, the program allows you to add your own code to the page. This option extends the possibilities of the website builder and is especially useful in the case of creating complex projects, tailored in detail to individual customer requirements.



Besides, a website created in WebWave can be integrated with tools created by known and trusted partners. Such solutions include, but are not limited to, Google Analytics, Freshmail, and Shopify. The full list of integrations can be found here.


Technical support

WebWave offers free support from the Help Desk. It is possible to contact us by phone, e-mail, chat on the website and via the Messenger application. Users can also count on members of the Facebook group.



WebWave has a number of functions that facilitate positioning - from basic ones, such adding meta descriptions and meta titles, through automatic reporting to Google Search Console, to an SEO analyser.



The WebWave team updates the program on an ongoing basis and takes care of the security status of the pages created with this tool.


Working with the client.

WebWave is not only a website builder. It also facilitates cooperation with the client and offering them not only the website itself, but also hosting and domain. The most important functions useful in contract work are:

  • White label

  • working on one project by many people at the same time;

  • providing a domain and hosting;

  • automatic sending of bills to the customer;

  • sharing the CMS panel;

  • adding comments to the website project.



The development of WebWave is based primarily on direct contact with users. Specific solutions are introduced based on their needs and ideas, which can be reported using the Facebook group.



WebWave Cons:

  • some limitations in very complex projects;

  • potentially longer loading times for complex pages;

  • smaller user community than wordpress.

Having a professional website is a huge advantage for businesses. In the era of lockdown caused by a pandemic, more and more businesses place particular emphasis on contact with customers and partners online. Professionals therefore need tools that will facilitate and accelerate work with the client.

When to use Wordpress and when to use WebWave

Wordpress has been recognised by agencies and freelancers who create websites for a reason. It gives almost unlimited possibilities, integration with many extras and is so famous that it has become extremely popular. Its use is convenient, above all, for large projects, which can be spent on a lot of time and resources.

WebWave is, unlike Wordpress, software created from the beginning with the idea of designing, not only maintaining websites. The graphical user interface makes work easier, and the availability of additional options makes it an all-in-one tool. It will work in most corporate websites, blogs or some online stores.

All WebWave functions directly related to website development are available for free with no time limits. To try out the website builder, simply register by clicking this link.



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Author: Jan Chmielowski


14 January 2021

Wordpress or WebWave, or how to choose a tool for creating websites for customers

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